current coupon codes: Oct 9-15 + giveaway / prize drawing

So this is the home stretch, or the last gasp, or however you want to see it. I’m not as caught up as I’d like to be (as if there’s such a thing as degrees – I mean, you’re behind or you aren’t!), but I’m still working, and I’m still struggling to scrape together the funds needed to get everything made and shipped. And of course the fun continues on other fronts (the household has a vehicle in the shop — again — for instance).
So I should have another box of packages going out today or tomorrow, but there is still a whole ‘nother big bin full that needs shipping, so this is another sale, good from now until my self-imposed deadline of Oct. 15 (see earlier posts for more info).

I will probably be going through the site and pulling down items that I probably won’t be able to afford to restock the supplies for until I am out of the crunch, like soap and candles, so if you had your eye on anything like that, don’t wait too long. (I *needed* to do this way before now, only it’s a question of time – there’s a limited amount of that and the time is generally consumed wholly by the Quest To Get Caught Up rather than the Sorely Needed Maintenance and Application of Common Sense Measures That Might Help.)

And I really do think I’ll get some finished shrines put up today or tomorrow too – let’s hope. I have some previews of some related stuff in the previous post and below.

Prize / Drawing / Giveaway

And every order that comes in between today (Oct. 9) and midnight on the 15th of Oct. will be eligible for a drawing to win one of these handmade sacramentals / altar items / talismans / whatever you want to call them, created for the saint, spirit, or loa of your choice and consecrated to that spirit or saint for you in your name. I will draw randomly from all eligible entries after the deadline on the 15th and I’ll give away at least two of these – whether I do more will largely depend on whether I will be closing the shop for a while or not on that date.

You can see an example of a fairly simple one that I made for a friend/client last week, and another, larger and more complex, piece in progress in the previous post. I suppose you could call these Karma-Zain-style detentes or badges or even package amulets in some cases. Generally these are double-sided, involve at least some sewing, and have cords or tabs for hanging or pinning. They usually range in size from palm-sized to desktop-sized, but we can talk about what you prefer if you are a winner, and about what in the world you might call these things if you care. But if you win, you can call them yours!

I haven’t quite finished any others because I’m focusing on getting orders made up and packaged still. But in the photo below you can see a collection of in-progress pieces I gathered to give you a taste of what will hopefully be done this weekend. The sequined piece on a white square background would be my largest and most elaborate “badge” / detente to date when finished, though most are more along the lines of the Ghuede / St. Gerard piece posted previously – the sequined one involves more detailed sewing than I really have time for right now, so there won’t be anything else quite like it ’til I catch my breath, I’m afraid.

You don’t have to do anything special – just place an order. That will function as one entry into the drawing/giveaway. Two orders = two entries. And *every single order, no matter the order total, will have an available coupon code* – there is no minimum amount required to take a percentage off, though as usual lately, the more you spend the more you can save.

(c) 2015 Karma Zain

Current Coupons (through Oct. 15):

Use code ides15 to take 15% off any order at all, regardless of cart total.
Use code ides20 to take 20% off orders over $25 (before discount, excluding shipping).
Use code ides25 to take 25% off orders over $60 (before discount, excluding shipping).
Use code ides30 to take 30% off orders over $100 (before discount, excluding shipping).
Use code ides35 to take 35% off orders over $160 (before discount, excluding shipping).
Use code ides40 to take 40% off orders over $250 (before discount, excluding shipping).

All good through midnight Oct. 15.

For instructions on using coupon codes, see the applicable heading in the FAQ.


Terms of Service re. shipping/handling and prep times apply.
Read the FAQ here, including instructions on how to use coupon codes if you need them.
Read the latest status updates, including matters affecting shipping, communication, etc. here.

Your use of this site constitutes your acceptance of our Terms of Service, including your understanding of our posted shipping, handling, and turnaround times; guidelines for contacting us about a current order or service; and instructions for how to request a trace on a shipped item.

status update + current coupon codes/sales + giveaways/freebies

Order Backlog:

I got one huge Tupperware box of packages safely in the hands of the postal pickup lady last week, and I am working on the next. Operation Backlog Deadline is moving forward, and if it’s not moving forward as fast as I’d like (guess whose car went *back* to the mechanic last week, after dying on the way to a job site, meaning I didn’t get to the job and didn’t get a paycheck for it???), I do have to say that at least a couple of handfuls of folks will finally get their packages this week, along with some freebies by way of apology and a letter from me (longish, but don’t just toss it unless you’re totally done with me, because somewhere in there or on a card in the box there is likely a coupon code just for folks whose packages ended up in shipping limbo for a while).

