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I don’t tend to pick out scam spellcasters by name, since they always have more money and more manpower to undertake harassment campaigns than I have to defend against them, but sometimes they serve themselves up on my doorstep.  This idiot has posted “REAL SPELLCASTER!!!111OMG” ad spam in *my freakin’ comments section,* so these folks are just begging for it. (Please don’t think that when you see these, there’s a real Clementine or Dr. Voodoo or Ashra or Mystique or whothehellever behind these – there’s a group of people, usually running more than one website, and they go around posing as satisfied clients and leaving comments all over the internet.)

Basically, any time you see random “testimonials” left around the internet in comments sections with some supposed “client” giving their story and telling everybody how wonderful such and such a spellcaster is, you should be skeptical. It’s easy to google a bit of the “story” of how so and so saved their relationship so you can see how many other comments turn up all over the net. Why would one client post dozens of testimonials in random spots all over the web? It doesn’t pass the common sense test – it’s advertising, and deceptive advertising at that.

Recent ad spam in my comments section:

Thanks to Dr.Zabaza for bringing back my lover, my lover left me for my best friend until i saw Dr.Zabaza that help me bring him back to me. if you are in any kind of problem please contact Dr.Zabaza on his email address on zabazalogan@ [popular domain starting with y] or call Dr.Zabaza on his personal phone number on [redacted but I’ll send it to you if you want it for your fraud files] for any help.

Keyla, posting from IP address in New York, though she claims to be from Chicago here

DO NOT FALL FOR THIS CRAP.  There is no Dr. Zabaza, there is no Keyla, and there are no spells.

There’s also no Emily from Cuba who was cured of HIV by Dr. Zabaza, nor a Karro who got her ex back, not even if she spells it Kara, nor a Koek who got her ex back, nor a Kane who got his ex back, nor Payson or Bawani from Cuba who got her ex back, nor a Sera from Malaysia, or the Netherlands, who got her ex back… and fancy that, I am just *shocked* that earlier in October, Dr. Zabaza was going by the name Prince Obasele and using an email address at anointedland@ [popular domain starting with g and ending with mail], I tell you. Even more shocked that the name behind this crap was Dr. Hama earlier this year.

And while we’re at it, none of these other d*bags exist either.

ETA: Wow, another one in a different comment thread, advertising Priest Omigodo at templeofsolution [at popular email service starting with G], from Mrs. Johnson at IP address Also advertised here and two dozen other places.






Life’s too short for me to spearhead a crusade tracking down scam artists. There are too many and a new one crops up every hour, I’m sure. But these guys listed here are extra special scam artist dirtbags. This is a running list of scam/spam artists who have volunteered to be identified as such by posting spam comments in my blog (!!), pretending to be satisfied customers, with IP addresses:

  • Angulu, Professor. See Angulu Temple.
  • Angulu Temple. “Dora” from IP address [same IP address as Anonymous advertising “Priestess Shadi” only this time with a totally different story, different name of different ex and different time frame for the ex returning] now advertising for Angulu Temple or Professor Angulu at professorangulu@ popular email account starting with y.  This should assure even those prone to giving much benefit of the doubt that all these scam artists are the same group of people working under multiple false identities and posting all over the web pretending to be satisfied clients.
  • Anointed Land. See Dr. Zabaza and Prince Obasele.
  • Atila, Dr. at Atila Healing Home Advertised by Sandra Luis from Canada, IP, who signed in with this facebook profile on July 8th, 2014. Contact info given as atilahealinghome at y…
  • Great Odudu Spell Home. See Odudu.
  • Hama, Dr. who has the same phone number as Dr. Zabaza here: 2348182620374.
  • Hindu Spell. See Ishvara Temple.
  • IkukuDr. at ikukutempleofsolution@[g].com or cell number +2348034458597, pretending to be Angela Smith at IP address Here is virtually the exact same story but this time from someone pretending to be Kritizia. And Anita and Kristiana. And here’s the same phone number but this time belonging to a Dr. Osifo, at addy houseofgreatspellcaster@[g], pretending to be Fred Donald from Canada even though he logs in as being from Houston. See also Priest Omigodo for the same email address. Feb 2013.
  • Ikuku Temple of Solution. See Ikuku.
  • Ishvara Temple or something like that, at ishvaratemple@[y].com, one IP address This dirtbag is the lowest of the low, pretending to be a person with heart trouble who was healed by a psychic. There’s a special place in hell for you scumbags. Here’s the report from Project Honeypot identifying the address as originating in Nigeria, and dazzlepod locates it in Lagos, Nigeria. Here’s the same IP address running a romance scam. Here’s the same email address pretending to be Muna being a scumbag claiming to be Hindu Spell who can return lovers in 24 hours, *and* pretending to be Anita extolling the virtues of a priest from Ishvara Temple. And here is “Lilian” and here is “Tessy” advertising for a Dr. Ishvara.
  • Land of  Solution. See Odumdu.
  • Meruja Owo. See Owo.
  • Obasele, Prince at anointedland. See Zabaza.
  • Odudu, Dr. aka Great Odudu, posing Susanne from Florida at IP address in my blog and as Nancy White from Australia or the UK or Nancy Smith from “” at the same URL, because evidently he forgot he had already hit that page with a different name, at phone +2348159365994 here. Emails include dr.greatoduduspellhome@[g]. See here for some info somebody else took the time to dig up, including calling supposedly from Italy out, finding laptops for sale by James Momodu and Mr Momodu Ibrahim listing that same phone number, and revealing the IP location as Nigeria. See here for the same name but different emails and IP phone +2348051913076 and +12658765390. And see here for an ad for auditions for actors with the same phone.
  • Odumdu, Dr. IP address, phone 2347053319835, at landofsolution@[g address]. Note the similarity to Dr. Ikuku at templeofsolution and the location of — where else? — NigeriaHere is a comment advertising Dr. Odumdu with the email landofsolution@[g]. I have more incoming spam from him/his people right here in my spam folder, from “Jennifer Williams from the USA” at IP address (which appears to be a hijacked or new IP address as of Nov 2013).  And this site reveals another IP address of
  • Ogudugu, Dr. Garbage left by”Erica” from IP; info  greatogudugu@g, phone 2348066421534.
  • OkadiboDr. IP addresses including [click link to see Project Honeypot info on spam coming from this IP, and location of Nigeria] and, selling some BS reconciliation story with an email addy of okadibospiritualtemple at [g].com.
  • Okadibo Spiritual Temple. See Okadibo.
  • Omigodo, Priest at templeofsolution. Pretending to be Mrs. Johnson at IP address (see above in blog entry). Here’s a post giving a phone number of 2348079367204. See also Dr. Ikuku entry below for same email address, diff. name.
  • Osifo, Dr. See Dr. Ikuku.
  • Osobo, Dr. at osobaspelltemple @ y… Pretending to be Maria Anderson at IP
  • Osobo Spell Temple. See Osobo.
  • Owo, Meruja, or Meruja Owo pretending to be Janet or Jannet Watson (or Madeson) or Gregory Mitche at merujaowo101 at and dorispinto101 at One IP address: For the original saga demonstrating the tip of the iceberg on how much spam advertising this one has done, go to the following: for shits and giggles, I have approved a comment that “Meruja Owo” left in response to my blog post pointing out the spam, for which I am called an animal 🙂 For a list of email addresses and usernames associated with this IP, see here.
  • Ronaldo, Dr. Left a message pretending to be Lace Diva from Toronto, recommending you call Dr. Ronaldo at 2348110038610 . Email address is — predictably — ronaldospelltemple at gmail. Also pretending to be Barrack Duke from the UK at IP, same phone.
  • Ronaldo Spell Temple. See Ronaldo.
  • Shadi, Priestess. Anonymous from IP address advertising the same fake spellcaster. Anonymous from IP address advertising the same. Anonymous from See Shadi Spell.
  • Shadi Spell. Anonymous from IP address advertising “Shadi spell” and “Priestess Shadi” at priestessshadi@ popular email account starting with g. See here for a dozen email addresses and usernames using this IP, which means it could be a public computer or a hijacked IP, but that ought to be a warning sign too. See Priestess Shadi.
  • Temple of Solution. See Omigodo.
  • Voodoo Psychics or Voodoo Spell Cast, pretending to be an anonymous client in a nearly incomprehensible situation written in very bad English involving Stanley, Michelle, Lilian, and an Indian psychic from Delhi. One IP address: Geographic location: Nigeria. Associated with: mail server and dictionary attacker, acc. to Project Honey Pot. More advertising here and here and here and here with the red-flag of 100% guarantees, and the IP address turns up here (Nigeria again). Email: voodoospellcast at Here’s the webpage, which won’t be around for long because they never are, on which the creator can’t even decide if the supposed spellcaster is male or female: “Her love spells are ranked 1st in the world,” “Thousands of people are trying to receive his exclusive spells,” “His press release for best spell caster of the year and acceptance of two consecutive years back to back,” “Find the specific help that you are looking for from Voodoo Psychics himself.” If you need to know why this raises at least four red flags, go to my blog posts on avoiding scam artists here.
  • Voodoo Spell Cast. See Voodoo Psychics.
  • Zabaza, Dr. at zabazalogan. Pretending to be Emily from Cuba, and Karro, and Kara, and Koek, and Kane, and Payson, and Bawani, and Sera. Also pretending to be Keyla at IP address Has the same phone number as Dr. Hama here, and the number 2348182620374 here.

