August Special: Coupon Code for Bottles, Jars, and Container Spells

I’d hoped to have the newsletter set up by now; I still do hope to have the first one sent out this month, but it won’t be this week, alas, and so I don’t want to wait ’til then to publish the new sale.

So the current coupon code is for everything in the Collection called “August Container Spell Sale.” To this temporary category, I’ve added spell bottles, altar bottles, altar jars, and other container spells, of all types – it’s all 20% off, no matter the cart total. The code is


Everything container-related is eligible, not just regular inventory items — altar art pieces, custom-finished altar jars that I fix and do altar work on before shipping them to you, even altar work services involving container spells that I perform on your behalf, like honey jars and spell bottles (though please read the fine print – any altar work service beyond light settings and mojo bags have to be discussed first, and probably need a contract).

If it in any way involves a container, whether of metal, cloth, glass, or even wax, and the contents/ingredients are customized specifically for you, then it probably qualifies. And if you have a current container spell being maintained on my altars, your extensions of altar work also qualify for the sale.


Container spells include things like spell bottles and honey jars, of course, but they also include mojo bags and pakets both small and large, and they include Ultimate oils since those are made completely custom, from scratch, for each individual and each situation. So there’s really an awful lot of stuff included in this sale besides just bottles.

Read more about spell jar and bottle work here and at the info page about commonly requested altar work. Read archived blog posts about container spells here.

Using Discount Codes:

For direct payment gateways [this means if you use a credit card to pay through shopify payments], the discount code can be entered on page 2 of the checkout process when the customer has the opportunity to select a shipping method and enter in credit card information. That’s where you enter the coupon code.

PayPal Express, being an offsite payment gateway, works a bit differently. This is the PayPal Express Checkout’s workflow: when checking out, your customer goes to right away, where PayPal collects his shipping and billing addresses. After that, the customer returns to Shopify where he picks a shipping rate, types in a discount code (if you have discount codes that are ‘active’), the price is updated accordingly and, on that same page, your customer gets to finalize his transaction. That’s where you enter the coupon code.

– from the Shopify user guide

The code is good from Aug 15 until midnight of August 31.

An Enemy Trick to Cause Confusion or Breakup (Hyatt)

This is an enemy trick that uses an onion as a container spell, to cause your enemy’s mind to be confused (to “run them crazy”) or to break up a couple. The informant was Miss Ida Bates of New Orleans, recorded in Vol. 2, p. 1659.

You get one dirt dauber’s nest tube and powder it. Get a red onion – you’ll need to load it with materials, so you might want to cut it in half and remove a couple of layers from the center, or cut the top off and scoop out some of the inside, though the informant does not detail the cutting or stuffing. Inside the onion you put your target name(s) — presumably on a name-paper —  and add bluestone (use laundry bluing, the anil balls or the bluing squares), cayenne pepper, and a good pinch of the dirt-dauber nest. If you want to break up a couple, put their names on separate pieces of paper and stick those in there. The informant doesn’t specify, but if you have cut the onion in half, you’ll need to stick it back together; it would be ok to use thread or string to tie it shut. If you just took the top off and scooped some inside it, then you can just set the “cap” back on top. Then, the informant says, “And [put] the onion under the dirt dauber. And just the way that wasp hums, wanders around, circles around, that’s just the way those people mind will be.” She doesn’t specify exactly how to do this, but you could put it in a box or cup and cover it with the rest of the dirt dauber nest powder, or you could bury it and cover it with the dirt dauber nest. (That’s what I would do.)

This is an enemy trick – the informant says this is for a person “you want to be evil against” — so you need to do proper spiritual cleansing after performing this trick.

a set of reader questions

A reader asks for ways to get rid of enemies, aside from the trusty old hotfoot formulas (of which there are more than you can shake a stick at). 

Some folks say that you should say the 48th Psalm every Monday facing sunrise, adding these words: "In de Name of de Father, Son an’ Holy Ghost, my enemies dat workin’ against me, seekin’ after my soul, shall come down." If you want these enemies to stay far away, mention that in the heartfelt prayer you say before the closing bit. 

Now St. Michael the Archangel is probably my favorite for protection work, but I know not everybody is into saints and angels.  But if you are in trouble, St. Michael is a good one to have on your side, so don’t dismiss him outright – give him a chance!  If enemies are bothering you in your neighborhood or place of work, hang a flannel packet full of Guinea Grains, with a holy card or medal of St. Michael attached, over your doors.  If they are at a distance, write their names and place the paper under the foot of his statue, or just light a novena candle to him and pray for protection.  Nahnee, the Boss of Algiers, one of my favorite old-school Hyatt informants, said you should write your enemy’s name on the back of St. Michael’s picture, turn the picture so it’s facing the wall, and set a red light while praying for St. Michael to take charge.

Another Hyatt informant from the same neighborhood says you should get a little sword and dress it with oil of clove and oil of cinammon and keep it in your pocket.  Hold onto when you speak to your enemy, and speak sternly and with self confidence.  You should have a red light set at home when you do this, too, ideally.

There are some container spells that don’t always involve typical hotfoot ingredients in which the enemy is basically bottled up (or coconuted up, or mirror-boxed up) and thrown onto railroad tracks or in a moving river to get them away from you.  A lot of them do involve hotfooting ingredients; there’s a definite crossover.  Some involve "drive ’em crazy" type of ingredients too.  I have seen lemons used for something similar, lemons and coconuts, which are filled with restlessness-inducing ingredients and sent away from the worker or petitioner.

egg container spell for peaceful home, from Waycross, GA

Hyatt Vol.2, p.1491

Well, now when a man an’ his wife is havin’ a great difficulty an’ he wants peace in his home. Well, now he jes’ git him one pinch of sulphur, one pinch of de lady’s track, an’ one pinch of his track.

(Either track?)

Yes sir.  An’ den now he’d break an egg, a fresh hen egg, an’ he’d open dat egg in a position where dere’d be jes’ only two parts; but he’ll place ’em [foot tracks and sulphur] inside of dat egg an’ den he’ll make a tie. He’ll tie it den wit dis wrappin’ thread dat’s been dipped in spirits of turpentine. Well, when he tie it, every time he make a tie why he calls her name. An’ den when he git it tied, why he’d bury hit. But be shore hit’s in de middle part of his house, underneath on de ground right in de middle of his room [making a quincunx – see p. 710]. In three days time he’ll see de results of dat.


I love container spells. especially container spells that use eggs and coconuts and the like.  I’m working on doping some eggs with Hot Foot and Goofer type of powders, but it’s proving insanely difficult.  I’ll keep y’all posted.