back home

I’m back, trying to get caught up with orders placed while I was gone.

I have some water from the Gulf of Mexico, some sand from Dauphin Island, and a wonderful array of dried insects and reptiles.  I also have a few new black cat bones — some had to be reburied, and some didn’t survive the burying/cleaning/digging up/dog avoiding process.

What this means:

Good time for Yemaya and La Sirene baths, goofer dust, hot foot powder, and stuff involving black cat bones.  This set hasn’t had time to be bleached white yet, but if you don’t care about them being a little more “natural” looking, then these will be right up your alley.  I should be able to get them white in a few more weeks.

If you’re new to my journal, please note that I do not harm animals to make curios, jewelry, etc.  All animal curios and parts used in my formulas and items are gathered humanely.

Also, I’ll be putting up some original art by my mother (she did a lovely Green Man that needs framing) and some veve paintings from my cousin pretty soon, I hope. These two are much better artists than I am, so keep your eyes peeled.

Nov 22, Feast of St. Cecilia, Virgin, Martyr

St. Cecilia was a 3rd century Roman who was forced to marry a pagan, whom she converted to Christianity.  She is said to have preserved her virginity despite her marriage, warning her new husband that her Guardian Angel would be furious if he touched her.  Her new husband acquiesced and got baptized.  They were both martyred, Cecilia by being beheaded in her own bathtub.

She is the patron of musicians, and apparently possessed a divine singing voice and the ability to play any instrument.  She is said to have been able to hear the voices of the Choirs of Angels. 

She is associated with the orisha Yemaya and her voodoo counterpart La Sirene.  I have also seen her associated with Oshun in Lukumi.

Prayer from my Latin Missal:

Oh God, who dost gladden us with the annual feast of Blessed Cecilia, Thy virgin and martyr, grant that we, who honor her by this service, may also follow the example of her holy life.  Through our Lord, etc.

May this sacrifice of propitiation and praise, we beseech Thee, O Lord, through the intercession of Blessed Cecilia, Thy Virgin and Martyr, ever make us worthy of Thy loving kindness.