Notice a pattern? If you see somebody whose email address is [something]spelltemple, you should be VERY VERY SKEPTICAL.

I have researched these guys and seen plenty, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg. See some reader comments from scam victims at the mirror site blog here. if you want to see the extent of the spamming and deception and bullshit, go to the original post. I do not have direct contact with former clients of theirs in every case, but I can testify in each case to unethical and dishonest advertising practices, as well as statements of historical or factual inaccuracy that do not do very much for their reputations as legitimate workers.

Happy hoodooing,

Karma Zain

15 thoughts on “Spammer, Scam Artist, Fraud, Dirtbag Directory

  1. This Dr. Zabaza is a big scammer. I contacted him and he asked for a picture of me and my lover along with my phone number. I sent him all 3. He wrote back to me and said that before he could place his magical spell upon us to bring us back together in 48 hours, I would need to send him $250 by Western Union. The scam is very simple. Send the money via Western Union, he gets it and you never hear from him again. It’s the old Nigerian 419 scam. Money up front. Don’t be fooled and taken for a fool!


    1. True I hire dr . zabaza to cast s spell to bring more ex back to me but all he did was asked for more money everytime he calls. He scam me over $2000! Dont use dr .Zabaza he is a scam! I wasted on money and in the end my ex dated someone else


    1. It depends on your situation and what you are looking for. It may be that you should not hire a spell caster at all, or it may be that you can benefit most from spiritual work you do on your own.

      I have several educational posts designed to help people find a good fit with an ethical, honest spiritual worker (in many traditions, these folks would never call themselves “spell casters” – the terminology varies by tradition and generation and locale) and, for those seeking work to return an ex/lost lover (which is 90% of clients who ask questions like this), some posts on how to avoid being scammed and what to watch out for especially sharply when seeking work like this (which should never, ever be undertaken without personalized consultation and divination first – the overwhelming majority of reconciliation cases will not meet with success and nobody should agree to take your case without spending some time learning the details and history – if you can just call a number on a website to book your work, you should be very skeptical).


  2. I have one from that if I do not send money with in 6 days that I will not live on the 7th day. They want me to send $680 through western union. They will not leave me alone. They keep e-mailing me and keep saying my days are numbered. I just know this is a scam.


