Crown of Success spells

I’ve had a couple of clients ask me for directions for Crown of Success spells lately.

Personally, I very rarely do elaborate rituals with these items.  I use them a lot, as I find them immensely helpful when facing a high-stakes situation such as a speaking engagement, exam, or interview, and in my day job I do a lot of public speaking and a lot of high-stakes writing.  My favorite way to use these items is just to dress *myself* – my clothes, maybe my hands, stuff like that.  I also use the oil to dress a petition paper that I put in one of those Tibetan prayer box pendants and wear to whatever event I need to succeed in.  The petition might be for better memory and recall, for poise while speaking “on my feet,” for a good grade, for a job offer, whatever.  I change this paper out for specific petitions all the time, but I have used the same two or three ghau boxes for years (I have a simpler, small one for when flashy or eye-catching jewelry is not appropriate, and I need to have it under my shirt, and I have another, larger one decorated with gemstones and filigree that I wear when jewelry *is* appropriate).

One of the advantages to this, for me, is that I have come to associate the very scent of these products with success, so putting on my pendant and smelling the subtle aroma of the oil ingredients has become an integral part of my “professional prep” – right up there with professional clothing and (for me) lipstick (I’m not a lipstick wearer when I don’t have to be – if I’m wearing lipstick, you can be sure that I’m *serious.*)  It’s almost a Pavlov effect, if you will.

You can use any or all Crown of Success products to make your work as simple or full-fledged as you want it to be.  Wash your clothes in Crown crystals, dress a candle with the oil, sprinkle your resume with Crown powder — use your imagination! 

cat at Lucky Mojo has a great writeup on a starting point for multi-ingredient Crown work if you need ideas.

If you need to do this work on somebody else, and can get something into their hands or onto their person or floor or whatever, you could give them a pendant as a gift, or give them some bath salts as a gift if they’ll use them, or just wash something they’ll wear in the crystals.  There are lots of possibilities.  If you have to work at a distance, dress a candle for them.