RAFFLE and SALE – Ultra-Reduced Light Settings; Four Categories of Prizes, drawing July 23

This post announces a SALE which is simultaneously a “RAFFLE” for PRIZES (but a faux raffle – for your purposes, it works like a raffle, I just have to actually deliver an item to you to keep it legal.) The paypal buttons don’t work on wordpress, so you will have to go over to the mirror blog on livejournal to purchase/enter.
Overseas customers ARE eligible and welcome to enter the drawing.So legally this is a sale; you are purchasing a physical item. Each purchase of an item gives one chance to win a prize and enters you into a drawing for that prize category. Drawing will be held on July 23, 2013. There are four categories of sale, and four different prizes, one for each category.
Sale and Prize Categories

HOLY MEDAL Sale: Prize = Saint (or Loa) Devotional Kit
BATH SALT Sale: Prize = Ultimate Attraction Oil
VOODOO and Specialty/Esoteric OIL Sale: Prize = Extra-Strength Mojo Bag with Bone*
HOODOO Oil Sale: Prize = Spell Kit Gift Basket

Light Settings

You can also have a small light set (photo but no report) by making a donation of whatever amount you choose. Donations of $2 or more will enter you into a drawing for a full vigil light setting with report (to be set once I am reopened in my new location).

love altar feb 2013
How It Works

The paypal buttons below are “buy it now,” not a cart.  The shipping cost is built in – what you see is what you pay; there is no shipping added later.  You select the category you would like to purchase in, hit the button, and tell me what (one) formula or item from that category you want using the “text” section of the paypal form. The item cost includes first-class shipping to the US, UK, Australia, Canada, and pretty much anywhere else (though be aware that Italy has a lousy track record with safe, timely delivery of packages from the US).*

If you want to get more than one item, or want to have more than one entry into the drawing for your category, or want to enter into more than one prize category, then you’ll need to complete a separate transaction for each one. A pain, I know, but here’s why it’s a one-button sale with no cart, where you cannot get more than one item in each transaction: Each purchase enters you in for a chance to win the prize associated with its category. It works just like a raffle; it just has to be a “faux raffle” because of legal/tax fine print.

So every purchase is really a purchase – you pay $6.50 for a bottle of Protection oil (includes shipping), and you get a bottle of Protection oil.  But along with that purchase, you are entered into the drawing for the Hoodoo Oils prize.  If you want more than two bottles of oil, you have to complete two transactions, but you get two entries as well.  If you want ten chances to win, you have to make ten purchases.  If you want a chance at two different prizes, you have to make a purchase in two different categories.  The sale will end and the buttons will come down the night of Tuesday the 23rd of July; each purchase is entered into the hat and the winners are drawn randomly on that night, and their prizes will shipped to them. Standard prep/handling times apply to all products purchased.

So no, there is no shopping cart and no combined shipping and no shipping discount.  The purpose is to raise funds for my store’s relocation, and I am on a short deadline, so it’s simplest for me to do a one-item-per-transaction and one-transaction-per-entry. And, as a thank-you for participating, you get a chance to win a potentially substantial prize for the cost of a packet of bath salts or bottle of oil.

So you can think about it as a sale on certain select items, each of which comes with a chance to win a prize, or you can think of it like buying a raffle ticket that happens to come with a product.  The point here is that legally, I’m not running a raffle.  But the more purchases you make in each category, the more chances to win the category’s prize.

HOLY MEDAL Sale: Prize = Saint (or Loa) Devotional Kit

Category: Holy Medal (your choice): choose from the following saints (or ask if your favorite is not listed): Gerard, Expedite, Michael, OL Czestochowa, Cecilia, Dymphna, Raphael, Joseph, Sebastian, Brigid, Philomena, Benedict, OL of Loretto, Guardian Angel., Peter, Paul.  Others are available; if you see it in stock at the store, you can order it here too. If you do not see it at the store, ask first if you want to be sure what you want is in stock. You can put a few choices in the text box if you like, in order of preference, and I’ll try to fill one of them, if you want to do it that way – it’s possible one or more will sell out before the sale is over, so you should probably at least put your top two choices in there in case your first choice sells out.