    1. Yep, definitely a scam. I’d be happy to share a reversing spell with you that can be deployed via sigils embedded within electronic files and images; reply to their harrassing email with it, do some Fiery Wall of Protection or Cast Off Evil work on yourself, and then sit back and laugh, confident in the knowledge that they will eventually get their comeuppance.


    2. Same has been happening to me. Dr. Hoodoo (the name should have told me something), emails me constantly wanting me to send him money via Western Union to Nigeria. When I refused I started getting nasty little threats such as, my days are numbered, he will send his spirit to me and I will not be able to sleep. Sent me a picture of myself that “The Gods” sent him and said he knows where I attend high school and gave the name of the school and the city. The picture came off my Facebook as did the information about where I attended school. The thing is, I attended that school 45 years ago, not now. I told him he was threatening me and that was against the law in the United States and I would be contacting my attorney and bring him down. Then I got a really nice email wanting to help me. He said the email threats were sent to me from the temple by mistake. I emailed back that those threats should be sent to no one and I didn’t need his help as I am tough and can handle it myself. After that he shut up. I hope it’s for good. Do not get tangled up with Dr. Hoodoo!!!


    3. please we are investing a scammer who rub my mum and send to her grave. can you please give us some information on where and how he contacted you.and they things he said to you.


  3. That spammer zabaza now has my info and since i just found this website he is threatening bad things will happen to me for deciding not to pay up.
    Is this possible?


  4. [this comment has been edited – additions/deletions marked in brackets]

    I am Mrs Ella Briggs from USA [editor’s note: yeah, I don’t think so] i am very happy and satisfied because i have finally met a real man a spell caster Dr Etiosa(DRETIOSA@ [redacted])

    [that’s pretty funny ’cause that’s the email address you submitted with your comment as your own]

    he is a real spell caster he brought back my husband and now we are living happily now. my husband and i have been married or 15years now [cut for same old same old] we were a happy family until my husband started showing strange behaviors [cut for same old same old “my life was impossible before I met this worker” narrative]

    so i started looking for help i tried everything humanly possible to make him love me again but nothing worked out [same old narrative].. i met a friend of mine who told me about a spell caster Dr Etiosa so i decided to contact him because i really wanted to have my husband of 15years back so i hoped and prayed and Dr Etiosa told me my husband will come back to me and love me again i had my doubts but i hoped for the best [same old fill in the blank narrative] and two days later after Dr Etiosa casted the spell my husband called asking to take me out we went out to together and there he apologized to me and saying he loved me and he didn’t know what he was doing. we are now happy, thank you Dr Etiosa for bringing back my joy thank you sir you a kind and powerful spell cater,, he also told me he can cast any kind of spell, money spell, love spell, good luck spell, vengeance spell, promotion spell and so on contact him now on DRETIOSA@ [redacted]

    It’s incredibly funny to me that you would post this garbage right here in the same spot where we’re talking about how much garbage it is. I’m gobsmacked, truly!


  5. Here are 2 more scammers to add to your list:
    Isidore Grey, real name Ali Simms who has a website (Isidore Grey)
    tries to intimidate takes money and never does anything,
    Bence Dohoczki lives in Hungary, posts on Studio Arcanis, Wizard
    Forums – a real DB has a long list of rituals he can do, takes money
    does nothing


  6. I know another scam artist from his “name” is Maxim, just because there was a delay on my payment he said that he will curse me, then I sent him an email apologizing and he said that I was insulting him and that he was getting more angry. I paid him thru Paypal and he return the money (which was weird), but cursing another person just because of a delay????that makes me think it is a SCAM! I blocked his email. I told him that I thought that he was a great person and that I was not pretending to disrespect him at all, but he said that I was trying to humiliate him????HE IS CRAZY!


  7. Can we add to the list? I was scammed by Manbo Kasekan from Sosyete L’Afrique Ginea. She basically initiates people into her house (incorrectly I might add) and then curses them and when the student comes back saying they have problems, she asks for money to appease the spirits. I left her house 2 years ago and she still throws shit at me!


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