Cor Leonis Community Altar Service + Talisman — for courage, victory, recognition, stamina, healing, power shifts

Seraphin Station

Yes, Saturn’s been in Aquarius for a while now. This isn’t new. And it will be there into 2023. And it’s been all stompy and cranky with the lockdowns and restrictions and quarantines. 

But we just had a major, stellarfullmoon, astrologically speaking (forgive the pun), with the moon in Aquarius conjunct beneficent Jupiter and making actually ZERO hard or negative aspects for just a few hours. Pretty rare lineup of lovely, really.Talked about it in the client forum a bit if you missed it.

And right now, the sun’s conjunct Regulus, one of the so-called Fixed Stars, the brightest one in the constellation of Leo, also known as Cor Leonis, or the heart of the lion. This one is all about success, courage, strength, victory. It’s not a super long-lasting conjunction, but wow, is it ever timely right now.

Remember our Saturn-Jupiter conjunction in December? At 0 degrees Aquarius? This was…

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