Current Services Queue, Spring 2021

last update: 2/23/20

I update this page regularly, though not daily. Still, it can give you a general idea for where you are in line for responses or services.

Readings and Consultations Queue:

  • DCC [021421]
  • ES [S1084] – working
  • JN [S1029] – pending, waiting on intake form
  • BL [KZ1167 090314] – pending/unless/until you decide you want to switch this out for something else
  • JDZ [P6A21] 
  • KNC [13B4] 
  • AS [S1016] 
  • SP [S1046] – one delivered via email; second canceled/refunded so you can find a reader who works more to your liking
  • MBW [091520A] 

Light Settings:

  • BB [S1083] -working
  • ES [S1080] – working
  • KNC [J543] – report in progress
  • ES [S1060] – report in progress
  • JC – [for paket] – working
  • ES [S1055] 
  • ES [S1056] 
  • KNC [P06B7] – report sent in Discord
  • BG [100120] – report sent via email
  • MPL [S1020] – report sent via email
  • St. Peregrine pro bono community light, 1st week of October 
  • CFS (COVID Fucking Sucks) Steady Income donation-based community lamp for Oct
  • ES [S1017] – sent in Discord 

Please note, per your booking acknowledgment, that community and donation-based light setting services do not come with individual reports.

Altar Work Booked or In Progress:

  • February PWYC Community Honey Jar
  • February Love/Relationships Honey jar
  • JDC [011121-671L] – working
  • JWP [100120A-504M] – updated report in progress
  • January PWYC Community Honey Jar
  • January Love/Relationships Honey Jar
  • December PWYC Community Honey Jar
  • December Love/Relationships Honey Jar
  • MBW [P704C] 
  • November PWYC Community Honey Jar
  • MB [092120]

Altar workings booked or in progress, including special light settings or series that are arranged via contract, are not tracked in any detail here. There’s a great deal of variation with how reporting works and what it involves depending on the situation and contract, and I don’t want to publicly post a lot of details here. But you should have access to the client calendar through Google Calendars, and you can see the status of your altar work there. All details about start/setup, completion, etc are contained in your client contract, though. If you have more questions, please ask them by responding to your booking acknowledgment for your altar work/contract invoice payment.

If it’s been 72 hours (three business days) since you paid your altar work invoice and you have NOT received the invitation to the client calendar, first go into your Google Calendar and see if Karma Zain’s Client Calendar is showing up in your calendars pane on the left. (Make sure you’re accessing the calendar belonging to the email address associated with your Paypal payment account – that’s the email I invited you with.)

If it’s not there, please do write and I’ll look into it. Check your trash and spam folders first, though, because you might have mistaken the email for junk mail since it’s sent by Google Calendars on my behalf.


update 12/24/20: 2020 is staying on-brand until the bitter end, I see. I’ve been scrambling to deal with some major shipping issues that are costing me a lot of money, trying to solve them before they cost me even more money, and orders involving candles are backlogged because my shipment of supplies to make some of them is taking ages to get to me because of USPS gridlock right now. So I’m not moving as quickly as usual with services, since I’m trying to stave off chargebacks and customer anger and anxiety over tangibles. Can’t wait to see the tail end of this year!

update 11/12: I’m busting my butt to at least make a dent / triage the communication today and make sure all my systems are properly communicating. I don’t understand half of them or know how to use them, so who knows, but I’m trying!

update 11/10/20: I need to go through and add and move some things below, but I’m sticking this note here in the meantime to at least explain and apologize for my being so unbelievably slow these last few weeks. In the last six weeks, we’ve had THREE hurricanes, I’ve lost THREE family members (two on the same day, to COVID), and our pet chicken and the Seraphin Station mascot, Hi Top, died. This only feels professional if you can be a professional tree-limb-dragger or cleaner-of-chicken-poop.

I’m also having a lot of trouble with staying on top of the insane number of channels through which messages come and the expectations that customers have circa 2020 for response times and availability. I’m doing my best to learn my way around all this stuff, including this communication management software that’s supposed to help but is actually making things more confusing. I  might need to borrow a teenager to show me how to do all this stuff.

Anyway, after a chicken funeral yesterday and a human funeral today, I’m sad and exhausted but I’m here and back to work and trying to get caught up. It will almost certainly not happen overnight but I haven’t crawled back under the bed or gone walkabout. I’ve just been unbelievably slow these past few weeks. (I can’t wait to see the tail end of this year. It’s been *brutal.*)

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