update and limited time mojo bag offer

Just a note to let you readers know that I am still working to get caught up after my trip out of town, returning correspondence and filling orders as quickly as I can, in the order that they were received.

I have strained an old back injury this week, and so correspondence is going a little slower than it might normally – it is painful to sit and type for too long right now. But standing is fine, and and moving around is actually good for me, so it’s not slowing down orders too much.  I appreciate your patience as I get caught up, especially on correspondence, as I’m not able to sit and type for long uninterrupted stretches just yet.


Also, I have some special ingredients that I brought back from Alabama, to make extra-strength gambling mojo bags.  I will not be listing them on ebay, as they are in violation of ebay’s policies on certain bones and remains, and as I don’t especially want to see these go to people I don’t know will use them well and wisely.  But if you’ve been in the market for some gambling work, I currently have the ingredients to make *three two one* very special gambling/lottery luck/money luck/"luck in all your five fingers can do" type mojo bags, containing bones from two sources which are very valuable in hoodoo tradition.  If you’re interested, drop me a line at karmazain at bellsouth dot net for more information.


Happy hoodooing!