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Check out the New category at Seraphin Station if you haven’t visited in a while. You’ll see the following, among other things:

And a small scattering of tinwork shrines/ornaments:

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Spend $40 or more at Seraphin Station before midnight Monday and earn 100 bonus rewards program points.

The rewards program is free – you just need an account with the shop so there’s somewhere to track your points. You’ll see the little Rewards icon in the bottom right of your screen and you just click it to open it up.

Plus you can still take advantage of the…

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new bar soaps + FREE bar for first ten customers

I have four new bar soap formulas ready in time for the holidays, which are described below.

But first, a new coupon! The first ten customers to order anything from the Baths & Soaps collection (which also contains baths, bath crystals, liquid soaps, etc) can apply the coupon code freesoap which will take $4.50 off the price of the order. That’s the cost of a small bar of soap, so it amounts to a free bar of soap (but you don’t have to order soap to use it – you can order anything in the category). The coupon code is programmed to allow ten uses, so it doesn’t expire on a certain date or anything – it just depends on how long it takes customers to use up the ten available coupons. See the end of the post for instructions on using coupons.

Cedar & Cardamom Bar Soap

It’s hard to make a John the Conqueror formula because John the Conqueror root itself doesn’t come in an essential oil and it can’t really be sprinkled on a bar of soap or candle because it’s a very hard root rather than a green herb. So rootworkers do various things like steep the powdered herb in oil and use other essential oils to scent the formula. So this bar is designed to basically be a John the Conqueror soap, but it has other ingredients too, including (per the title) cedar and cardamom.

So this formula is used for the same situations you’d use John the Conqueror in, and its additional ingredients are traditionally valued for personal power, mastery, physical strength and health, benevolent power, control, luck, and sex appeal. Warm cedar and the spice of cardamom are sweetened with a swirl of tobacco and a hint of caramel, rounding out a base of woodsy vetiver.

Mint & Cocoa Bar Soap

These bars smell like a cup of a mint hot chocolate, but they aren’t just for scent. Cocoa is used in spiritual formulas to help improve mood and concentration, ward off depression, and balance out emotions. Mint is traditionally considered purifying and protective and helps take off crossed conditions. Real cocoa powder colors the bars and milk powder adds skin softening properties.

Oakmoss & Bergamot Bar Soap

A local customer recently smelled her way through my soap inventory and formulas-in-progress and said this one should be next, because she needed something more masculine-smelling for her father for Christmas. So here we are –  a formula that mingles Success and Commanding/Mastery elements in a base that even the most floral-averse can’t complain about. Warm cedar and vetiver smooth out tangy bergamot and mandarin orange, while oakmoss and just a hint of clove provide the rich basenotes of this handcrafted soap.

Orange & Vanilla Bar Soap

This formula is courtesy of my daughter, who isn’t terribly interested in the spiritual properties of most of my formulas but is instead always trying to get me to make things that smell like mocha or ice cream. These bars are an updated, fun version of a multi-purpose Attraction formula used to draw luck, love, and money. Warm orange and sweet vanilla combine with appropriate botanicals and fine-grain, exfoliating sugar to create a bar of soap that smells just like an Orange Dreamsicle!

coffee soap crop

Using Discount Codes:

“For direct payment gateways [this means if you use a credit card to pay through shopify payments], the discount code can be entered on page 2 of the checkout process when the customer has the opportunity to select a shipping method and enter in credit card information.” [I have been told that Shopify is not going to continue letting me use them as a payment processor because of the type of products/services at my shop – they don’t handle “spiritual/psychic” stuff, they say – but I’m not sure when this will take effect. Be aware, though, that you can use Paypal as a processor even without an account, and you can use any major credit card when checking out through Paypal, so you can still use your credit card even if the Shopify checkout is disabled.]

“PayPal Express, being an offsite payment gateway, works a bit differently. This is the PayPal Express Checkout’s workflow: when checking out, your customer goes to right away, where PayPal collects his shipping and billing addresses. After that, the customer returns to Shopify where he picks a shipping rate, types in a discount code (if you have discount codes that are ‘active’), the price is updated accordingly and, on that same page, your customer gets to finalize his transaction.”

