feb 2013 honey jars
Success / Prosperity altars (c) Karma Zain 2013

2013-03-20 22.53.32
Custom rosary made for a contest winner (c) Karma Zain 2013

shamim fwop binding tray end
Finishing up some Binding/Hot Foot work (c) Karma Zain 2013


Sacred Heart Carnival Necklace (c) Karma Zain 2013

St. Philomena Chaplet (c) Karma Zain 2013

2013-03-17 06.29.42
Custom spiritual jewelry for a client’s specific spiritual goal (c) Karma Zain 2013

back home

I’m back, trying to get caught up with orders placed while I was gone.

I have some water from the Gulf of Mexico, some sand from Dauphin Island, and a wonderful array of dried insects and reptiles.  I also have a few new black cat bones — some had to be reburied, and some didn’t survive the burying/cleaning/digging up/dog avoiding process.

What this means:

Good time for Yemaya and La Sirene baths, goofer dust, hot foot powder, and stuff involving black cat bones.  This set hasn’t had time to be bleached white yet, but if you don’t care about them being a little more “natural” looking, then these will be right up your alley.  I should be able to get them white in a few more weeks.

If you’re new to my journal, please note that I do not harm animals to make curios, jewelry, etc.  All animal curios and parts used in my formulas and items are gathered humanely.

Also, I’ll be putting up some original art by my mother (she did a lovely Green Man that needs framing) and some veve paintings from my cousin pretty soon, I hope. These two are much better artists than I am, so keep your eyes peeled.

hotfoot spell (from a Waycross, GA hyatt informant)

I love this one.


Den yo’ get chew some white dog manure [cylinder changed].
Yo’ get chew three pieces of white dog manure. Well, dat could be jes’ about three inches or two – either one, three or two inches will do. Yo’ dig one, a hole heah in front of dere place, “In de Name of de Father,” dig de other one “Name of de Son,” an’ [third hole] “Name of de Holy Spirit” – don’t say Holy Ghost, [say] de “Holy Spirit.”

(You dig three holes.)

Well, yo’ got three pieces of dat dog manure. Yo’ll commence wit dis one, say, “Now, ah’ll set chew heah dat chew cannot stay in dis house, “Under de Highest Name of de Father”. Ah’ll set chew [second piece] heah dat chew cannot stay in dis house. Yo’ll be ‘bliged tuh go, an’, “In de Name of de Son.”

(That’s the second hole?)

Dat’s right.  De third, “Ah’ll place yo’ heah.” Den yo’ call dat person name on de third one, says, “Ah’ll place yo’ heah dat chew must go – yo’ scoundrel, yo’ devil, yo’ must go.” [Over third hole say “Name of the Holy Spirit.”] Cover it up an’ walk off from it nine step [backwards and then turn around] an’ don’t look back.

(He’s gone.)

He’s gone – de third day, de third day he’s gone.

— Vol 2, p 1473

a hotfoot spell from hyatt

Well, nine persimmon seeds, yo’ get dem jes’ as de sun goin’ down – dis
is fo’ evil dis time. Well, yo’ get dat nine persimmon seeds an’ yo’ get
chew some red peppah, black peppah, sulphur – de middle of dat person’s track –
get dat wit dese two fingahs.

(With the thumb and index finger of the left hand.)
Dat’s right.

Well, yo’ pick it straight up – don’t scoop neither way, jes’ pick it
straight up – an’ yo’ put it in dere wit dose nine persimmon seeds an’ dat red
peppah, black peppah.
An’ yo’ get it stirred up an’ yo’ put it in a right real new cloth an’
some hog lard – grease around it.

An’ dig a ants’ bed, dese big large antses. Dig down in dere an’ get
’em stirred up – jes’ about nearly hand deep – an’ den yo’ drop dat ovah in
dere an’ cover it up lightly. Dat’s fo’ meanness.

(What will that do then?)
Oh, dat’ll jes’ run ’em away from yo’, cause ’em to get all flusterated
an’ can’t stay dere.

(Do you call any names on this or anything?)
Yes sir, yo’ call dere names all de time.

Vol.2, p.1472

[Waycross, GA; Informant # 1125 (Contact man Edwards’s landlady); Cylinder

1 = 1816-1831, and C384:1-C392:5 = 1965-1973]

coconut spells from Hyatt

I have temporary custody of a few volumes of Hyatt.  One of the things I’ve wanted to know more about was the use of coconuts in various workings.  I’ve always really liked “container” spells — bags, bottles, boxes, jars etc — and I knew there’s more work out there to do with coconuts than I’ve done. 

And now I can see that there’s even more than I suspected!  I have only ever done coconut spells for hot foot type work, doctoring them and throwing them in a river to get someone to go away.  But Hyatt records them for driving people crazy, for breaking up a couple, for keeping somebody at home — just about any use for which you could use any other type of container spell. 

But sometimes the fact that it is a coconut and not any other kind of container seems more pertinent, as for one to kill an enemy, in which it appears that the spell will cause pain in the head as the beginning of a nasty end.  The informant says that a lemon can be used for the same thing, only it works more quickly.