New Formulas

Four new oils available on ebay, (which you guys helped me name! I have the greatest readers!)

Coffee at Midnight – the chocolate/vanilla/sex appeal formula I wrote about a few entries ago.

Chrysalis – the love/attraction/healing blend I wrote about in the same entry.

Damiana – this has other stuff in it besides damiana, but that's the centerpiece of the formula.  Damiana is the classic aphrodisiac, and this oil is formulated to heat things up. A unisex blend, its scent is a bit sweet and a bit spicy, and it has a slight hint of the pungent green herbal aroma of an after-dinner aperitif from one of those French cabarets in the late 1800s.  Containing rare and precious absinthe essential oil, it is designed to loosen inhibitions and inspire creativity 🙂

Passion – another tea-inspired blend, this is a love-drawing formula, but it works in more than one "direction" – much like the Chrysalis blend, it's designed for clients who need a new lease on life, not just their love lives (though it is made to work for that too).  If you're in a rut, need to get out more, but can't quite work up the optimism to get out there, this is a good place to start.  I generally "prescribe" a tea+bath ritual for clients in this situation – a spiritual bath for the outside and a cup of tea for the inside.  So I've made this formula for those who want to dress a candle or mojo bag (or clothing, or curtains, or whatever) as part of their work towards reorienting their love lives – and this works by helping to reorient their lives so there is room for love and passion. And this starts with self-love, optimism, and a passion for life.  It's not a one-candle sort of thing – it's a makeover.  But this is a good start.  Passion is a bright, slightly citrusy blend with notes of fruit and just a tiny hint of spice; this unisex blend can be used if you're looking for a new relationship, but it can also be used if you're leaving behind an old one and want to get your spirits back up – even if you're not ready to start dating yet.  It's all about you and the passion in your life – for life.

New items at ebay and bonanza – jewelry and Sanguis Veneris

Somebody wrote me asking for a goat horn, and I said I’d order one from my "animal bits" supplier. I also said I was not likely to recall who asked me for it.  Sure enough, I forgot.  But I have a polished, hollow goat horn up on ebay for you. ETA: they found it and got it!

Santisima Muerte altar spell bottle, FIXED, customized, and chock full of herbs, roots, curios, etc.  Perfect for a spell of the Intranquil Spirit variety.

St. Expedite rosary bracelet with customizable spell pendant

Custom love-drawing mojo rosary bracelet
– non-denominational, but Erzulie Freda approved, and can be customized for her


Limited edition Sanguis Veneris oil and powder.

If you read my older post about Sanguis Veneris, you know it’s a medieval love and healing formula, and I wanted to give it a go even though it’s European and I no longer work too much in European herb-lore, because it has uses in conjure as well and because the astrological event for its creation happened to be coming up. So I went ahead and took this astrological opportunity to make up a batch of Sanguis Veneris oil (HIGHLY concentrated, quite thick and full of powdered resins and herbs, so dilute, dilute, dilute) and powder (pure, 100% powdered herbs and resins, NO base or filler or mineral ingredients). The oil can be worn (see caveats below), used to dress candles, mojos, objects, etc, just like any condition oil.  The powder can be burned as incense on a charcoal block, added to mojos, added to a base oil to make your own oil, etc.  Caution: MAY STAIN SKIN if a lot is used, WILL STAIN FABRIC etc so handle with care, especially in concentrated amounts.

This formula does NOT contain human blood, just plant matter and essential oils.  It was made in a ritual context under the appropriate astrological conditions and set under the light of the full moon.  (My initial formal hands-on training in herblore was in European traditions, so I do know how to do this stuff even though I work primarily in African-American herblore, and I spent nearly two decades as an initiate in a couple of formal hermetic, ceremonial magic, wand-waving and robe-wearing and qabala-using traditions and do know my astrology, sigils, grimoires, K and C of the HGA etc as well, so I broke out some of the old altar implements for this one). It does not contain anything that is not theoretically safe for use on skin, and I tested it on myself before listing it, but as with ANY ritual oil, you might want to dilute it and do a spot test before wearing it, and you wouldn’t use it as a perfume but rather as a ritual anointing oil. 

It *may* stain your skin – there is no way to avoid that given the ingredients – but if used in small enough quantities and away from white clothing, you might be alright. You might not want to dab it behind your ears, of course, but you could use it similarly to body paint and paint symbols or sigils on yourself, or dab it at appropriate spots (at the heart and right above the pubic bone below your navel would be good places) or, if your lover is adventurous, on him or her.  However, please note that it is not edible and would taste absolutely horrible, and should not be used as a personal lubricant nor on any areas where you want someone’s mouth to go.)  You can also use it to paint your lover’s name on the soles of your feet to put a little "commanding" action into your love workings.  (You can use a toothpick if you don’t have a paintbrush that’s that small).  I tried the foot-painting trick and it did not stain the bottom of my foot, and I dabbed a bit on my wrists and it did not stain my skin, but I can’t promise that it won’t stain you.