If you prefer a holy card instead of a holy medal, I can probably do that, but ask first if your heart is set on a card – I have more medals in stock than cards.  Medals and cards will ship in a regular first class envelope with a stamp, no delivery confirmation.   The prize will ship like my products usually ship, with padding/packaging and delivery confirmation.

Prize: I will send you a customized devotional kit for the saint, spirit, angel, or loa of your choice.  The exact ingredients will depend on the saint or spirit you choose AND on how many entries this category gets.  It will contain, at minimum, a rosary with a saints’ medal or other appropriate charm attached (no guarantees on material or style, but it won’t be some piece of ugly plastic, I promise); a bottle of liquid bath or soap (it might be a bath specific to your loa if I have a formula for it, or if you choose a saint and I don’t have a bath for that saint, I’ll send a corresponding bath or soap like Blessing, Protection, Psychic Vision, etc); a packet of herb mixture, blessed and dressed, suitable for incense or inclusion in a mojo bag or spell jar (same as with baths; if I have a formula for that saint or spirit, I’ll send that, or otherwise an appropriate companion formula); some sort of candle (depending on the saint or spirit); and some sort of image, depending on what saint or spirit you choose – it might be a holy card, it might be a veve painted onto whatever I feel like painting (a glass votive candle holder, or a bottle of oil, or a glass bottle for your altar, etc).

If this category gets 35 entries, I’ll definitely include a hand-crafted decorative altar or libation bottle – I’ll post an update if the category reaches that possibility). The winner has input on this – I’ll try to meet your dreams/preferences as I put your kit together, but no promises other than what is written here.  I have a lot of cool stuff lying around, though, like handmade, vintage scapulars imported from Peru, vintage French and Belgian saints medals, collections of ritual items that have been part of public or private workings with the loa, etc – basically, you’ll get a bunch of cool stuff and at least one cool thing that you can’t get otherwise or elsewhere, in addition to the baths/herbs/etc that I have listed above.

Visit the mirror blog for paypal buttons to enter.

BATH SALT Sale: Prize = Ultimate Attraction Oil

Category: Bath Salt (your choice): choose from any listed in the Bath Salts, Crystals, and Floor Washes category in the store – regular retail price of $3/packet. (Basically, there’s a bath salt for just about every common hoodoo “condition.”)

Each purchase enters you to win a bottle of custom Ultimate Attraction Oil, containing real diamond dust and 24K gold.  Retails at $50 per two dram bottle.  This is a chance to own one of the highest-end formulas I make, totally customized for you with rare, costly curios and ingredients, for the cost of a fast-food breakfast, if your lucky number comes up. If this category receives 30 entries, then I will announce it, and I will announce an even larger size of oil, and/or a specialty bottle for the oil – I will have to go digging through my stuff to see what I have, but I know I have some old vintage perfume bottles and medicine / chemists bottles that would make extremely cool containers for this oil, so if it gets enough entries, the winner will get some kind of unusual and cool bottle for the oil as well, and depending on what I end up selecting, the quantity of the oil could increase too (I will announce this if it happens).

Prize: Ultimate Attraction Oil, containing appropriate essential oils and herbs, including real natural diamond dust, real 24 karat, lodestone, and pyrite.  In addition to containing some of the finest, most prized, and most expensive of hoodoo mineral curios, this oil will also be customized for your specific situation. Attraction oil is a general-purpose formula designed to draw love, luck, and money. If you win, just send me a note telling me the name of the person the oil is for and any details that you want me to consider in making, consecrating, and praying over the bottle. The result will be a bottle of Ultimate Attraction Oil powerfully customized for your specific needs and situation.  I can customize for love, for luck, for money, for any combination of emphasis on the three.  I can customize for gambling luck, for luck meeting dating partners, for luck in job hunting, investing, metal-detecting, sales work.  I can customize if you’re looking for a “get lucky tonight” oil, and I can customize for luck in a home, business, or marriage.  I can customize if you’re looking for a dating partner that will spoil you rotten and spend money on you, or a dating partner that is looking for love.  The details are up to you, and legally I can make no claims or guarantees about this oil having any supernatural powers. But I can promise that all customizations will be in an Attraction base that contains real gold and real diamonds as well as other herbs and essential oils prized by rootworkers for generations. And I can promise that this oil will be individually made by me, with full attention to your customization concerns. Please note that this is a spiritual item and not a cosmetic.

