Kaliprix Oil

What’s Kaliprix oil?  Yeah… unlike most hoodoo formulas, Kaliprix doesn’t really carry the name of the condition it’s designed to affect in its title.  Instead, it was named after the (the nickname of a) client who requested it as a custom formula.  I’m very grateful to that client, because she challenged me to design an attraction/glamour formula, and I created one that not only worked like a charm, but also *smelled good.*  If you do hoodoo, I don’t need to tell you that we often sacrifice perfumery for principles.

Well, Kaliprix is different, and I gotta tell you — it’s become my most popular formula.  I’m not a perfumer; I have no formal training in whatever they call that.  I have no chemistry background.  I don’t make “perfume.”  I know my herbal correspondences and conditions, and I know where to find info when I am stuck, and I have an ok sniffer, and aside from that, I am just making hoodoo formulas. I will never in a million years be trying to compete with BPAL or folks like that.  I stick to what I know.

Sometimes I branch out a little, when a good client or customer asks for something special, though, and I’m glad I did this time.  Kaliprix makes me feel good every time I smell it, and it wouldn’t have happened without you, S! (She gets free Kaliprix for life lol…)

Anyway, I got some feedback recently from a customer who tried Kaliprix for the first time, and she gave me permission to use her testimony.  Paste follows, from a customer who wore it out the other  night:

I had such a great night i cant even tell you the last time I went out and that many guys started chatting to me…  I felt like a million bucks! My friend and I were asked to join a couple of lawyers who bought us 2 bottles of champagne over the course of the night AND I hit it off with a sweet brazilian guy… Kaliprix is pure gold 😉 It turns heads, grabs peoples attention, you feel sexy and confident (even if you’re shy). … there were 2 other guys that approached me that night. 1 came up to me, introduced himself and nuzzled my neck telling me how good i smelt! and another gave me his number. I also have the sweethearts number 😉 And all this from the guys who came up to me, not counting several lingering across the room looks from strangers, random hellos while walking through the city… Karma, I could kiss you! 😀 I have never felt so great – THANKYOU!!!

Thank YOU, M.  I can’t top this testimony with any babbling about the magical power of whatever herb.  The proof is in the life of the person who uses it.