If you wanted to dilute this in a carrier oil I would try about half a dropper per half ounce of oil.  At that level it may still stain clothing (when I say it may stain, I don’t mean it won’t ever wash off with soap and water, but it may take a few washings to fade completely if you use it undiluted, or it may not wash completely out of whites).  You could also just add a few drops to a carrier oil for a lighter blend, and/or add a few drops to another type of love or lust condition oil, or to a bath salt base or incense powder base.  The scent is very lightly sweet.  If you dilute it you may not smell anything, so it becomes a matter of personal preference.  Just because you can’t smell it doesn’t mean it’s not working though.

If you prefer, you could add a drop or two to your favorite ritual or anointing oil if you use such on your skin (please note my usual caveats about my own oils – they are generally not designed for use on skin unless the listing specifically says so, and will nearly always need to be diluted to proper skin-safe levels if you decide to wear them).

This thick mixture makes a fabulous candle dressing and the powder makes a fascinating, unusual incense.  You can certainly add a pinch of it to a less expensive incense blend to stretch it out (and I would advise it – uncut, this can be almost too thick and heady, and it does have a slightly bitter undertone and lots of resins in it).  A little of this goes a long, long way.  You could also dress your candle with another condition oil or plain olive oil and sprinkle the powder on the candle,  or roll your candle in it. 

This blend would be especially appropriate when you’re trying to draw a lover with the means and desire to give you lots of gifts, attention, money etc, or to get your current lover to loosen up on the purse strings a little bit. It’s also appropriate for situations where you are concerned that people NOT gossip or spread rumors about your relationship, if for any reason you need to keep it under wraps, so in that particular area it has a protective quality (though it can’t be expected to totally hide crimes or affairs all on its own!).  If people are gossiping about you because they are jealous of your looks or love life, this can help with that sort of thing.  Finally, it can be used in spellwork to cool off hot tempers in a relationship and put the love back in the center – it’s not a reconciliation oil exactly, it won’t just heal up all difficulties and it wouldn’t work alone to return a lost lover, but it can turn the volume down on the anger and turn the volume up on the love and remembering why you got together in the first place.

From a hoodoo perspective, the ingredients in this blend are healing, relaxing, protective (especially from those telling lies), good for sensual love, and good for money-protection and money-drawing.  So this isn’t a "true sweet romance" love formula, and it’s not a "Fiery Love" blend, but it definitely has sexual/sensual overtones, and within a certain sphere, it’s definitely a multi-purpose oil.

Limited edition – once it’s gone, it’s gone, at least until the next appropriate astrological event comes around.

Finally, remember that everything you see at ebay can also be had at bonanza, often at a discount (chicken, turkey, and alligator feet excluded).

on sulphur, cayenne, and other “irritants” in hoodoo

I see this come up occasionally, and I thought I'd repost something I posted on a hoodoo list not all that long ago, in response to someone expressing curiosity over why someone would use sulphur or cayenne in a love spell.  To their way of thinking, sulphur and cayenne are part of the crossing/hexing/icky family of herbs and minerals, from which you see them make occasional forays into uncrossing and protection work, and would thus "make more sense" as part of a breakup spell rather than a love spell.

Here was my response:

I'll tell you my theory on it, which you're free to reject 🙂  Where I grew up in Cajun cooking land, you think of cayenne as an irritant first, and then think of different ways to use irritants. One way to use irritants is to heat things up – a little cayenne can be a good thing.  Think of old uses of Spanish Fly – an irritant for an aphrodisiac – or those herbal patches with capsicum in them that my Kung Fu instructor used to give us for healing.  I think of cayenne in the same category as ginger and even cinnamon (only a hell of a lot more irritating).  Then obviously irritants can be used to heat things up for less pleasurable or benevolent things as well (causing fuss and discord, running somebody crazy).

So I would think of it less like "cayenne is for breaking people up" and instead like "cayenne is for heating things up" and go from there in terms of thinking about how to use it.   Is this making sense? I think this is the same way that sulphur can be used in attracting business, even though most folks think of it as a "drive away" or "cause trouble" ingredient.  It's not always, though.  I have a bunch of recipes for business scrubs from Mobile, AL, New Orleans, and areas around and between, that call for sulphur, to raise up attention and get a good crowd at an event or sidewalk sale or barbecue, and at least one "draw a lover" recipe that calls for sulphur, cayenne, and salt.  Now, sulphur, cayenne and salt seem like a good "get the hell away from me" recipe, but at least on the Gulf Coast that same recipe has been used to get somebody to come back.  I believe the principle is that a little irritant can be used to heat things up in a good way, given the larger context of whatever other work you have going on.

Love/Lust Truffles (aka how to get your personal concerns in their food)

I posted a version of this to a list on I’m on the other day and figured I’d share.

