damballah wedo chaplet (SOLD)

damballah wedo chaplet
Originally uploaded by Karma Zain

Silver-foil lined Murano glass medallion beads separate white cat’s eye beads and pumpkin-cut clear glass beads. Terminates with a silver toned snake pendant and a silver-toned filigree egg-shaped pendant.

damballah wedo rosary necklace

damballah wedo rosary
Originally uploaded by Karma Zain

I’ve had an etsy account for over a year now, but my camera wasn’t quite up to the task in terms of my selling items there. Now it is.

Introducing my etsy shop, also called Karma Zain Spiritual Supplies, where you will find items exclusive to the etsy shop, such as this Damballah Wedo rosary, made with clear crackle-glass beads, white stone cross beads, and a white snakeskin topaz pendant set in white copper. NOT available on ebay.

(You may also find slighly cheaper shipping options on etsy. I’m still experimenting. If the etsy thing works out…. well, we’ll see. It could reduce my “overhead” — ebay’s fees are getting worse every time you turn around — and that could mean lower prices in the long run. So if you shop at etsy, let me know, and I’ll keep listing items there!)