information about reconciliation / return a lover cases

I get more requests for reconciliation of lovers than for perhaps any other type of spellwork.  I don’t usually take reconciliation cases involving couples (though I do reconciliation work between friends and family members frequently). But as I often find myself giving the same information out over and over again, I should probably make a post about it.

Client expectations of either the relationship or of spellwork itself are not always realistic when love problems are involved, and this is often the case with reconciliation/lost lover work, which is why so many clients go to so many workers reporting "I have tried other workers but they failed."  I do not take these kinds of cases because they are so time-consuming and clients so very often are unwilling to set time limits on the work or to consider adjusting their expectations.   If previous workers have failed, this should tell you, the client, that it’s time to consider putting a time limit on the work and to take a cold, hard look at how realistic your expectations are.  If multiple workers fail, this sometimes indicates a problem with the case, not the workers. 

But some clients are not ready to set a time limit, and in some cases they have had a reading that suggests success in their case is possible and they are frustrated at not finding a worker who will take their case.  I can recommend some workers who do sometimes take reconciliation cases, and it may be that they will discuss your case with you.  If you write to me asking for reconciliation work, I can give you some contact info for folks to try.  But be aware that you will probably need to be prepared to set a time limit to the work; many ethical rootworkers will not take a reconciliation case unless you are willing to do so, especially if the original relationship was very short lived and previous spellwork has either failed or (as is frequently also the case when clients go to more than one worker) has not been given adequate time to manifest.

And to read a little more about lost lover/reconciliation work, including some insight as to why many workers will not take these kinds of cases, and what you can do or consider in order to improve your chances of having your case considered and your situation improved, you might have a look at the AIRR site’s entry on Love, Romance, and Reconciliation work.

Also, Cat of originalninjacat has quite a few excellent posts on love and reconciliation work that can help any hurting lover approach their situation in a way more conducive to a happy ending.  You can find her tagged love/reconciliation posts at her blog

ETA:  Dr. E has a post up over at Hoodoo Crossroads on reconciliation as well, and the quotable quote is "Slow and steady wins the reconciliation case!"  I wholeheartedly agree.  I wouldn’t personally subscribe to everything in the post as a 100% truism all the time(*) (but I doubt he does either – we do have to speak of tendencies and generalities that we see when we write up an article or manifesto on something) – but Dr. E *does* take reconciliation cases, and reading this post will give you a very good idea of the kind of conversation you’re probably going to be having if you decide to try to hire a worker for a reconciliation case, and a very good perspective "from the trenches," so to speak, from a reputable worker who does this kind of work regularly.  I say this over and over again but it’s because it needs to be said, and you will find a lot of reputable workers saying it: if 7 reputable workers casting 7 spells have not gotten you the results you want, *you need to stop hiring workers for that result and reassess the case before you waste any more energy and money.* (I would personally advise you to cut yourself off way before 7, but you get the idea I hope.)  If you have been working a case for two  years and seen zero sign of progress, then you need to spend your time, energy, and money on helping yourself heal and draw a good lover, not in chasing after a cold case.

Finally, keep in mind that I am often willing to consult with clients on many spiritual goals even in cases where I am not prepared to take them on as a client for that goal, should that be an option you care to pursue.  Consultations for spell and/or product advice and guidance can be booked at my AIRR directory listing page, and on my userinfo page here at livejournal.

I do not mean to be heartless in giving this advice. I know that sometimes the heart wants what it wants, and I also know that even very difficult cases have sometimes seen improvement.  However, I also know that I am probably not the worker for you, as these sorts of cases involve so much more time and correspondence and counseling than other cases, and clients are often impatient due to their great emotional pain.  So hopefully this post will do some small part towards helping those hurting folks get some peace.


(*) particularly about cursing.  I know my products work, and I know I sell a lot of crossing and hexing products, and I sell a lot of them to people who grew up around this stuff.  Crossing somebody doesn’t, in my opinion, require any more skill than performing spiritual cleansing work (though it does require a certain temperament or set of characteristics as well as a certain kind of situation, at least in order to be undertaken without ultimately harming the practitioner as much as the target – which is another post). 

And I know how many emails I get from people seeking to have me cross up their spouse’s mistress, or their girlfriend’s husband.  Now I don’t disagree with the underlying point in the post that many clients think "change in behavior" = "crossed conditions," and that in lots of cases there is no curse causing the change in behavior.  I think that underlying point is valid.  And there are plenty of folks who are convinced they are crossed, and after they’re uncrossed, they’re still convinced they’re crossed, and they go from worker to worker claiming that the curse on them is so powerful that no living worker has been strong enough to break it, and they begin living a self-fulfilling prophecy which cripples them while it enables them to lose sight of any sense of personal responsibility and spend their whole existence in the role of helpless victim — and that is another post too, with a complex set of beliefs and behaviors underneath it. 