– from the Shopify user guide

New and Restocked: Handcrafted Hoodoo Soaps

Handcrafted bar soaps now available:

Coffee at Midnight
Money Luck
Rue & Mint Uncrossing & Protection
Lemongrass Sage Uncrossing & Reversing
Love Drawing
Gold Rush
Three Kings

If you know me, you know I’m not a roses and jasmine type of person. So none of these soaps are made with any scent I would not personally wear. The sweetest are probably the Gold Rush and the Love Drawing; the former is a bright citrusy burst and the latter a blend of woods and citruses with the very faintest of floral topnotes. There’s nothing super-feminine or girly here, and while the Love bars are pink, they don’t smell pink 🙂 Anybody of any age or gender can use any of these.

Don’t forget about the coupon codes good through the end of the month!

bar soaps lg cropcoffee soap cropnew soap crop

rue mint crop

Three Kings – a few more candles available + soap

Three Kings votive candles. These sold quickly, so I am making one more batch – then there’s no Epiphany frankincense left until I make a new batch in January. Like my Three Kings Oil, quantities are limited; read more about the tradition and about the formula at the web shop.

I’ve got a fresh batch of Three Kings soap too, which will be finished curing by the end of the week (2 oz bars here). I’ve learned the hard way that putting actual bits of frankincense and myrrh into soap doesn’t actually work all that well, so I make this with my Three Kings oil and cosmetic grade gold and bronze dust, and then I cense the bars in Three Kings incense while blessing them on my altars.

new limited edition soaps and candles for the holiday season

Gold Rush handcrafted bar soap. A burst of sunshine in your daily bath, this handcrafted hoodoo soap is made in tiny batches and then blessed on my altars. Containing herbs and oils valued in traditional hoodoo rootwork for money- and luck-drawing, it includes soothing and gentle chamomile as well as golden calendula petals embedded into the bar. Each bar is finished with a light sprinkling of cosmetic-grade 24K gold mica powder before being blessed on my altars and set to cure. This large, luxurious 5 oz bar makes a great gift, especially for somebody who needs a little hoodoo in their life but needs to keep it on the down-low. Or, pamper yourself and enjoy this gorgeous golden handcrafted soap that is kind to your skin *and* bursting with botanical ingredients valued for generations for their association with prosperity and abundance. These large bars are really large; I also have smaller, 2 oz bars that make great stocking stuffers or travel-size soaps.

Three Kings votive candles. Like my Three Kings Oil, quantities are limited; read more about the tradition and about the formula at the web shop.

Keep your eyes peeled – I’ll be posting a few more new formulas and items as well as some sales over the next few days and weeks. I will be switching up to a new storefront/shopping cart format in early 2014, and I’ll have a “please buy this stuff so I don’t have to inventory it” sale towards that end for limited edition and OOAK items.

new formula – Peaceful Palms Protective Hand Salve

It was really hard to choose, because you guys (and those who commented on livejournal) came up with some really great stuff. But I’ve decided to go with Peaceful Palms Protective Hand Salve for this formula. So thanks Kudzu Mountain Gypsy Cave, and send me your postal addy (to karmazain at and I’ll send you some of this and some of my Lucky Hands Balm too. Thanks everybody!

new formula – naming help needed; get free stuff

Need help naming a new formula again. As before, the creator of the winning name idea will receive some of it for free. It’s not really new as a formula, but I’ve never made it for sale before. This is a hand salve I have been making for my family for years, as most of them work with their hands and spend lots of time woodworking, gardening, playing stringed instruments, or simply washing their hands a lot due to child-rearing, food prep, or patient-seeing and doing similar things that can be rough on the hands. My starting point was burt’s bees hand salve, and while I have tweaked some things, it’s actually still fairly similar in scent, though it’s got a bit more slip than BB’s now and there are actual herbs in mine (I strain most out after a long simmer, but a few stay in).

It’s a salve – thinner and slicker than my balms – and it looks oily but it sinks in well and quickly and is super-healing and moisturizing. It smooths out my rough spots from woodworking and jewelry making and kitchenry when I need to, say, knit somethign and not have the yarn catch on my callouses. I put it on my cuticles, and I put it on my feet too, for rough spots. In addition to being excellent for your hands, esp in winter, the ingredients are valued for harmony/cooperation (think Peaceful Home), and it has protective elements and those for both spiritual and physical health. I don’t know what to call it, and I don’t know how to “aim” it in terms of description as it’s multi-purpose. (I use it in situations where I need people to work together, cooperate, respect each other, and communicate, and where I do not need to lose a position of leadership, guidance, or stability [think teachers, parents with teens, bosses, folks pitching ideas or presentations to a committee]. I also use it when I simply have dry skin).

Ideas? If I choose your name, I’ll send you some free balms, including a batch of this stuff.