I am running low on some herbs, butters, and oils I need to make some stuff for orders already in-house and need to order those this week, so I was absolutely right that I didn’t have enough squirrelled away from my out-of-the-house jobs to get everything made and shipped in one fell swoop, as they say. (And besides the damned car breaking down again, just a few months after it needed a new transmission — and before I got the personal family loan for that mechanical work paid off! — I have quite a few nasty chunks of expense I can’t avoid or delay any longer, such as getting myself, the offspring, and the dog to their respective doctors and dentists and such, retaining an attorney and an accountant to deal with some serious unpleasantness with a creditor and with the government, and dealing with some insurance and doctor billing stuff that got messed up a while back and that needs money applied to it to fix.) But I am whittling away at the backlog, and as funds trickle in to the Paypal account, which is blessedly no longer in the negative, I am continuing to print shipping labels. Everyone *will* get their stuff as soon as I can get it to them, and I am happy to say things are going at least a *little* more quickly now than they were.

Email Backlog:

I haven’t made any real headway there beyond scanning quickly for new stuff or fires that need putting out, or going in to search for a specific message. I am prioritizing getting these orders out, but I’m trying to get some help on the continual challenge of sorting through, labeling, filing, etc. iwith the inbox so I know what’s what and what needs what action instead of just dipping randomly into an undifferentiated mass of messages (and there are *hundreds* of them, many hundreds of them). This will take time.

Reports and Services:

See above and previous messages for why I am prioritizing tangible items over services. These are the next order of business after the orders are caught up, and some refunds will be involved, which will be another messy element affecting the speed of order processing and shipment. But I do still plan on offering free phone sessions to folks who still want the session and who have been waiting longer than their original estimated turnaround (which is pretty much everybody now). I will discuss teh details separately once I can actually start scheduling things.

Current Sale (through Sun, Sep 20):

Everything in this BOGO collection/category is “Buy One Get One Free.” You don’t need to do anything special  – when I see an eligible item in your order, I’ll add the second item along with the first as I prepare your stuff. You do NOT need to leave a note to tell me which items are eligible — I already know that — and you don’t need to add the second item yourself; if you are buying one 2-dram bottle of Attraction oil, add that to your cart. I will make and send TWO 2-dram bottles of Attraction oil if your order is placed while the sale is active. If you put two bottles of Attraction oil in your cart, the system will not discount the second bottle; you’ll just get a grand total of FOUR bottles when you get your package and you will have paid for two of them.

Basically, anything appearing in this collection — that’s all regular condition oils, powders, and bath/floorwash crystals, excluding specialty and custom-made items — is BOGO Free, so if you order one, you get two in your package. If your order also contains items that aren’t eligible, you still don’t need to do anything – I know which are and aren’t eligible, so I’ll add the extra freebies and skip the stuff that isn’t eligible for a second item/bottle/package free.

Because there is no coupon code you have to use to take advantage of this offer, you can still use other available coupon codes with your order as well, so you can pile on the savings with this one.

Offer applies to orders placed between 12 am Sunday, Sep. 13 through midnight Sunday, Sep. 20.


Current Prize Drawing/Giveaway (open through Oct. 1):

My daughter agreed to sew another couple of treats for me to give away to two of you guys, whichever two are the winners of the random drawing that I’ll hold after October 1.  You don’t have to do anything separate – any order placed between now (Sep 13) and midnight on 1 Oct will be automatically entered to win. Given the backlog, it’s possible that larger and/or custom orders will not be ready to ship until I’ve drawn the winners anyway, in which case I’d send the custom-finished prize with your order, but if you are identified as a winner after your order has shipped, I’ll just send it along separately later.

I’ll post more about this later, but I will have two mojo plushies (read more about them and about how this works in this post) to give away to winners. I have one small evil eye plushie as well (more info here), and the first prize winner can choose the plushie or the evil eye if s/he prefers that. If s/he wants the plushie, then the second prize winner will also have the same choice.

