why I’m sort of “out of the loop” a bit lately

I’ve had a few emails and conversations lately that lead me to believe I might be accidentally giving off the wrong vibe lately.

Regular readers know I haven’t been around quite as much, and regular customers know that I’m not currently offering "always in stock" stuff on ebay (so oils, powders, bath salts, and mojo bags are only available on the website for now – ebay only has the unusual or more limited stuff, or stuff that isn’t on the website yet).  Regular clients know I am not taking on much new work now, certainly nothing with tight deadlines, and new clients are getting referred to other workers.

I have not gotten mortally ill or injured – I have had some ongoing back and hip problems for a long time, and they have been flaring up the past few months, but I have been in physical therapy for a bit over a month now and that is finally really making a difference.  So that contributed to my "stepping back" a bit, but that’s not something that’s a huge worsening problem (but thanks for your concern, y’all are sweet), thanks to my genius of a physical therapist.

In fact, I have had quite a few projects going on, despite my scaling back lately:

cut for pictures