straight A’s

I just want to say thanks again to Karma for her generous gift. I’m Sonny and I won the Mastery Rosary pictured above. After I got it I immediately started carrying it with me in my purse and in my school bag whenever I went to school. I prayed and worked diligently on assignments and got straight A’s this semester!!! I’m beyond happy! I don’t want to sound silly here, but I’m in a pretty tough major at design school. The first year and a half there was incredibly difficult for me. No matter how hard I worked my success was very limited and very tough to come by. I really feel that Karma’s work made a difference. I think it gave me that extra “edge” in being able to actually do the work required as well as in getting viewed favorably by my professors. It’s so fulfilling to finally have some success!

I haven’t even touched on how pretty the piece itself is. It’s very well made. The kind quality that comes when someone cares about what they do. So I guess what I would say to anyone who is debating consulting Karma for work or thinking about buying one of her pieces is go for it. See what she can do for you. It really could end up turning things around for you too.

*This review is completely unsolicited. Karma DID NOT ask me to write this. I writing it to express my gratitude to Karma and I hope it helps someone.