Blocked Clients/Customers

If you find yourself on this list and would like to have your account reopened, please contact me and we can discuss it.  If you are a professional colleague of mine and you would like specifics on the chargeback/fraud names here, drop me a line and I’ll be happy to share them. Read more about chargebacks below.

  • Didn’t request a refund – just filed a paypal dispute for “not received” a few weeks after booking. That plus the way the question was framed – would have taken 8 separate sessions to cover everything crammed into one booking – made it clear TOS and Client Agreement were not read and understood. Mega-banned. 2022
  • SC / Aqua (etsy) – TOS violation (not reading TOS, nagging), then got nasty.
  • SHER BONCY / ahu2blos (etsy; made her own name public by leaving rating) – one-star feedback and opened dispute, ignoring tracking info that said the package was en route, all without contacting me first. It took etsy less than a day to close the case in my favor but that one-star rating is still there. 2020.
  • CWL, San Jose, CA – bank reversal. 2015.
  • PM, Lake Arrowhead, CA – chargeback, and knew better. 2015.
  • RR, Philadelphia, PA – bank reversed charges, notified paypal. I’d already uploaded shipping data. 2015.
  • TO, Brooklyn, NY – got updated via email about delivery times on previous order and offered coupon for future because continued slowdown was expected for future. Used coupon, then did chargeback for “item not received.” That’s seriously just new levels of shitty. 2015.

On Chargebacks

If you put in a chargeback on an order, you are in violation of Terms of Service and you are stealing from me. That nullifies my obligations to you in turn. The Terms of Service, which are plastered all over my web real estate and which you agree to by using the site and are provided copies of during the checkout process, explain shipping/handling times, notifications, and how to get more info. They also explain that once an order enters processing, I have already sunk time and materials and thus money into fulfilling it, and that process with custom-made/custom-finished items means they can’t be returned to stock. I’ve already prayed over it, dressed it, called your name and petition to the spirits, and in short made it so that that item cannot be put back on a shelf and sold to someone else.

That’s why I do not accept returns, a fact which I publish in 12 different places online so you can know this *before* you order and understand how things work. I don’t want my customers to be surprised by handling time or TOS. I want them to be happy when they get their custom-finished work that I spent time and care on. But if you don’t read information, I can’t help you. You have to read and follow the terms.

Even if something weird is going on and the usual TOS wouldn’t apply, you need to request a cancellation or refund and **let me process it.** To have your credit card provider do it is sketchy and dishonest and violates the site terms and user contract. I’ll block you, I’ll share the details with the spirits who were overseeing your work/petitions so they know why I’m calling them off, and I’ll report you to every professional reader and worker I’m affiliated with so they don’t have to run the same risk of theft and site violations as I did.

When you put in a chargeback, you are also screwing all my other customers, because the processor freezes the funds for your order that I was already working on, then debits my account with a fine for receiving a chargeback. This can all take ~90 days to resolve depending on processor. Chargebacks in violation of TOS were the single biggest factor in the snowball effect in 2015 that meant I had boxes of completed orders sitting in bins that I couldn’t ship because somebody did a chargeback and all the funds to ship with were frozen. Those chargebacks fucked me over and fucked over a lot of really awesome people who were being patient. Not cool.

As for services…

… the section saying “bookings are first-come, first-served and you’re reserving a spot in line” is on the same page as the section saying “I’m happy to process a refund if the wait is too long and I have not begun work on your service,” and those are both on the same website that requires you to check the box saying you’ve read the TOS before you can check out. To not even request a refund and just go straight to filing a claim? Dick move and you’re blocked and reported.