Current Coupons (through Sun, Sep 20):

Use code SEP15 to take 15% off orders over $30 (before discount, excluding shipping). Use code SEP35 to take 35% off orders over $80 (before discount, excluding shipping). Both good through midnight Sunday, Sep. 20.

For instructions on using coupon codes, see the applicable heading in the FAQ.


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Read the FAQ here, including instructions on how to use coupon codes if you need them.
Read the latest status updates, including matters affecting shipping, communication, etc. here.

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Memorial Day Sale ’til Tues night: up to 40% off + drawing for free mojo plushie!

*DOMAIN/NAVIGATION ISSUES: There’s some sort of hiccup going on with some users navigating to the Karma Zain Spiritual Supplies site for reasons as yet unclear to me. My domain has NOT expired – it’s registered through 2017. This probably has something to do with a change that Shopify made to how their domain forwarding/pointing works, and I’m still investigating, but in some cases users have arrived at a page that looks like my domain name is up for sale or something. The registrar may have screwed up, I just don’t know yet. If you have the site bookmarked and are getting a blank page, make sure the address bar contains and not just; you may also need to clear your cache. I am currently investigating this but in the meantime/ if all else fails, you can always navigate directly to the Shopify location of the store, which is actually – I just have set to forward to it, and it’s apparently this forwarding where something has gone awry.
*CREDIT CARD CHECKOUT: If the Shopify platform tells you that you can’t use a credit card to make a payment, just choose Paypal as your checkout; you can check out with a credit card through Paypal. Shopify is referring to itself as the payment processor when it says credit card payments cannot be processed, but you don’t have to use their payment processor (even when it’s enabled, which it currently isn’t) – you have a choice.

Current Coupon Codes:

From now until midnight on Tues, May 26 (Central time), use the following coupon codes at checkout, good for any item or service in any store category/collection at all:

code memorial40 to get 40% off any order totalling $60 or more (before discount, excluding shipping).
code memorial30 to get 30% off any order totalling $40 or more (before discount, excluding shipping).
code memorial20 to get 20% off any order totalling $20 or more (before discount, excluding shipping).

For instructions on using coupon codes, see the applicable heading in the FAQ.

Drawing for Free Gift: “Mojo Plushie”

In addition, you can enter to win a drawing for a free adorable thing that I don’t have a name for, so I’m going with “mojo plushie” right now. Just type “plushie drawing” into the “Notes” box during checkout to enter; you can enter with any order at all placed now through the end of May (midnight Central time on the 31st of May). More detail below.

My daughter definitely inherited the family crafty gene, and although she is more interested in physics than rootwork and was already a dyed-in-the-wool cynic by 13 or so, some of her creations lend themselves to spiritual ends, like these cute little plushie… bat things:

She makes these and sells/gifts them, so I can’t guarantee that she still has the specific plushies in the photo anymore, but she has a herd of these already sewn up in a variety of color schemes, so the winner can give me a couple of preferences for colors or color schemes and I will try to meet one of them.

When she sews her little plushie bats and fills them with hypoallergenic pillow stuffing, she leaves a little segment of seam unsewn so that you or I can add appropriate herbs, personal concerns, etc. suitable to your petition/intention. We can talk details via email once the winner is identified, but you could either send me things for inclusion or I can send you instructions for how to do the personalization part yourself.

Your plushie could have protective herbs and a St Michael medal added and be your Safe Travel car mascot. You could add your own personal concerns and/or petition and give him/it to a loved one after a light dusting with appropriate powder or censing with appropriate incense, so you’d stay on your target’s mind or have your target gently swayed to take certain action or be open to certain influence. Add herbs suitable for a loved one who needs some good juju but wouldn’t carry a mojo bag or doesn’t believe in “that stuff,” so you’re giving a subtle gift of spiritual benefit. Or keep for yourself. Your little plushie friend can even be named for and baptized as you or your target as a whimsical, modern take on a voodoo doll or doll-baby/poppet. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Whether or not you use the Memorial Day coupon code, you can enter to win this customized mojo plushie by simply placing any order at the shop, no matter the amount or product/service type, and typing “plushie drawing” into the “Notes” box. On the first or second page of the Shopify checkout system, you’ll see a text box that says something like “Notes.” This is the one I’m always telling you NOT to use when you want to give me more info about your order, because what you type won’t print with your order and so I generally won’t see it. (So you should never use it to give me customization info or leave me a note about an order or a question you want an answer to – I will NOT see it if you do this in ordinary cases.)

