Lucky Stars IV: Jupiter in Pisces (The Final Chapter, featuring Jupiter Conjunct Neptune in Pisces)

Seraphin Station

Work begins Friday, April 1st, but this altar setting will be worked and available until Jupiter leaves Pisces on May 10th,so you absolutely can jump in late as long as you see slots still available.

Lucky Stars IV this go-round is “the final chapter” – Jupiter leaves Pisces on May 10th and we have to say goodbye. But Jupiter is giving us one more gift before then – Jupiter is conjunct Neptune in Pisces on April 12th. More on this below.

What’s This For?

Jupiter’s at home in Pisces – you could call it his command center or throne room, even – so this is great big benevolent Jupiter energy: wisdom, expansion, opportunity, dreams, the intuitive search for the truth, spirituality. It’s a wonderful, much-anticipated transit after the strain, drama, and restriction of 2020-2021.

Jupiter in Pisces is just plain lucky – an excellent “good luck charm” transit – and…

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