What’s cooking in the hoodoo kitchen; voudon news

I have finally begun experiments with hoodoo soaps. Because my time (and my workshop space!) is really limited these days, I’m sticking right now to liquid castile soaps rather than bar soaps.  If there are any requests for a particular formula, let me know and I’ll try to get those formulas out first.  One day I’ll get the bar soap and candles figured out.  I will probably need an apprentice, first, though.

In voudon news, Fet Gede is coming up, the time of year when the Ghuede family of loa are honored en famille.  There are more Ghuede than anybody can count.  The more well-known include the Barons (Samedi, La Croix, Kalfou, etc) and Manman Brigitte.  Many houses and temples have their own house Ghuede (if you haven’t visited Harvey’s Hangout, maintained by Kenaz Filan on behalf of their house Ghuede, you should). 

Ancestors are honored too, so if you’ve been slacking on the ancestor honoring, Nov 2 is your time to catch up.  My grandfather has informed me that since he’s already dead, he’ll have “a pack of Pall Malls thank you dahlin’ what can it hurt.”  He also wants a dog treat, but not for himself.  Apparently he’s hanging with Old Sport (Old Sport sounds like an aftershave, but was the name of a dog he had in Alabama when he was a boy.  He always maintained that this dog could climb trees).

Yeah, the problem with honoring the loa is that they eventually take over every spare nook and cranny of your house.  I am putting my foot down at a separate altar for Old Sport.  He can share.

In other news, I’ve made some good “graveyard friends” in my New City, and a number of the Formerly Living have consented to come on board to help out.  The local cemetery I frequent is amazing; I go at least once a week, sometimes just to sit and read.  I have several times found the bones of small animals in nooks and crannies there (mostly of the squirrel variety) and have collected some cypress shavings and some blackberry leaves.  So I imagine I’ll have some formulas coming up pretty soon that use local cemetery flora.

New voodoo oils

Sale on select candles

A kick-ass Erzulie Dantor choker, if I do say so myself

Road Opener oil

A new Blessing formula (sans the olive oil base, with a far superior scent to the previous version)