In this case, though, I have set up a quick and dirty workaround that will flag me when a note exists, so even though the contents of the note will not print, when I see that flag during this sale/offer, I’ll manually go into the system the “back way” for the order processing rather than through the normal workflow, and I will check to see what the “note” field says. If you type “PLUSHIE DRAWING” there, then I will manually mark your order printout and, once, all entries are received, it will join those “in the hat” and I’ll draw the winner at random and contact him or her for customization details.

Winner will receive ONE customized mojo plushie, not necessarily the one pictured, and I can make no guarantee of a certain color. Please be aware of handling times for customized / custom-finished items per FAQ/TOS.


Terms of Service re. shipping/handling and prep times apply.
Read the FAQ here, including instructions on how to use coupon codes if you need them.
Read the latest status updates, including matters affecting shipping, communication, etc. here.

Your use of this site constitutes your acceptance of our Terms of Service, including your understanding of our posted shipping, handling, and turnaround times; guidelines for contacting us about a current order or service; and instructions for how to request a trace on a shipped item.

sale on Uncrossing and Protection items + free gift with order

It’s a new year, and January is the traditional time to deep-clean the home, temple space, and self, refresh those altars and lodestones, and generally get the gunk out. Now through midnight on January 14th, get 20% off any item appearing in the January Spiritual Cleansing Sale category, which includes anything in the shop tagged with uncrossing, protection, blessing, and spiritual cleansing. Use coupon code januncross at checkout. (If you want something that you think should be included in the sale and it isn’t showing up, it’s possible that I made a mistake with the tagging system that underlies the category system, so just write and I’ll try to fix it.)

See my archived blog post explaining Uncrossing, Trick Killing, Jinx Breaking, and Related Formulas.

In addition, whether or not you use this coupon code, you can get a free gift with any order through January 14th. On the first or second page of the Shopify checkout system, you’ll see a text box that says something like “Notes.” This is the one I’m always telling you NOT to use when you want to give me more info about your order, because it won’t print with your order and I won’t see it. In this case, though, I have a quick and dirty workaround that will flag me when a note appears, so when I see that during this sale/offer, I’ll manually go into the system the “back way” for the order processing rather than through the normal workflow, and I will check to see what the “note” field says and make adjustments to your order manually based on that.

In this note box, type “free gift.” Formatting/caps unimportant because only a human will read this, not a machine. Every order in which “free gift” appears in the order notes will get at least one of the following: a free bottle of Uncrossing oil, “” Jinx Killer, “” St. Benedict, “” St. Michael; an Uncrossing votive candle; Uncrossing or Spiritual Cleansing bath crystals; one of my uncrossing or cleansing soap formulas. If you want to type your 1st and 2nd choices in the box, I’ll try to meet one of them at least (though no promises – depends in part on demand and on what else is in your box and what will fit in the remaining space).

But some orders that take advantage of this offer will get a little something extra. Instead of making it the first three or five or whatever orders, I’m going to take all the orders at the end of the sale period and do a random drawing from among them. There will be three special gifts or “prizes.” 1st “prize” winner chooses first, 2nd chooses next, and 3rd gets what wasn’t already chosen. Winners choose from the following:

  • A set of two St. Michael or St. Benedict pakets or scapulars, fixed and dressed, for you to hang at the two main entrances of your home. These are a little like mojo bags but are generally permanently closed as part of their prep/fixing instead of coming in a drawstring bag. The size can vary from something you could wear around your neck to something you might keep on a shelf. We will discuss your color and detail preferences when I notify you of your prize.
  • One of my hand-poured, custom-blended container candles (medium size, burns about 40 hours). You can choose the formula – Uncrossing, or a saint, or even a custom candle made to stand in for you in candle burning work on your altars by incorporating the ingredients associated with your birth chart/horoscope info. We’ll discuss the details when I notify you of your prize.
  • A “gift basket” sampler of related products from the Uncrossing and Protection families, which might include but is not limited to bath crystals, bar soaps, liquid soaps and washes, powders, incense, oils, and candles.