Visit the mirror blog for paypal buttons to enter.

VOODOO and Specialty/Esoteric OIL Prize:  Prize = Extra-Strength Mojo Bag with Bone*

Category: Voodoo or Specialty/Esoteric oil (your choice): choose from any listed in the Specialty/Esoteric Oils category or the Voodoo Oils category at the store. This sale applies to any voodoo, specialty or esoteric oil that retails for $7 – sorry, but things like Black Cat Bone and Plagues of Egypt are not included in this sale.

Prize: Extra Strength Mojo of your choice, including those containing rare curios like human bones or whole roots that I do not ever have enough of to keep in regular inventory (though it **is** legal to possess and sell all the ingredients in these bags). You might choose an Extra Strength Black Arts, Sovereign Queen, Love, Reversing, Triple Hand, Triple Root, Thicker Than Water, Dreamwalker, or some custom bag. Most of these include a whole large root, specially gathered herbs (like blackberry leaves from a graveyard, for instance) or something like human or animal bones or teeth. If this category gets 20 entries, then I’ll announce it, and Black Cat Bone will then be among the options for the winner. Some of these bags are NOT commercially available otherwise or elsewhere and can ONLY be had through this prize drawing. Most of these start at about $50 and go up to $120 or more depending on types of curios. I will custom-finish it in consultation with the winner.

Visit the mirror blog for paypal buttons to enter.

HOODOO Oil Sale: Prize = Spell Kit Gift Basket or Box

Category: Hoodoo Condition Oils (your choice): choose from the list available in the Hoodoo Condition Oils category. Remember, this is just for regular hoodoo condition oils, the ones that retail for $5 at the web store, not the specialty or unusual oils.

Prize: Spell Kit Gift Basket or Box. I will work with the winner to establish what will be most suitable for their situation. A Protection kit basket or box, for instance, would contain at least a package of Spiritual Cleansing bath herb mix, a package of Home Protection salt crystals, a bottle St. Michael oil, a St Michael medal, a St. Michael candle of some sort, St. Benedict items of some sort, a House Consecration card, and a bottle of Banishing and Cleansing spray, Ctl-Alt-Smite, Reversing, or similar bath, wash, or soap.

Visit the mirror blog for paypal buttons to enter.


LIGHT SETTING: Donation-Based

If you would like to have a light set (photo but no report), you can do that for a donation; the amount is up to you. If your donation is for $2 or more, you will also be entered into a drawing for a regular vigil light setting with full report, to be set after I reopen in my new location. Use the “note to seller” box as you are checking out to give me your petition for your light setting (I need full names of all people involved; I am sorry, but I CANNOT deal with photographs for this donation-based service – petitions only). If you miss the text box to enter your petition/names, then wait for the acknowledgment email and send the info as a response to that instead.

I choose the type and color of light – you just send me names and petition and I will set a small standalone (not glass-encased) dressed, fixed candle for your petition. I am about to move, so I want to use those candles I have in stock but I do not want to order anything I run out of until I get relocated, so you may get a taper, votive, candle of unusual size or shape, etc (but you will NOT get a glass vigil for this service). It is up to what I have. Candles may burn for anywhere from ~2 hours to ~12 or more hours, depending on candle type and flame behavior.

Visit the mirror blog for paypal buttons to enter.

*The usual handling time applies for sale items, and since the point here is to raise funds, I may combine your multiple purchases into one shipment even though you placed them individually (but I may not – it depends on if they come in together). 

Mother’s Day Contest – support Fonkoze’s Raise For Women Challenge

This month’s contest is a Mother’s Day contest, though it will run for the whole month of May. To enter:

* donate through my Crowdrise page set up to support Fonkoze’s Raise For Women Challenge.

* If you can’t donate Crowdrise’s minimum of $10, or don’t want to use Crowdrise, you can use the button at the mirror blog post to donate – it’s specially made for this fundraiser and will come in earmarked for its destination, so there’s no need to add a note telling me what it’s for. Once $10 in donations through paypal come in, I’ll donate it to Fonkoze through Crowdrise in the donors’ names (names will be in the memo box, and I wouldn’t use anybody’s full name without expressly being asked to, so there’s no need to tell me not to; just let me know if I *should* use your full name).

