OG Old Testament, y’all

In case you haven’t ever wandered by Hoodoo Foundry, Miss Michaele’s place, you’ll find lots of great stuff there, including many fine examples of good old-fashioned, totally scriptural prayer that might shake up your perspective if you’re one of those coming to hoodoo from a non-Christian background, or if you haven’t ever read the Bible in its entirety and tend to think of Christianity as being all about meekness and turning the other cheek, or even if you’ve just never really understood what the Bible has to do with any of this conjure stuff.

Here are a few recommendations:

new formulas ~ esoteric and biblical

Finally posted some new formulas I"ve been working on for a while; they’re part of a new "line" of biblical/esoteric oils. These are generally made in a high-quality olive oil base and contain herbs and essences prized from Biblical times to the present.  The ingredients in many cases are expensive as hell and in some cases are extremely hard to find, so we’ll see how this goes.

I’ve put many, many hours of research, blending, and supplier tracking-down into these and I’m excited to finally have them available.

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prayers for the times, Anglican style

The Church of England published two new prayers, comforting people who lost their jobs and those still in work after a round of cuts. "Hear me as I cry out in confusion, help me to think clearly, and calm my soul," says the "Prayer on being made redundant." The "Prayer for those remaining in the workplace" focuses on guilt and increased workload: "In the midst of this uncertainty, help me to keep going: to work to the best of my ability, taking each day at a time."

Damn.  What a bummer.