Current & Upcoming Services

Seraphin Station

I can’t get my software to play nice so I can make an updated photo/graphic of altar work services. I’m gonna have to try again tomorrow. But here’s a list for now of what’s ongoing/upcoming:

Relationship honey jar – April 24 – May 19

Prosperity/Success honey jar – April 24 – May 19

Mercury RX remediation – April 21 – May 14

St. Expedite service – April 19 – April 25

St. Joseph the Worker service – May 1 – May 9

Jesus Malverde service – May 3 – May 9

Protection/Reversing service – May 6 – Jun 1

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St. Expedite service starts tonight

Seraphin Station

Have a glass-encased vigil light fixed, dressed, blessed, set on my St. Expedite altar, and burned for you in a community altar work service for this famed and beloved patron saint of fast results.

St. Expedite’s feast day is April 19th, and while you can petition him any day of the year, you might be able to get a little extra bang for your buck on his feast day.

But beyond that, his feast day would be an excellent time to thank him for for previous services rendered if you already work with him but don’t have the time/space to do anything very elaborate with altars or offerings. Or if you are thinking about working with him and haven’t established a relationship yet, this would be a great opportunity to “introduce yourself.”

In addition to being the saint one petitions for fast results and luck in a hurry, St. Expedite…

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Status update

Seraphin Station

We have internet going at Haphazard Station now, and the laptop works when I hold my mouth right and the stars are aligned. The printer is working and I am finally pretty close to completely stocked on herbs. So I’m shipping orders out from here and catching up on the godawful backlog.

Folks who have been waiting way beyond the published processing times on orders, I am either sending you cool goodies along with your order if I’m sure you’d like them, or I’m sending you the means to pick out cool goodies yourself, so don’t just toss your packaging without looking at everything – there could be a coupon code in there.

I’m really sorry things have been so chaotic for so long now, but I am finally getting my feet underneath me again, for real. It hasn’t gone as smoothly as I would have liked, to put it…

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short fuse talisman opportunity for current clients

Current clients in good standing should pop on over to the Discord server for a talisman opportunity. You can get one customized for your specific petition if you get your petition in within the next couple of hours. You can get one after that window as well – I’ll send instructions on what to do so you can have it working for your specific petition in that case.

Community honey jars, Mercury Rx remediation

Seraphin Station

Community honey jars for prosperity/success and for relationships/love start tonight. You can book late. Income sensitive options available for prosperity work.

Mercury Rx remediation service is also available as a community service if you are experiencing sensitivity to Mercury’s influence and/or have a Mercury-ruled event coming up during the retrograde period.

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Vendredi Fou (Black Friday) Sale and Free Gifts

Seraphin Station

20% off orders placed until midnight on Monday, November 28th. No code needed at Etsy or the main site. (Remember the main site has more stuff and often has better shipping rates too!)

Free gifts: Orders of $50+, Nag Champa candles for spiritual awareness & meditation. Orders of $75+, limited edition Three Kings oil for blessings and prosperity. These are not currently available separately for purchase anywhere – this is the only way you can get them. While supplies last.

2X bonus rewards points also active through Monday.

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Status Update – Shipping & Response Delays

Seraphin Station

I’ve been in the process of setting up my “field office” at Haphazard Station in Louisiana, and in fact just about had it effectively set up – I shipped a number of orders from there last week.

Last weekend, I headed back to Seraphin Station in Alabama to catch up on things that had to be done from there and pack up another carload. I made it to Slidell, just shy of the LA/MS state line. Then my car died.

Finally got the mechanic verdict: I no longer have a car.

Then of course somebody did a chargeback in the middle of all of this, so they got a bunch of free stuff and I got fined by my payment processor. So I took a day and a bit to hang out in Slidell stranded, have a meltdown, and finally marshal what was left of my sanity to figure out…

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Last Chance to Enter Giveaway for a Box of Free Stuff from Seraphin Station

The giveaway is running simultaneously on Facebook and Instagram – just a couple of hours left to enter to win a big old box of conjure goodness from Seraphin Station!

(Don’t leave a comment on this blog post – I mean, you’re welcome to comment here :), but only comments left at the posts on Facebook and Instagram work as contest entries.)