Current and Upcoming Community Altar Services

Lots of radio silence lately due to dealing with some chicken issues; getting hit with a round of bot signups I have been learning how to deal with and clean up; the learning curves on the latest apps and integrations to figure out how to make communication channels and order processing as bulletproof as possible; and trying to get caught up on the backlog resulting from communication channels and order processing NOT being bulletproof as of yet.

But monthly community altar services for relationships, prosperity, and protection/reversing are still ongoing, and there are still Pay What You Can options for some of them.

St. Lucy‘s feast day is coming up with a novena and chaplet service, and later on this month the Lucky Stars Sweet Jar for Jupiter’s return to Pisces will make a comeback!

Learn more or book your spot now at Seraphin Station.

First Friday St. Lucy Novena Group

Sacred Eyes Tarot hosts a monthly invocation of St. Lucy via Zoom, to petition her aid in gaining greater clarity, be it in general living or in specific divination and mediumship practices.

In case I mess this embedding thing up, saintlytarotmystic on Instagram writes,

Join us as we pray the Chaplet of Saint Lucy, this Novena group is open to everyone, especially tarot readers, psychics, mediums, and anyone looking to develop their intuitive abilities. We will also invoke Saint Lucy to help give us greater clarity in our day to day lives.

Looks like pretty awesome stuff, y’all. Definitely right up *my* alley, anyway!

St. Joseph’s Day

New Orleans, my old stomping ground and the home of my paternal French ancestors for many generations, has many rich spiritual traditions that thrive and are passed down throughout the generations.  I live in Georgia now, six or more hours away from friends and family in Alabama and Louisiana, but I still love these traditions and keep a tab on them from my new home in Georgia.  New Orleans has a rich tradition of St. Joseph’s Day festivities as well. Times-Picayune food editor Judy Walker took some photos of some of the amazing altars on display this past Friday, and posted them online.  Take a look here:

St. Joseph’s Church in Gretna

Sacred Heart cake.

St. Lucy (etc) pie.

And Sindy Todo, whose heritage includes Cajun ancestry from gumbo-land, hosts an annual St. Joseph’s Day feast with lovely altars.