* If you can’t donate, you can enter by sharing the link to the fundraiser page. The only tricky thing is making sure I can track your share so you’re entered in the contest. If you are on facebook, you can share any of my posts that link to this blog entry or to the Crowdrise page there (either at my personal account or at the Karma Zain Spiritual Supplies page) and I’ll see the share and count it. If you are on Pinterest, you can share my pin there (either the one linking to this blog entry or the one linking directly to the Crowdrise page) and I’ll see the share. If you are on twitter, you can retweet my Mother’s Day Contest tweet or the one right before it linking directly to the Crowdrise page) and I’ll see that. If you think of some other way to do it, just let me know (leave a comment here at the blog, or you can email me directly at karmazain at gmail dot com). Those who enter this way will need to keep an eye on the blog for the announcement of the winner since I might not know real names/emails if you enter through the share-the-link method.


About the Contest and Fonkoze

most of what follows is quoted or paraphrased from Fonkoze.org unless otherwise cited

Fonkoze (Fondasyon Kole Zepòl, or the Shoulder-to-Shoulder Foundation) is Haiti’s largest microfinance institution and one of the best known MFIs worldwide for its innovative approaches to reaching the most disadvantaged women and helping them take the first steps out of poverty. Why a Mother’s Day contest? Fonkoze was founded in 1994 by a Haitian Catholic priest, Fr. Joseph Phillippe, who started the institution with a vision: to provide the means for all Haitians, even the poorest, to participate in the economic development of the country.  His target group was women, because as he declared, “Women are the backbone of the Haitian economy and the doorway into the family unit.”

The majority of Haitians live on less than $2 a day. Yet women in poverty face even more challenges, made more difficult by inequality on a number of levels. According to Fonkoze’s 2007 statistics, women made up 52% of the Haitian population, with nearly half of that number under the age of 15, yet women headed 43% of households. 60% of Haitian women are illiterate. Unemployment is rampant, and women who are employed suffer wage discrimination. According to the Office of the Secretary-General’s Special Adviser, 26% of women and girls 15 or older had been the victims of sexual and gender-based violence, as of 2010 (and just imagine how often this violence goes unreported). Considerable gender disparities exist at every level of society. When large-scale relief operations distribute aid, women-headed households are often at a disadvantage when they’re recognized at all, and those far away from city centers often find there’s nothing left to trickle down to them.

Fonkoze goes where the rural poor are and provides services and structure in which client feedback and participation are integral. Fonkoze is Haiti’s Alternative Bank for the Organized Poor, offering a full range of financial services to the rural-based poor in Haiti. Fonkoze is committed to the economic and social improvement of the people and communities of Haiti and to the reduction of poverty in the country. With its network of 46 branches covering every region of Haiti, it is also the only MFI that is truly national in scope. It was founded with the following principles:

  • Women constitute the backbone of the economy in Haiti.
  • You can’t just give a woman a loan and then send her on her way – you have to accompany her as she struggles to make her way out of poverty.
  • All Haitians deserve a chance to participate in the economic development of their country.
  • A political democracy cannot survive without economic democracy.
  • Nothing in Haiti can be effective without the endorsement and support of Haitians living in the Diaspora, for it is those Haitians who keep the economy of Haiti afloat through the remittances they send home.

Moreover, Fonkoze is one of the few MFIs in Haiti that is truly grass-roots. It works within existing social, family, and religious structures rather than demanding member-clients attend a certain church, adhere to a certain dogma, abide by a foreign set of mores and values, or live with a shame-based approach to tackling the challenges that the Haitian economy and political history have presented for families. It uses peer-outreach and peer-education. Given the lack of employment opportunities in the formal economy, Haiti’s poor must be entrepreneurial. And for that, they need credit, which Fonkoze gives on better terms than the loan sharks Haiti’s poor have traditionally relied on. Micro-loans come with solidarity, support, literacy training, business skills training, and the chance for Haiti’s poor to invest in themselves and their communities.

