New and Restocked: Handcrafted Hoodoo Soaps

Handcrafted bar soaps now available:

Coffee at Midnight
Money Luck
Rue & Mint Uncrossing & Protection
Lemongrass Sage Uncrossing & Reversing
Love Drawing
Gold Rush
Three Kings

If you know me, you know I’m not a roses and jasmine type of person. So none of these soaps are made with any scent I would not personally wear. The sweetest are probably the Gold Rush and the Love Drawing; the former is a bright citrusy burst and the latter a blend of woods and citruses with the very faintest of floral topnotes. There’s nothing super-feminine or girly here, and while the Love bars are pink, they don’t smell pink 🙂 Anybody of any age or gender can use any of these.

Don’t forget about the coupon codes good through the end of the month!

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new limited edition soaps and candles for the holiday season

Gold Rush handcrafted bar soap. A burst of sunshine in your daily bath, this handcrafted hoodoo soap is made in tiny batches and then blessed on my altars. Containing herbs and oils valued in traditional hoodoo rootwork for money- and luck-drawing, it includes soothing and gentle chamomile as well as golden calendula petals embedded into the bar. Each bar is finished with a light sprinkling of cosmetic-grade 24K gold mica powder before being blessed on my altars and set to cure. This large, luxurious 5 oz bar makes a great gift, especially for somebody who needs a little hoodoo in their life but needs to keep it on the down-low. Or, pamper yourself and enjoy this gorgeous golden handcrafted soap that is kind to your skin *and* bursting with botanical ingredients valued for generations for their association with prosperity and abundance. These large bars are really large; I also have smaller, 2 oz bars that make great stocking stuffers or travel-size soaps.

Three Kings votive candles. Like my Three Kings Oil, quantities are limited; read more about the tradition and about the formula at the web shop.

Keep your eyes peeled – I’ll be posting a few more new formulas and items as well as some sales over the next few days and weeks. I will be switching up to a new storefront/shopping cart format in early 2014, and I’ll have a “please buy this stuff so I don’t have to inventory it” sale towards that end for limited edition and OOAK items.

new handcrafted artisan hoodoo soaps

New from my friend and apprentice Lor, of Jasmine Skies Body Therapy, Spiritual Cleansing and Money Luck bar soaps.  These are high quality, handcrafted goats’ milk soaps, made with traditional conjure herbs and curios.  Lor handcrafts them in small batches using our exclusive formulas, developed from her years of experience with therapeutic essential oils and my years of experience with conjure formulas.  After each batch is crafted, I bless them on the appropriate altars.

These are two-ounce, "gift" or "guest" sized bars.  If you guys like the soaps, we’ll probably start making them in larger bars (though if you guys like the smaller bars, we can keep offering those also – let us know!).

new cosmetic-grade body products in the hoodoo line!

Lucky Lips lip balm – a "Kiss Me Quick" type formula

Golden Touch hand balm – money, gambling luck, and money-protection, including real 24K gold mica dust

new, limited edition formulas for love, luck, money, gambling, and necromancy

On ebay, limited edition, customized Condition Oils, containing real 24 K gold and real diamond dust:

Ultimate Attraction Oil
Ultimate Money Drawing Oil
Ultimate Fast Luck Oil

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update and limited time mojo bag offer

Just a note to let you readers know that I am still working to get caught up after my trip out of town, returning correspondence and filling orders as quickly as I can, in the order that they were received.

I have strained an old back injury this week, and so correspondence is going a little slower than it might normally – it is painful to sit and type for too long right now. But standing is fine, and and moving around is actually good for me, so it’s not slowing down orders too much.  I appreciate your patience as I get caught up, especially on correspondence, as I’m not able to sit and type for long uninterrupted stretches just yet.


Also, I have some special ingredients that I brought back from Alabama, to make extra-strength gambling mojo bags.  I will not be listing them on ebay, as they are in violation of ebay’s policies on certain bones and remains, and as I don’t especially want to see these go to people I don’t know will use them well and wisely.  But if you’ve been in the market for some gambling work, I currently have the ingredients to make *three two one* very special gambling/lottery luck/money luck/"luck in all your five fingers can do" type mojo bags, containing bones from two sources which are very valuable in hoodoo tradition.  If you’re interested, drop me a line at karmazain at bellsouth dot net for more information.


Happy hoodooing!