Short Fuse for Super-Exalted Mars Protection and Victory Talismanic Materia

Seraphin Station

In the wee hours of 3 March at my location, Mars will be super-exalted – perfectly within the very degree of his exaltation in Capricorn. He’s on the ascendant and conjunct Venus, and the ruler of the ascendant is in a strong first house position. The waxing moon is applying sextile to Venus and then Mars. 

All of this is in place for less than 30 minutes.

Exalted is nice. Super-exalted is even better, and the necessary astrological conditions for being able to make talismanic materia when Mars is super-exalted are *way* less common.

So you can understand why I need at least a rough “headcount” of how much *stuff* I need to prep in this very narrow window to capture this very powerful moment in the celestial “climate.” I have to prep as much as possible in advance and I can’t add a bunch of stuff at the last minute 🙂

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