Karma Zain reopen for some services/supplies

Just a quick note to announce that I am back in Alabama and just about have the work room set back up. The altars with current work on them went up first, and I will be finishing the necessary stuff to be able to do full-scale altar work over the next week or so. Same with store inventory – it will be going up over the next week or so. But as of the 15th, I am indeed open for business again even if not quite yet for immediate shipping, and I am again accepting custom orders, light settings, consultation bookings, etc. If you and I had a conversation going that was interrupted by my move, or if you were one of the winners of a custom piece and your custom work had to wait to be finished until after I got relocated, I will be attending to that sort of thing as soon as I can over the next week or so. More soon!

update, status

Karma Zain Spiritual Supplies is officially closed to new business/inquiries; any new stuff will be handled in order when I reopen, which will be no later than the 15th of August. It might be much sooner, but I don’t want to promise anything in case there are problems with getting internet etc hooked up in the new place. I will begin putting things into the new place on Aug 6th. I will probably not be answering email between Aug 4 and August 7.

Already-placed orders and already-in-process reports, work, etc will be handled before (and for honey jars, during) my actual move – my move is to another state, but it’s less than a night’s drive away, so already-contracted stuff like honey jars and paket maintenance will *not* be interrupted – all the necessaries will be traveling with me as a “passenger.” If you are waiting on a report, photo, consult, etc, you will get that before I leave my current place.

The shop is officially closed, *but* I will be packing art and breakables last, so you can still get discounted art, bottles, etc – see the Sale category at the store for what’s still available. I’ll set the quantity to zero when it’s no longer available. All already in-house orders will be processed and shipped during this coming week.

Right in the midst of the insanity of moving on very short notice, I got sick. I am just now staying out of bed for extended stretches today, so I will be catching up on reports and correspondence over the coming week.

Karma Zain is moving: moving sale and shop closing dates

I am moving back to Alabama, so Karma Zain Spiritual Supplies is moving. The shop will be closed from July 20 to August 15.


I would prefer not to move the fragile things like altar and libation bottles, shadow boxes, glass vigils, etc. So I will be having a sale on one of a kind stuff like that – bottles, boxes, candles that are already in stock/made, and even some jewelry. I will cut prices on everything and will take offers for many things (not only do I not want to move anything I could ship to a new owner instead, anybody who’s moving can always stand to have a little extra cash on hand for those dratted last-minute moving expenses, so I will be putting up some deep discounts to liquidate the inventory of large, OOAK, and fragile stuff). I’ll publicize the specials and sales and post the info on all the usual channels/sites. I may offer some other last-minute sales on the always-in-stock stuff like oils and powders as well; I have to do a careful inventory first, but I think just about everything will get reduced as the month goes on.


Up until July 20, you can book or order anything as usual, though you should be aware that I will probably put the inventory quantity to 0/zero before then on very complex custom-finished work or on anything that requires me to order heavy/bulky stuff. [*]

July 14 will be the last day to order a vigil light setting if you want it done before I move, and the last day to have a honey jar or sour jar or similar types of altar work.

You can still book consultations, which I can do even during the transit phase, though the turnaround time may be slightly longer than usual.

Honey jars, sour jars, and pakets that I’m maintaining here on my own altars can be worked without interruption *as long as they are totally set up/prepared before July 20.* After that, I will be packing up my herbs and oils and materials, leaving out only those candles, oils, and similar materials and things required for work that is already booked, fully set up, and begun by July 20. After that, I won’t be able to make new jars or pakets or set up new container spell work, but I *will* be able to keep working anything that is already set up.

Other types of altar work this month will be discussed on a case by case basis – basically, with anything that requires a contract, we’ll talk about the best way to work it given my schedule and your needs (and if the best way to work it is to have me refer you to a colleague who can help you more quickly, I will do that, and I can usually make several recommendations for you depending on what type of work you are needing). If you book a consultation to have your case assessed for altar work this month, I will remind you of my upcoming closure before I proceed, to double check that you want me to do your consultation and you don’t prefer to book with someone else instead.

***THE WHY***

After 6 years in Atlanta, I am moving back to my hometown in Alabama and will be an Alabama resident again as of  August. Once I get all settled, I’ll be open for business as usual with a shiny new altar room/temple in a shiny new, freshly cleansed and blessed house. This opportunity just recently appeared on my horizon as of last week, so all this is pretty sudden, but it has to be done by the first week of August and it’s a good opportunity for me for the academic/research/teaching side of my pursuits. It will be good to be back 🙂

(c) Karma Zain 2013, all rights reserved

[*]For instance, if I run out of wax this month before the 20th, I will put the votive candle quantities to zero/0 because I will not have any more supplies delivered to my Georgia location but will instead wait until I can have them delivered to my Alabama location.

vacation dates / store closure dates 26 June to 7 July

As usual, I will be closed for the week of 4 July, for a run back home to stock up on supplies like dirt dauber nests and bones and bugs and other bits. It’s not usually a vacation, precisely, but I *am* usually without regular, predictable email access when I’m back home. Yes, there are parts of the country where you *cannot get DSL* (or cable) and I’m from one of those parts of the country 🙂

Normally, I have no trouble getting all in-house orders out before I leave town, but I found out very last minute that I have some other professional business to take care of out of town first, before I head over to do the family and homestead stuff. So I am having to close with a bit less notice and a bit more rushing about than usual.

