as for the rest of you, who have given me the benefit of the doubt…

The squeaky wheels always get the grease, and thus most of the airtime around here when I’m deailng with the consequences of the actions of a few and how those affect the many in addition to affecting me…

but you guys who have (more or less) patiently waited, and assumed there was probably a reason why you hadn’t heard from me, and assumed that my MO was not to rip people off, and assumed that I would make things right as soon as I could? Well, I appreciate you guys more now than I can say. It goes without saying that y’all are why I even do this stuff – trust me, I do not get rich doing this. In fact, I’m not the greatest business-person and as soon as the accountant gets hold of this mess, she’s going to have some stern words indeed for me. (And she’s going to have them soon, because in addition to all the stuff I’ve told you about, there is a good bit I haven’t shared too, and some tax issues are among those things.)

There are simpler ways to make money, ways that don’t require me to invest so much *of myself* into every transaction and every order, ways that don’t mean my income stream shuts down when my personal energy levels dip (or crash completely). So while I can’t do this *without* money, I don’t do this *for* the money. Most of you realize that, and most of you have exhibited levels of patience and understanding I would never *dream* of asking a customer or client to exhibit.

I’m going to make all this right and clean up this mess. It’s going to take some time, esp. since I’m not quite running on all cylinders just yet, but I did want to take a sec to say “thanks” to those of you who did not think the worst of me and jump to the wrong conclusion. Now more than ever, I am deeply grateful for your trust and faith, and I really, really appreciate you.

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