Flash Bonus Rewards: 48 Hours Only

flash sale jpg 221x315For the next 48 hours at the Seraphin Station storefront, you can earn 50 bonus points in the Rewards program. That means you get whatever points you would normally get per dollar spent, but you also get 50 bonus points on top of that if you spend $20 or more.

The Rewards program will also give you the option to get a bunch of points for filling out a profile, visiting a web page, referring a friend, stuff like that. Just takes a few seconds, and you can use them right away if you want to. The only one right now that you can’t use immediately is the one for 30% off a mojo or paket. You need to allow up to 48 hours from redeeming that reward to have a code manually generated and sent to you to use at checkout. But everything else you should be able to use right away.

There might still be some feathers sticking out as I haven’t had that many people check out using the program, so do email if something doesn’t seem to be working right and I’ll look into it.

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