Each order counts as one “entry,” so if you place more than one order, it’s conceivable you might win more than one prize.

RAFFLE and SALE – Ultra-Reduced Light Settings; Four Categories of Prizes, drawing July 23

This post announces a SALE which is simultaneously a “RAFFLE” for PRIZES (but a faux raffle – for your purposes, it works like a raffle, I just have to actually deliver an item to you to keep it legal.) The paypal buttons don’t work on wordpress, so you will have to go over to the mirror blog on livejournal to purchase/enter.
Overseas customers ARE eligible and welcome to enter the drawing.So legally this is a sale; you are purchasing a physical item. Each purchase of an item gives one chance to win a prize and enters you into a drawing for that prize category. Drawing will be held on July 23, 2013. There are four categories of sale, and four different prizes, one for each category.
Sale and Prize Categories

HOLY MEDAL Sale: Prize = Saint (or Loa) Devotional Kit
BATH SALT Sale: Prize = Ultimate Attraction Oil
VOODOO and Specialty/Esoteric OIL Sale: Prize = Extra-Strength Mojo Bag with Bone*
HOODOO Oil Sale: Prize = Spell Kit Gift Basket

Light Settings

You can also have a small light set (photo but no report) by making a donation of whatever amount you choose. Donations of $2 or more will enter you into a drawing for a full vigil light setting with report (to be set once I am reopened in my new location).

love altar feb 2013
How It Works

The paypal buttons below are “buy it now,” not a cart.  The shipping cost is built in – what you see is what you pay; there is no shipping added later.  You select the category you would like to purchase in, hit the button, and tell me what (one) formula or item from that category you want using the “text” section of the paypal form. The item cost includes first-class shipping to the US, UK, Australia, Canada, and pretty much anywhere else (though be aware that Italy has a lousy track record with safe, timely delivery of packages from the US).*

If you want to get more than one item, or want to have more than one entry into the drawing for your category, or want to enter into more than one prize category, then you’ll need to complete a separate transaction for each one. A pain, I know, but here’s why it’s a one-button sale with no cart, where you cannot get more than one item in each transaction: Each purchase enters you in for a chance to win the prize associated with its category. It works just like a raffle; it just has to be a “faux raffle” because of legal/tax fine print.

So every purchase is really a purchase – you pay $6.50 for a bottle of Protection oil (includes shipping), and you get a bottle of Protection oil.  But along with that purchase, you are entered into the drawing for the Hoodoo Oils prize.  If you want more than two bottles of oil, you have to complete two transactions, but you get two entries as well.  If you want ten chances to win, you have to make ten purchases.  If you want a chance at two different prizes, you have to make a purchase in two different categories.  The sale will end and the buttons will come down the night of Tuesday the 23rd of July; each purchase is entered into the hat and the winners are drawn randomly on that night, and their prizes will shipped to them. Standard prep/handling times apply to all products purchased.

So no, there is no shopping cart and no combined shipping and no shipping discount.  The purpose is to raise funds for my store’s relocation, and I am on a short deadline, so it’s simplest for me to do a one-item-per-transaction and one-transaction-per-entry. And, as a thank-you for participating, you get a chance to win a potentially substantial prize for the cost of a packet of bath salts or bottle of oil.

So you can think about it as a sale on certain select items, each of which comes with a chance to win a prize, or you can think of it like buying a raffle ticket that happens to come with a product.  The point here is that legally, I’m not running a raffle.  But the more purchases you make in each category, the more chances to win the category’s prize.

HOLY MEDAL Sale: Prize = Saint (or Loa) Devotional Kit

Category: Holy Medal (your choice): choose from the following saints (or ask if your favorite is not listed): Gerard, Expedite, Michael, OL Czestochowa, Cecilia, Dymphna, Raphael, Joseph, Sebastian, Brigid, Philomena, Benedict, OL of Loretto, Guardian Angel., Peter, Paul.  Others are available; if you see it in stock at the store, you can order it here too. If you do not see it at the store, ask first if you want to be sure what you want is in stock. You can put a few choices in the text box if you like, in order of preference, and I’ll try to fill one of them, if you want to do it that way – it’s possible one or more will sell out before the sale is over, so you should probably at least put your top two choices in there in case your first choice sells out.