So Karma Zain Spiritual Supplies will be closed from 26 June to 7 July, and will reopen on the 8th. I *will* check email at least once while I’m out of town, but I can’t promise lengthy responses – it might be via smartphone, which means you won’t get more than a sentence or two until I get back home. As usual, any work like honey jars or sour jars that are already booked to be continued during that time will be taken care of by my assistant, and vigil lights will be checked and notes made as applicable. Any work *not already booked as of now* will be begun when I reopen on the 8th. Any orders placed prior to the 25th that *can* be prepped and shipped by Wednesday will be; any other orders will enter processing when I reopen on the 8th. (That is just prior to the usual 10 business day handling time anyway, so it’s not going to present much of a delay for most types of orders that don’t involve sewing, painting, or significant altar work.)

Sorry for the last minute notice – I thought I had four more entire days before I had to go out of town, but something really important came up. I won’t talk about it here yet, but it could mean a pretty big change depending on how some things go; I’ll keep you guys posted of any potential disruptions, and if you want to cross your fingers, light a candle, or say a prayer to send some luck in my direction this week, that would be really cool 🙂

out of town next week; closed 7 Apr – 14 Apr

I will be out of town next week for some family obligations – officially, I’m closed from Sunday Apr 7 through Sunday Apr 14, to reopen on Monday Apr 15. Unofficially, I probably won’t be gone that whole time, but since I don’t know this exact second precisely what my dates of travel will be, I *will* be closed for the week. As usual, any runs of lights or contracted work that has already been contracted and is on the client calendar to be tended that week will be tended as scheduled (by my assistant); it has already been set up by me, and she checks on it, makes notes, sets taper lights on honey/sour jars on M, W, & F, and makes sure no candle glass has broken, no flames are endangered, or anything like that. If you had a months-long run of tapers or distance cleansings, uncrossings, or protection work done that would normally have the monthly altar session falling during this coming week, you’ll note on the client calendar that the date for that session has been moved so that I can personally perform the work myself.

In practice, I will probably be able to set any lights that come in before midnight Sunday the 8th, though I am not guaranteeing it, and all orders that were in-house and not pending for some reason (like waiting on a petition) as of Friday, 5 Apr will go out before I leave town. However, no new work will be set or begun until I reopen on Monday, and any orders that come in between now and the 14th will enter processing when I reopen, on Monday the 15th (that means the handling time begins when I reopen). Same with new consultations, etc.

If you are new to the blog or to my shop and have been directed here by an info email, please, please take the time to actually read the payment or booking acknowledgment you received – it really, truly does answer all your questions about shipping and handling times and turnaround times, and there really is nothing else I can tell you (and I explain all this in a bunch of places that you can read before you checked out, because it’s not my goal to surprise anybody or make them unhappy, so I publish this info as many places as I can). As my website, FAQ, and numerous info messages explain repeatedly, I cannot answer your question about what day your order will ship. It will ship when it is ready, and as soon as it is ready, I will print the label, and then you will get an email telling you the label has been printed, so you will know immediately. That is all I can tell you. I personally do all the labeling, praying, blending, painting, sorting, brewing, etc, so that’s why handling times are what they are (and why I publish them all over the place so you can know about them ahead of time, *before you check out,* so it should really not be a surprise; if it is, I’m sorry that you didn’t read the info before you checked out, but my systems are set up this way so that I can give my customers’ orders my personal time and attention, so I try to minimize the amount of repeating myself I have to do via email. My procedures are published because I don’t want anybody to be surprised, and I have them all for a reason. And if you wrote again to ask something already explained in the order acknowledgment, then you got a second, different email that explained all this again).

If you’ll read that order acknowledgment email, you’ll find that it also explains:

1. how to inquire about a current order or send additional info or communication about an order or service (by responding to *that email,* the acknowledgment email);

2. how shipping notification and “tracking” work (including the fact that “tracking” is NOT actually tracking and is NOT real-time, and once the USPS has picked up your package, I can’t tell you anything else about it where it is, but you should calm down because the system is reliable and it really will arrive; I’ve been doing this for over ten years and I have shipped thousands of packages all over the world);

3. what handling times are and *when* you can have me file a trace request on a package.

Sorry to the majority of you who already know this and don’t need to be told again and have to read it again, but I have had a rash of new customers lately who just do not read the information made available to them, so I have to write a blog post about it every once in a while.

