About a year ago I contacted Karma for some Spiritual work I needed done. I am a professional Tarot reader and Spirit worker so I am very picky about who I have work done with. I have had work done in the past by other workers with no result. So, I contacted Karma. I ordered a few oils and things which worked out perfectly. I can honestly say, that her work, worked. And not mind over matter, worked but really had a lasting affect. The one thing which is making me give this testimony is an oil I ordered called Waters of Life. It was supposed to help work with Angels. I didn’t really intend on getting this oil, as it wasn’t in alignment with the other work I did, but it sounded nice, and I threw it in with my order. I loved the smell and used it for a few days. Within a few days of using, I found an old deck of Angels given to me by a friend. It is not a common deck, from Poland actually, and I didn’t recognize the Angels name, which literally fell out for me. Something truly drew me to the computer to look this Angel up, and it led me to a website, and a new tradition in working with the Angels, that has allowed me to see, hear & feel them. I know it was the oil that did it, because I put it on moments before these cards fell out. Something after drew me to open a drawer they were stored within. I also purchased St. Micheal protection , which has protected me. You can actually “feel her ” work working. Karma, knows her stuff. She is available to kindly answer any questions you have and is very knowledgeable in her work. It is simple and it works.