If you prefer a holy card instead of a holy medal, I can probably do that, but ask first if your heart is set on a card – I have more medals in stock than cards.  Medals and cards will ship in a regular first class envelope with a stamp, no delivery confirmation.   The prize will ship like my products usually ship, with padding/packaging and delivery confirmation.

Prize: I will send you a customized devotional kit for the saint, spirit, angel, or loa of your choice.  The exact ingredients will depend on the saint or spirit you choose AND on how many entries this category gets.  It will contain, at minimum, a rosary with a saints’ medal or other appropriate charm attached (no guarantees on material or style, but it won’t be some piece of ugly plastic, I promise); a bottle of liquid bath or soap (it might be a bath specific to your loa if I have a formula for it, or if you choose a saint and I don’t have a bath for that saint, I’ll send a corresponding bath or soap like Blessing, Protection, Psychic Vision, etc); a packet of herb mixture, blessed and dressed, suitable for incense or inclusion in a mojo bag or spell jar (same as with baths; if I have a formula for that saint or spirit, I’ll send that, or otherwise an appropriate companion formula); some sort of candle (depending on the saint or spirit); and some sort of image, depending on what saint or spirit you choose – it might be a holy card, it might be a veve painted onto whatever I feel like painting (a glass votive candle holder, or a bottle of oil, or a glass bottle for your altar, etc).

If this category gets 35 entries, I’ll definitely include a hand-crafted decorative altar or libation bottle – I’ll post an update if the category reaches that possibility). The winner has input on this – I’ll try to meet your dreams/preferences as I put your kit together, but no promises other than what is written here.  I have a lot of cool stuff lying around, though, like handmade, vintage scapulars imported from Peru, vintage French and Belgian saints medals, collections of ritual items that have been part of public or private workings with the loa, etc – basically, you’ll get a bunch of cool stuff and at least one cool thing that you can’t get otherwise or elsewhere, in addition to the baths/herbs/etc that I have listed above.

Visit the mirror blog for paypal buttons to enter.

BATH SALT Sale: Prize = Ultimate Attraction Oil

Category: Bath Salt (your choice): choose from any listed in the Bath Salts, Crystals, and Floor Washes category in the store – regular retail price of $3/packet. (Basically, there’s a bath salt for just about every common hoodoo “condition.”)

Each purchase enters you to win a bottle of custom Ultimate Attraction Oil, containing real diamond dust and 24K gold.  Retails at $50 per two dram bottle.  This is a chance to own one of the highest-end formulas I make, totally customized for you with rare, costly curios and ingredients, for the cost of a fast-food breakfast, if your lucky number comes up. If this category receives 30 entries, then I will announce it, and I will announce an even larger size of oil, and/or a specialty bottle for the oil – I will have to go digging through my stuff to see what I have, but I know I have some old vintage perfume bottles and medicine / chemists bottles that would make extremely cool containers for this oil, so if it gets enough entries, the winner will get some kind of unusual and cool bottle for the oil as well, and depending on what I end up selecting, the quantity of the oil could increase too (I will announce this if it happens).

Prize: Ultimate Attraction Oil, containing appropriate essential oils and herbs, including real natural diamond dust, real 24 karat, lodestone, and pyrite.  In addition to containing some of the finest, most prized, and most expensive of hoodoo mineral curios, this oil will also be customized for your specific situation. Attraction oil is a general-purpose formula designed to draw love, luck, and money. If you win, just send me a note telling me the name of the person the oil is for and any details that you want me to consider in making, consecrating, and praying over the bottle. The result will be a bottle of Ultimate Attraction Oil powerfully customized for your specific needs and situation.  I can customize for love, for luck, for money, for any combination of emphasis on the three.  I can customize for gambling luck, for luck meeting dating partners, for luck in job hunting, investing, metal-detecting, sales work.  I can customize if you’re looking for a “get lucky tonight” oil, and I can customize for luck in a home, business, or marriage.  I can customize if you’re looking for a dating partner that will spoil you rotten and spend money on you, or a dating partner that is looking for love.  The details are up to you, and legally I can make no claims or guarantees about this oil having any supernatural powers. But I can promise that all customizations will be in an Attraction base that contains real gold and real diamonds as well as other herbs and essential oils prized by rootworkers for generations. And I can promise that this oil will be individually made by me, with full attention to your customization concerns. Please note that this is a spiritual item and not a cosmetic.

