response to client query on Commanding vs. Compelling formulas

In reference to a love working that needs a little kick in the rear end:

Honestly, there is not a whole lot of difference in the “backbone” of the two formulas (the “soup stock” ingredients ref. the getting people to do what you want are the same, they just have different “spices” in these two formulas) — the compelling has an additional “you *owe* me this” note to it, which you may or may not feel is appropriate; the commanding is less “equitable,” less “chatty,” and more “do my bidding now, I command you.”  It’s more, well, “commanding.”  It has more mastery in it and thus it sets up a dominant/subordinate sort of interaction.  So it’s really up to you, whichever set of “spices” you want in the mix.  Kaliprix would work for you too (or Come to Me which is a “lighter” option, less “demanding.”)