Commitment to Vision: Sun Conjunct Saturn Service Starts Tonight

Seraphin Station

While Saturn might be characterized as a stern schoolmaster and is often associated with restriction, it’s also the planet of hard work, discipline, patience, and mastery.

Saturn can bring hardship, hard lessons, and insecurity. But Saturn can also bring recognition and achievement. It all depends on how attentive you’ve been to Saturn’s lessons and how diligent you’ve been with your commitments and responsibilities.

What’s This For?

The Sun is conjunct Saturn just once a year, and I like to think of this as an annual opportunity to take stock, reflect on how things have been going, and adjust fire if needed. If things have been starting to fall apart, it is probably time to adjust course and reassess goals. If things have been going well, it is a good time to articulate and commit to your goals or your next phase. Either way, this is the kind of thing Saturn…

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