After the 2010 earthquake, Congress allocated $1.4 billion to Haitian relief, according to the US Government Accountability Office, but then $655 million of that went to reimbursing the US Department of Health and Human Services for food, goods, and money distributed to evacuees. Another $150 million went to the US Department of Agriculture; $15 million went to Homeland Security to cover immigration fees for evacuees. In short, the money (99% of it, according to the UN) went to non-Haitian people in non-Haitian agencies who distributed it as they saw fit, with little to no input from Haitian people. Where the US government has been donating rice to Haiti for years, thus undercutting Haitian rice farmers and leaving them unemployed and displaced, Fonkoze helps Haiti help itself. Haitian women create jobs, become self-sufficient, and participate in a positive cycle that helps individual families, the larger community, and the country as a whole, making Haiti, step by tiny step, a little bit less vulnerable, a little bit further away from the precipice, one Haitian entrepreneur and one mother at a time.

Fonkoze’s comprehensive approach to poverty alleviation includes the following services:

  1. Micro-credit, using a solidarity group methodology of lending
  2. Small and medium sized business development loans to strengthen businesses
  3. Savings products
  4. Currency exchange services
  5. Money transfer (remittance) services
  6. Literacy, business skills, women’s health, children’s rights and environmental protection education for borrowers
  7. Social impact monitoring
  8. Life and credit microinsurance
  9. Housing rebuilding and repair for member-clients following the earthquake of January 2010

The Prize(s) !

Really, everybody wins, because you’re doing a good deed and raising your own awareness or somebody else’s. But one person will get more than just the warm fuzzy, the star in their crown, the good karma, or however you want to think of it. Everyone who donates (or spreads the word by sharing the link) will be entered into the drawing. At the end of May, I will draw a winner at random. The winner receives his or her choice of any spell/prayer kit I make (I should have more posted at the online shop by the end of the month, and I’ll make a custom kit too if you want something you don’t see) – along with supplements of additional items and products related to that kit’s goal (so if you want a honey jar kit for love drawing, I’m not going to send you just the stuff that comes with a $10 kit – that would be lame. I’ll send you additional items and formulas related to that petition/goal sufficient to fill a decent-sized gift basket). If the winner is not from the U.S., the kit or items will have to fit in the smaller of the available boxes since USPS now charges almost $60 to ship a medium box, but I’ll work with you to get you what you need given the shipping parameters.

If you donate through CrowdRise and meet the criteria for any of several giveaways they’re running at any given time, you have a chance to win other cool stuff from CrowdRise Promotions, including:

  • $100 Amazon gift card
  • A donation to your favorite charity *and* an iTunes gift card for you
  • an iPad

Contest winners

The winner of the first category, receiving a gift basket of oils, powders, etc, is KR, who has sent a photo of her dog at a site where she disposes of appropriate ritual remains.

contest cat 1 winner

The winner of the second category, receiving an altar art or rosary item, is SO, who has sent a photo of her “Shabby Chic” Chuparosa/Love altar.

contest cat 2 winner

Both winners have been emailed privately. Congrats to you both and thanks for entering!

photo contest! two categories, two prizes!

For those who are on Pinterest, I have several boards over there where I post random things that catch my attention, and you should go visit.  I want to start a new board of client, customer, and reader photos, and I’m going to get it kick-started by having a contest.

There are two prizes, one in each category. I am not going to check entries against some master list of invoices or emails or anything like that, so even if your only interaction with me has been reading this blog and I have no idea who you are, you can still enter as long as your caption explains why your entry qualifies.

Continue reading “photo contest! two categories, two prizes!”

chance to win free condition oil – help name my new oils!

I will sit down to choose names for some of my new oils probably this weekend, so if you haven't visited this post yet to suggest a name and get a chance to win a free bottle of condition oil, don't delay!  There are some great ideas there already but I haven't made my final decision yet!

RAFFLE and SALE, for June Headwashings / spiritual cleansing event fundraiser

ETA: IThe sale/raffle is closed – thanks to those who participated to help raise funds for this summer’s spiritual bath and headwashing event.  If you are attending and would like to make a donation – or even if you are not attending and would like to make a donation — the “donate” button is still in this post, though the sale buttons have been taken down.  Winners announced in a separate post.

read details about sale items and prizes…