I didn’t think I would be leaving a review a day after I received these, but…..WHOA! Even just opening the package was a ride. Glad I found SeraphinStation! The oils are beyond well-crafted and pack a powerful punch. They smell fantastic, too. I’ll definitely be ordering more sooner than later.

~ F.

Thank You!

Sorry for the late feedback, but if you have a testimonial page, please let people know that my favorite formula of yours, Kaliprix, is not just great for romance, but in business, too! We had a recent event in the office where someone very negative was fired.  At first it was a relief, but was also a lot of tension and uncertainty about changes, whether just that individual or was the company cleaning house?

I wore Kaliprix on a Mon/Tues (person was let go the previous Friday), and forgot Weds. I’m pretty empathic, and picked up on all the anxiety and tension, which was driving me batty, although much of the office was out at a convention.

I wore again today, with some love drawing powder, and can I tell you what a difference it made?  Everyone back from the conference, tension still high, but I felt like I was kind of elevated in a stronger position. Never got more praises in a day from so many people, even the ones who work remotely who I only speak with over the phone! Wow.  Talk about an ego boost.

If anyone out there is already doing their job well, this formula seemed to work similar to a honey/sweetening jar one would use on their boss at work to favor them, difference was I felt like the charm was infectious.  Really cool and unexpected.

I’ll have to keep stockpiling that, it’s just so charming and the smell is beautiful!


Dear Karma

We do not have words to explain how we feel, we had tears of joy when we got the news, it has been a very long battle it had a physical, mental and financial strain on us all. I would like to thank you once more for your patience, understanding and most of all your help. Thank you!!

Chicken Foot

Your products are definitely the best I’ve ever purchased, and I’ve used many different sources. Your oils are so wonderful, they always make me wonder, hmmm, I wonder if she’d accept an apprentice? 🙂 I also once ordered a chicken foot, and I believe it gave my family some serious protection. ~A.N.

Business mess

My daughter was acquitted and my son in law got 6 months less a day, conditional, (over six months is automatic deportation), thank you for your wonderful magic, I wanted you to know how effective it all was. Again a thousand thank yous, all our ancestors are dancing because of you, my friend. Your powerful magic saved my husband from incarceration and severe punishment, he only got one year conditional, $100 fine, not time served and no community service. he turns 70 this year and is ailing and prison would have been death for him Karma Zain. ~AA (Saskatchewan)

straight A’s

I just want to say thanks again to Karma for her generous gift. I’m Sonny and I won the Mastery Rosary pictured above. After I got it I immediately started carrying it with me in my purse and in my school bag whenever I went to school. I prayed and worked diligently on assignments and got straight A’s this semester!!! I’m beyond happy! I don’t want to sound silly here, but I’m in a pretty tough major at design school. The first year and a half there was incredibly difficult for me. No matter how hard I worked my success was very limited and very tough to come by. I really feel that Karma’s work made a difference. I think it gave me that extra “edge” in being able to actually do the work required as well as in getting viewed favorably by my professors. It’s so fulfilling to finally have some success!

I haven’t even touched on how pretty the piece itself is. It’s very well made. The kind quality that comes when someone cares about what they do. So I guess what I would say to anyone who is debating consulting Karma for work or thinking about buying one of her pieces is go for it. See what she can do for you. It really could end up turning things around for you too.

*This review is completely unsolicited. Karma DID NOT ask me to write this. I writing it to express my gratitude to Karma and I hope it helps someone.


honestly, I’ve just booked one cause I know these are rare (if possible by phone it would be hugely awsome,it’s been quite some time I’d like to speak in person to you).
But anyway,guys,if you have doubts or somethin’,Karma is one of the most powerful reader and rootdoctor on Airr and her readings are very rare so take it while available.
Dana [original context here]


About a year ago I contacted Karma for some Spiritual work I needed done. I am a professional Tarot reader and Spirit worker so I am very picky about who I have work done with. I have had work done in the past by other workers with no result. So, I contacted Karma. I ordered a few oils and things which worked out perfectly. I can honestly say, that her work, worked. And not mind over matter, worked but really had a lasting affect. The one thing which is making me give this testimony is an oil I ordered called Waters of Life. It was supposed to help work with Angels. I didn’t really intend on getting this oil, as it wasn’t in alignment with the other work I did, but it sounded nice, and I threw it in with my order. I loved the smell and used it for a few days. Within a few days of using, I found an old deck of Angels given to me by a friend. It is not a common deck, from Poland actually, and I didn’t recognize the Angels name, which literally fell out for me. Something truly drew me to the computer to look this Angel up, and it led me to a website, and a new tradition in working with the Angels, that has allowed me to see, hear & feel them. I know it was the oil that did it, because I put it on moments before these cards fell out. Something after drew me to open a drawer they were stored within. I also purchased St. Micheal protection , which has protected me. You can actually “feel her ” work working. Karma, knows her stuff. She is available to kindly answer any questions you have and is very knowledgeable in her work. It is simple and it works.



My husband and I were undergoing some changes in our work life & due to the recession, were worried that we were going to make the wrong decision.  After having a reading from Karma, who helped us see things more clearly, we understood what the energies were surrounding the situation and ‘bided our time’.  It worked and using some honey jar spell kits also assisted us to have a clearer and more beneficial decision.