Happy hoodooing,


closure / vacation dates 26 June – 11 July

Karma Zain Spiritual Supplies is currently closed from 26 June to 11 July.
This is posted in each eBay item listing, next to eBay’s default red-flag "memo"/announcement insertion for vacation settings. They don’t offer any way to make the message bigger or I would – as it is, some people do not see it.  It’s also set up as an auto-respond message in as many places as I can set that up.

If you had an order in, or a service booked, prior to 26 June, then your order or service will be completed prior to my leaving town unless we have discussed otherwise;  otherwise your order will begin processing on the 11th.

closed [ETA: 15-23 May] (so I can catch my breath)

Karma Zain Spiritual Supplies will be closed from 14 May through 20 May ETA: through 23 May

The tornadoes and storms slowed me way down, what with being offline for a few days and related issues with mail (both outgoing AND incoming, meaning some of my supplies were delayed).  I made a monumental effort to get caught up on emails, shipments, and consultations last week, but i wasn’t able to get quite caught up.

And THEN, because the universe has a really great sense of humor, my computer got sick (in its defense, my teenager was fooled by malware that deactivates your antivirus program while posing as a Windows-packaged antivirus program and encouraging you to download even more stuff to get rid of trojans etc that you don’t actually have.  She was smart enough to know something was wrong and didn’t do what it told her to do, but it left us wide open just long enough to royally screw my already-over-packed schedule, so I’ve been mostly offline since Wednesday taking care of our sick computers – it took ALL DAY THURSDAY to run a boot scan on this laptop. EIGHT HOURS.  Fail.  Guess which computer has the customer/order/client info on it?).

Since I’m still really far behind on emails and reports and have a stack of orders in-house that is no joke (just one or the other would be fine, but I’m drowning under both), I am going to close the store until I can get caught up.  I am not going out of town; I just need ot tend to orders that are already placed and current work in progress before I take on any new stuff.  So if you are waiting on me from last week or prior, I’ll be in touch as soon as I can – I have 77 messages at ebay alone to get through, and hundreds in my gmail account, so please bear with me.  Any new business will not get a response until I reopen, though – sorry. got to fulfill my current obligations before I can deal with any new ones. I’ll update when that day comes 🙂

upcoming “vacation” / closure dates March 4-17

Karma Zain Spiritual Supplies will be closed from Friday March 4th through Wednesday March 16.  We will reopen on the 17th and will begin responding to correspondence in the order it was received.

Closure status and dates appear on EVERY ebay item listing and in bright red in the store header.  Each item listing has ebay’s default "the seller is away until ___" bar on it with a red flag next to it.  Despite my putting this information absolutely everywhere possible, some buyers just don’t see/read/absorb it.  (I can’t make it any bigger – that is how ebay does it and I can’t edit it.)  If you are one of these buyers and have a crisis and want to cancel the transaction because you did not notice that you placed an order while the store was closed, use the "Contact Seller" button to send me a message and ask me to cancel the order.  I will happily do this without pushing the button that dings buyers for unpaid items, but you have to request the cancellation, let me put it in, and then push the button to agree not to complete the transaction, so be patient – someone will check messages at least once during the closure looking for cancellation requests (no other messages will be responded to until we reopen), and it does require a series of steps.  Otherwise, I ‘ll start processing orders as quickly as possible when I open the store back up on the 17th.

If you have already contracted altar work, your service will not be interrupted.  (I am not traveling out of town, but my days and nights are completely spoken for during this time and I will not be answering email or filling orders at all).  If you want altar work to happen before my "vacation," you need to book it before Friday, March 4th.  If you want an order shipped before rather than after my "vacation," you need to place it by Friday afternoon.

I am not actually going to be on vacation – I just have some big stuff going on that week, including some major school deadlines and the matter of a few tarot readings whose recipients have been waiting a while that I need to get finished up, and I can’t ever manage to do this with new orders and consultations coming in every day, so I need some "catch up time."  I also really, really need to get the last of the tax paperwork together.  I will NOT answer emails during these dates, but will answer them in the order they are received when I reopen.

If you and I have been corresponding about altar work and you needed it to start before mid-month and I did not tell you it was impossible, relax – I am not going to leave you hanging.  one of the reasons I’m doing the closure is so i can get caught up without new stuff coming in every day.  So I WILL be getting back to you – I am just not able to answer any of the 100-odd brand-new emails that come in every 30 or so hours right now – if you write about something new, you’ll get a form letter; I have to take care of my existing clients before I can even think about taking any new ones.  For this reason, I am NOT taking new clients for any altar work beyond mojo bags and light settings right now.  My altars and schedule are full.  Please have a look at the links list to the right, and/or my userinfo page, and/or the AIRR site, for links to reader and workers I can recommend.