This is a recipe for truffles if you are using the sneaky-tricks-via-food to work on somebody for love/lust situations.  Everybody loves chocolate.  If they don’t like chocolate, you need to find somebody else to work on, ’cause that’s just a bad sign, man.  Seriously, though, this will often work when the old coffee or marinara sauce or mulled wine tricks won’t work, ’cause really – everybody likes chocolate.

You start with your basic truffle recipe. There are a million online if you don’t have one, but here’s a good basic one at kitchn, and here’s one at Simply Recipes. (Don’t worry.  It’s *really easy* to make truffles.)

Whatever recipe you’re using, be sure to heat your cream in its own saucepan.  When it’s just about to boil, remove from heat and add pinches of some or all of the following:

  • damiana
  • ginger
  • cubeb berries (these are spicy, kinda like the love child of allspice and black pepper, so be aware)
  • sampson snake root aka echinacea (it’s a little, er, zingy, so go light)
  • cardamom
  • cinnamon
  • rose petals (unsprayed/organic)
  • orange zest
  • hibiscus flowers
  • split vanilla bean

How much you need will depend on what you’re using and your batch size, but if you wanted these to taste like orange and ginger, for instance, and you were using 8 ounces of chocolate and 1/2 cup of cream, you’d use about 1/2 TBSP of ginger and about 2 teaspoons of orange zest, and add just a pinch of anything else since it’s going in there for magical and not flavor purposes.

Let herbs sit for about half an hour.  Then scoop the herbs out, reheat the cream almost to a boil, add your bodily stuff (skin scrapings or whatever), stir, and pour the cream over the broken up chocolate. Proceed with truffle recipe. You cannot screw this up.

Pray or speak your petition, aloud or mentally, as you’re adding your herbs and stirring in your personal concerns. Call your target’s name and be fervent. Remember hoodoo goes where you send it. You don’t want to be putting the mojo on the wrong person if somebody busts into your truffle stash, so tell it where you want it to go as you’re working. If you can and want to, you can get all fancy with some candle work while you work, but you don’t have to – the process of cooking a dish, especially for a specific purpose and with full conscious awareness, is legit a magical rite all on its own.

In terms of taste, you have options. You want spicy, go for more cinnamon, ginger, and/or cubeb. Or use candied ginger, dice it very finely, and add it after you scoop everything else out.

You want it to taste like roses, put a handful of rose petals in there. Or put a tablespoon of sugar and a couple of handfuls of rose petals into your food processor, grind them to pretty pink dust, and use that to coat your finished truffles.

Your target a coffee fan? Add a tablespoon of instant coffee or espresso and a scant handful of cracked cardamom pods. Get creative with liquers and coatings along the same lines. Two tablespoons of Grand Marnier can take the place of your orange zest – just stir it in when combining your chocolate and cream. You can vary the herbs depending on your goals — just make sure you’re using edible herbs. The good news is that there are tons of edible herbs out there that are useful in love work.  And since everybody loves chocolate, you can do some real damage with this recipe.

And with a little imagination, you can modify it, or similar candy or cookoie recipes, for other situations – anywhere where you can get people to eat your food, you can do a sneaky trick.  Got work problems and dreading that office potluck? Bring dessert.

(I used to work with a guy who had it in for office potlucks.  He would always make the hottest hotwings on the face of the earth – hotwings that would melt your face off, hotwings you had to handle with tongs.  He made a batch at my house once, and my eyes watered when I went into the kitchen. He would talk the wings up for a few days so all the billy-badasses would feel honor-bound to try them.  It was funny as all hell to watch people try to eat those things.  They were nuclear.  But this sort of thing gives you the idea, I hope).

sneaky bath tricks

I was corresponding with a friend today about how to get somebody to do spiritual bathing when they will pretty much only use regular soaps, and not those perfumey, strongly scented botanica soap bars.  I was giving her my Bath and Body Works cheats, and figured I’d share them here too.  I give these as gifts when anything else would raise suspicion, and I travel with them if my usual stuff is too bulky or messy to travel with.

Lemongrass Sage for clearing old messes, making good decisions, uplifting and cleansing, study aid
Coconut Lime Verbena for Legba and opening the way
Bergamot Coriander for mastery, "I can," sticking power, prevention of illness/headache
Ylang Ylang and Myrrh for sex appeal/seduction
Orange Ginger for energy, strength, happiness/mood booster
White Clover for protection and uncrossing
Saffron and Fig for love, affection, friendship
Cedarwood and Spice for love/lust, especially to keep a lover around
Eucalyptus Spearmint for protection and jinx breaking

One of the great things about hoodoo is that you can buy citronella tealights and Lemon Pinesol at the dollar store, pray over them, and have fabulous results at a fraction of the cost you’d spend at a botanica for cleansing, uncrossing, or protection work.  Remember, happy hoodooers, it doesn’t have to be expensive and complicated to work.