New Formulas

Four new oils available on ebay, (which you guys helped me name! I have the greatest readers!)

Coffee at Midnight – the chocolate/vanilla/sex appeal formula I wrote about a few entries ago.

Chrysalis – the love/attraction/healing blend I wrote about in the same entry.

Damiana – this has other stuff in it besides damiana, but that's the centerpiece of the formula.  Damiana is the classic aphrodisiac, and this oil is formulated to heat things up. A unisex blend, its scent is a bit sweet and a bit spicy, and it has a slight hint of the pungent green herbal aroma of an after-dinner aperitif from one of those French cabarets in the late 1800s.  Containing rare and precious absinthe essential oil, it is designed to loosen inhibitions and inspire creativity 🙂

Passion – another tea-inspired blend, this is a love-drawing formula, but it works in more than one "direction" – much like the Chrysalis blend, it's designed for clients who need a new lease on life, not just their love lives (though it is made to work for that too).  If you're in a rut, need to get out more, but can't quite work up the optimism to get out there, this is a good place to start.  I generally "prescribe" a tea+bath ritual for clients in this situation – a spiritual bath for the outside and a cup of tea for the inside.  So I've made this formula for those who want to dress a candle or mojo bag (or clothing, or curtains, or whatever) as part of their work towards reorienting their love lives – and this works by helping to reorient their lives so there is room for love and passion. And this starts with self-love, optimism, and a passion for life.  It's not a one-candle sort of thing – it's a makeover.  But this is a good start.  Passion is a bright, slightly citrusy blend with notes of fruit and just a tiny hint of spice; this unisex blend can be used if you're looking for a new relationship, but it can also be used if you're leaving behind an old one and want to get your spirits back up – even if you're not ready to start dating yet.  It's all about you and the passion in your life – for life.

chance to win free condition oil – help name my new oils!

I will sit down to choose names for some of my new oils probably this weekend, so if you haven't visited this post yet to suggest a name and get a chance to win a free bottle of condition oil, don't delay!  There are some great ideas there already but I haven't made my final decision yet!

new condition oils – need names

I have some new formulas, but I need names for them and I am just too tired to think of any.  So hit me up, and if you suggest the "winning" name, and I name my formula after your suggestion, you get a free bottle of any of these, your choice (in other words, if you name the chocolate one but you don't want it and would rather have the healing one, you can have the healing one).  Make sense?

This one will be called Coffee at MidnightOne's a "sexual attraction" type thing, and I've modeled it on a really excellent chocolate-infused specialty tea that I love and have prescribed to clients who are going the "tea and bath" route (the "inside and outside" treatment, really good for spiritual cleansing, protection, and attraction especially). It's got love/affection elements, but definitely a strong lust element.  Redolent with vanilla and coffee absolutes (and thus rich and expensive) it does all the good attracting work of a "foodie" sort of oil (the whole vanilla and sugar cookies thing) but with more depth, spice, and earth than those sticky-sweet blends, and it's not soporific or sickly.  It is, after all, caffeinated 🙂  The current batch has matured for a few months now and its true scent should be what I've got in the bottle, so I'm pretty confident that this is a good alternative — richer, earthier — to oils like Kaliprix that do the passion, attraction, glamor, and sex appeal thing, but without the strong floral notes that some folks (including me) are not looking for in an oil. (I am just not a roses-and-violets type of person, and I don't personally like or use floral-scented body products, and I'd just as soon have coffee, chocolate, and vanilla over roses. Don't get me wrong – this is sweet – but it's "expensive coffee" sweet and not "two pumps of cheap hazelnut syrup" sweet.)  Can be used by anyone of any gender or orientation.

ETA: This oil is going to be called Chrysalis:  Another is a formula that combines healing and love-drawing; I've designed it for those clients I get who are older, have "loved and lost," have sometimes been single for a while or even divorced or widowed.  It combines elements to draw true steady love with elements to heal from past heartache, and fosters self-respect and esteem/optimism as well (very often an issue for clients who are looking for new love later in life, even when they think it isn't).  I have been prescribing a similar formula for the tea+bath/inside+outside remedy for clients in this situation for a while, and I finally got around to making an oil formula for it too, for those who like to include light setting in their bath rituals; this one especially makes a good "pre-Friday-night-out" ritual.  It's a bit citrus, a bit energizing, a bit earthy, a bit healing – a nice, subtle-steady-energy, balanced attraction/healing blend.  It's especially suitable for women who are nearing, or adjusting to, menopause. 

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