So the underlying point Dr. E is making here is right on, I think. But I can’t quite let this pass without quibble: "Most people are untrained and uneducated when it comes to cursing others, and most don’t know the right way to go about."  I would say that depends on where your clients come from, what population counts as "most people."  Most people in the US? Sure.  Most people in an area of South Carolina where I learned a turpentine trick-killing spell in 1995?  Nope, patently untrue.  Everybody in that neighborhood knew what red brick dust was for and knew what not to step in.  That’s not to say everybody with a bag of goofer dust was equally capable of deploying it equally effectively – but it is to say that in that neighborhood, crossing as well as uncrossing was like making biscuit dough – if you didn’t know how, well, you were slightly pitied, but it was gonna be alright because your mama or your sister knew how.  So I would just urge folks to consider their knowledge of a person’s background and "habitat" and interests and social circles when they’re deciding how seriously to take the idea of a curse coming from there.

Sorry to use your post as the step-up for a soapbox moment, Dr. E ! I’ve been meaning to post on that for a while anyway 🙂

new formulas

Newly listed oil formulas:

Marriage oil – for those trying to get married, and for blessing an already existing marriage

St. Patrick oil — for working with Irish ancestors, for protection from snakes, and for calling on the blessings of St. Patrick

Dream Vision oil – for prophetic dreams, clear dreams, and better dream recall

Get A Job oil – to help you get that job!

Peace oil – smooths over troubles in home and family, assuages hurt feelings in relationships, brings an aura of peace and tranquilitiy

Stay With Me oil – keep your lover around – and faithful

Kiss Me Quick oil – looking for Mr./Ms. Right Now? This oil is for you.

Abramelin oil – Biblical formula (not the Crowley/Mathers formula — NOT edible.)

Ketubah oil – This is a biblical anointing oil in the blessing family, containing rare and fragrant henna blossom essential oil among other appropriate oils and herbs. Use for altar work for marriage or engagement, to ritually seal covenants and agreements (either with yourself or between two or more people), and as a reminder of the union of the soul with the Spirit. Some folks use this as an anointing oil when they perform weddings and handfastings, or in spellwork related to their marriages or relationships.

Holy Fire oil – This is a biblical oil in the blessing family, containing hyssop among other appropriate herbs and oils.
Use for altar work for blessing, cleansing, and purging yourself of spiritual ickiness. I find this blend very useful when you’re facing one of those places in life where one door closes and another opens, to help you cut harmful ties to the past, make account of and restitution for things you are setting aside and leaving behind, and asking for guidance and blessing as you begin your new endeavor. This oil would be good to use when your divorce is final, when you finally break up with that irresistible bad boy or girl, when you decide to quit smoking, or when you begin a magical retreat or new spiritual practice.

Three Kings oil -If you’ve been reading my blog, you may recall that I continue my family’s old tradition of presenting the Infant Jesus with a little gold-covered casket of frankincense and myrrh at the Feast of the Epiphany. This oil is made with resins from January’s presentation ceremony. Each bottle contains a tiny bit of 24 kt gold dust as well. Use for altar work for money and success, for protection, and for healing and drawing blessings. This is one of those multi-purpose oils that no hoodoo cabinet should be without.

Remember that all my oils, powders, and baths are available from my website too, often at a substantial discount. If there’s not an operable cart for the page you want, just write me and I can send you a paypal invoice for the things you want.

ligature spells and tying a man’s “nature”

Ligature spells are basically spells using knotting or tying to control a target’s sexual performance.  They are often used to render a man impotent, or conditionally impotent, so that he can’t perform sexually with women or with certain women (usu. with any woman who is not the woman doing the ligature spell).  Some traditional love and sex spells and formulas aren’t suitable for use by those in same-sex relationships without substitutions or changes, but the ones I’ve listed here all are.

There are a lot of these in hoodoo and they follow a predictable pattern, from which you can construct your own depending on what you have available.  They usually call for a personal concern of the man (a cord soaked with his semen, one of his socks, a cloth used to clean his genitals after intercourse, etc). 

One of Hyatt’s informants gives a version of this that was used by a worker in a case involving another woman.  According to this informant, you would take a string and measure him (ie, his penis) and then tie it in nine knots and wear it around your waist (v. 3 p. 2378).

Cat at lucky mojo supplies an excellent overview of related workings and some great ideas to get started if you want to do this kind of work.

Hyatt records many versions of this type of spell in volume 3 of HCWR: I’ll give one from my hometown in Alabama that calls for bottling rather than tying, p. 2385.

The informant says you take the man’s urine, nine drops of dragon’s blood, nine gold-eye needles, and nine pins.  Put them into a bottle with the points of the pins pointed upward.  The worker keeps the bottle to keep his nature controlled, but can also use it to call him by shaking the bottle.  This spell has a good bit in common with some spells of the intranquility type, as well.

And here’s one with an interesting side effect: You take a handkerchief and catch his semen with it, then iron the handkerchief, tie three knots in it, and keep it in the bottom of a trunk.  As a result, “All ‘is nature will go to his head, an’ den he’ll come to be a man usin’ wit ‘is mouth.  Dat’s why a lotta fellahs use wit dey mouth an’ can’t use down below here, becuz dey nature is taken away from dem.” (v. 3 p 2433)