Readers You Can Trust

under construction 11/23/20

There are plenty of good, ethical readers out there. My not listing someone here is absolutely not any kind of commentary or indictment.

As of November 2020, I am again offering standalone full readings, which can be booked by any established client or customer or anyone who comes with a recommendation/referral from a worker or reader I personally know.

I am also offering consultations, which anyone who isn’t blocked/banned can book. You don’t have to be an established client/customer for consultations.

But I do these mostly via email, occasionally on Discord, and pretty much never over the phone, and I pretty much stick to cartomancy and just a little geomancy these days. And I don’t offer appointments for a set day/time that you can book; when you book with me, you’re just reserving your spot in the queue.

So if you want a service I don’t offer or need a reading more quickly than I can provide one, I can recommend the folks below. These are readers I know personally (and in many cases have worked with), whose work I know to be top-notch and whose ethics I know to be above reproach. And they are all at least conjure-conversant, so we understand each other’s terminology and vocab.[*]

If you had a reading with anyone listed here and came to me for altar work based on what came up in that reading, there is a very good chance that the transition would be pretty smooth – I share a common vocabulary and spiritual framework with these folks and I know that they give honest and sensible advice, so if they suggest you do a certain type of work but send you to another worker to have the work done, it’s possible (but not guaranteed) that I will not need to start over from scratch in assessing your case but can use their reading as my starting point instead. This can save considerable time.

Do know, however, that going to multiple readers or workers on the same issue without keeping them all in the loop and being honest is frowned upon and I, for one, will not work with you if you are not being forthcoming with all the workers and readers you are actively working with. So don’t take this as a license to hop from reader to reader or worker to worker playing “shoparound” – it behooves you to have consistency, transparency, and honesty with this sort of thing.

And don’t assume any two workers will co-consult or co-work on your issue or case; you need to sort that kind of thing out ahead of time.


Tau Allen Greenfield

Rev. Tau Allen Greenfield is an occultist, ceremonial magician, UFOlogist, writer, editor, and Gnostic Bishop of Ecclesia Gnostica Universalis who resides in Atlanta, Georgia. He grew up with hoodoo, worked for 5 years with Psychic Friends Network as a Master Psychic, and has been reading since 1962. A student of the Reverend Dr. Tau Michael Bertiaux, Allen is conversant in a wide variety of traditions and can assist querents from a myriad of religious and spiritual backgrounds. He generally reads with Tarot and may combine his Tarot readings with I Ching castings. He may be reached via email.


Dominick de Logunede

Rev. Dominick Guerriero is an initiate in the Afro Brazilian religion of Candomble and a practitioner of Italian folk magic. He’s been reading tarot for over 20 years and is a clairvoyant medium. He also offers a number of classes in divination and working with spiritual guides. He can reached at his website, Tarot Voyages.



Cat of OriginalNinjaCat, owner and author of the conjure blog Confessions of an Occult Mastermind, offers readings via several modes, including chat and phone. Contact her to request an appointment and make payment arrangements. You should also check out her blog for articles about spells, recipes for making some of your own stuff, and tips and tricks for doing your own work (and, perhaps even more importantly, for not sabotaging that work once it’s done through attitudes, expectations, or behaviors that are working at cross purposes from your altar work).


Clarisse Conner

Clarisse is a naturally gifted psychic and a lovely lady. She’s been doing psychic readings for the public since 1977. Clarisse does private consultations by telephone, mail, and email.  She is a great person with a heart of gold and ton of wisdom and perspective. You can read more about her or a book a reading at her website.



Hoodoo Psychics

If you need to speak to a conjure-savvy reader and cannot or do not want to wait the week or more for your appointment (as many readers are booked out at least that far in advance), then visit Hoodoo Psychics; there, someone is usually available right away to take your call.  This is not like one of those Psychic Networks where anybody can hang up a shingle; all of the readers at Hoodoo Psychics are vetted, interviewed, and tested, and most have at least a decade of experience.  Many have a great deal more than that.  Every member is guaranteed to be conversant with conjure and hoodoo remedies and conditions, and you’ll find that the rates for live, immediate phone readings from vetted, verified professionals of consistently high quality and depth of experience cannot be beat anywhere.  Read about how it works at their “How This Site Works” page.

Finally, I can recommend any of the readers and rootworkers listed at AIRR, the Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers.


[*] This is important, especially when you’re considering undertaking your own spiritual work or hiring someone to do hoodoo rootwork on your behalf. Workers and readers from different traditions might mean totally different things by the same word. And lots of places that sell various spiritual supplies with traditional hoodoo names aren’t really selling hoodoo stuff – they’ve just coopted the traditional name, but the ingredients make zero sense within a hoodoo context and would not be at all at home in traditional conjure spiritual work.