status update

I know I promised the store would be getting repopulated over the next week or two. Things have been a bit crazy – in addition to the move, I had some problems with the new DSL hookup, and then there’s the issue of finding local vendors/suppliers for some of the stuff I prefer to get locally rather than through mail order. But as of *right now*:

All client work extended during the upheaval period *was* maintained (extensions are for things like honey jars; something like a new vigil light setting order would not be in this category); the orders were received and work performed, but updating the calendar was slow. The calendar is now caught up with extensions of current altar work, so you can see where it’s at. If I owe you a report and/or photos, I’ll be working on that next.

If I owe you a light setting report, I’m working on those now.

If I owe you a light setting, I’m working on those too.

If I owe you a consultation, I’m starting back up with the queue this week.

I have put many store categories back up and am *slowly* getting stock re-listed, starting with conjure oils/hoodoo condition oils.

More as it comes.

severe weather and post office problems = shipping delays

Hey y’all,

I live in the Atlanta, GA area, and we have been hit with some atypically bad winter weather the last few days.  As of yesterday, the snow started sticking to the ground and things have not improved since then.  I dropped off about twenty packages Saturday afternoon, but they are probably still sitting in the package pile at the post office, if the trucks haven’t been able to get in to get them since them.  I had several packages prepped to go out today but I was unable to get up the hill and onto the street to drive my car today, and come to find out the local post office wasn’t open anyway. Furthermore, a UPS delivery I was expecting today with some much-needed supplies did not come.  So if you have an order in that was supposed to ship right about now or in the next few days, please bear with me – I have got no control over this snow, and most counties around here don’t have the machinery or the budget to clear the roads, what with getting snowed in not being too common in Atlanta, GA.

Bottom line: everything is delayed right now.  To add to the fun, snow and ice on power lines have made power unstable, so everything from email to candle-making is slow right now. The mojo bags en route from my mom are not here, the herbs I ordered last week are not here, the one dram bottles I should have gotten today are not here, I can’t travel to get more wax at my local supplier, and UPS, FedEx, and the USPS are not functioning as usual.  I appreciate your patience as we wait on Mother Nature to thaw us out over here.

Here’s a clip from the Atlanta Journal Constitution on local weather:

“We have a limited number of offices open, and we are making delivery in some areas, but those areas are sporadic at best,” Michael Miles, USPS spokesman for the Atlanta area, told the AJC.

The postal service wasn’t the only delivery service with problems. Around 11:45 a.m., Sandy Springs-based UPS announced they were suspending all pick-up and delivery service in metro Atlanta.

FedEx has also suspended service in metro Atlanta today, spokesman Jim McCluskey said.

McCluskey said the airports and roads have been affected by "a wintry punch" and the safety of FedEx employees is of the utmost importance.

"Ultimately, we will provide service when the conditions allow," he said.

McCluskey said FedEx will continue to evaluate the weather in the Atlanta market for the coming days.

Mail delivery may be stalled or not happen at all for two reasons: delivery trucks are having trouble getting into central mail processing plants to pick up letters and packages to begin with.

If the trucks are able to reach those locations, then the second challenge is actually getting into neighborhoods to drop off the mail, Miles said.