Visit the mirror blog for paypal buttons to enter.

VOODOO and Specialty/Esoteric OIL Prize:  Prize = Extra-Strength Mojo Bag with Bone*

Category: Voodoo or Specialty/Esoteric oil (your choice): choose from any listed in the Specialty/Esoteric Oils category or the Voodoo Oils category at the store. This sale applies to any voodoo, specialty or esoteric oil that retails for $7 – sorry, but things like Black Cat Bone and Plagues of Egypt are not included in this sale.

Prize: Extra Strength Mojo of your choice, including those containing rare curios like human bones or whole roots that I do not ever have enough of to keep in regular inventory (though it **is** legal to possess and sell all the ingredients in these bags). You might choose an Extra Strength Black Arts, Sovereign Queen, Love, Reversing, Triple Hand, Triple Root, Thicker Than Water, Dreamwalker, or some custom bag. Most of these include a whole large root, specially gathered herbs (like blackberry leaves from a graveyard, for instance) or something like human or animal bones or teeth. If this category gets 20 entries, then I’ll announce it, and Black Cat Bone will then be among the options for the winner. Some of these bags are NOT commercially available otherwise or elsewhere and can ONLY be had through this prize drawing. Most of these start at about $50 and go up to $120 or more depending on types of curios. I will custom-finish it in consultation with the winner.

Visit the mirror blog for paypal buttons to enter.

HOODOO Oil Sale: Prize = Spell Kit Gift Basket or Box

Category: Hoodoo Condition Oils (your choice): choose from the list available in the Hoodoo Condition Oils category. Remember, this is just for regular hoodoo condition oils, the ones that retail for $5 at the web store, not the specialty or unusual oils.

Prize: Spell Kit Gift Basket or Box. I will work with the winner to establish what will be most suitable for their situation. A Protection kit basket or box, for instance, would contain at least a package of Spiritual Cleansing bath herb mix, a package of Home Protection salt crystals, a bottle St. Michael oil, a St Michael medal, a St. Michael candle of some sort, St. Benedict items of some sort, a House Consecration card, and a bottle of Banishing and Cleansing spray, Ctl-Alt-Smite, Reversing, or similar bath, wash, or soap.

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LIGHT SETTING: Donation-Based

If you would like to have a light set (photo but no report), you can do that for a donation; the amount is up to you. If your donation is for $2 or more, you will also be entered into a drawing for a regular vigil light setting with full report, to be set after I reopen in my new location. Use the “note to seller” box as you are checking out to give me your petition for your light setting (I need full names of all people involved; I am sorry, but I CANNOT deal with photographs for this donation-based service – petitions only). If you miss the text box to enter your petition/names, then wait for the acknowledgment email and send the info as a response to that instead.

I choose the type and color of light – you just send me names and petition and I will set a small standalone (not glass-encased) dressed, fixed candle for your petition. I am about to move, so I want to use those candles I have in stock but I do not want to order anything I run out of until I get relocated, so you may get a taper, votive, candle of unusual size or shape, etc (but you will NOT get a glass vigil for this service). It is up to what I have. Candles may burn for anywhere from ~2 hours to ~12 or more hours, depending on candle type and flame behavior.

Visit the mirror blog for paypal buttons to enter.

*The usual handling time applies for sale items, and since the point here is to raise funds, I may combine your multiple purchases into one shipment even though you placed them individually (but I may not – it depends on if they come in together). 

RAFFLE and SALE, for June Headwashings / spiritual cleansing event fundraiser

ETA: IThe sale/raffle is closed – thanks to those who participated to help raise funds for this summer’s spiritual bath and headwashing event.  If you are attending and would like to make a donation – or even if you are not attending and would like to make a donation — the “donate” button is still in this post, though the sale buttons have been taken down.  Winners announced in a separate post.

read details about sale items and prizes…