Thank You!

Sorry for the late feedback, but if you have a testimonial page, please let people know that my favorite formula of yours, Kaliprix, is not just great for romance, but in business, too! We had a recent event in the office where someone very negative was fired.  At first it was a relief, but was also a lot of tension and uncertainty about changes, whether just that individual or was the company cleaning house?

I wore Kaliprix on a Mon/Tues (person was let go the previous Friday), and forgot Weds. I’m pretty empathic, and picked up on all the anxiety and tension, which was driving me batty, although much of the office was out at a convention.

I wore again today, with some love drawing powder, and can I tell you what a difference it made?  Everyone back from the conference, tension still high, but I felt like I was kind of elevated in a stronger position. Never got more praises in a day from so many people, even the ones who work remotely who I only speak with over the phone! Wow.  Talk about an ego boost.

If anyone out there is already doing their job well, this formula seemed to work similar to a honey/sweetening jar one would use on their boss at work to favor them, difference was I felt like the charm was infectious.  Really cool and unexpected.

I’ll have to keep stockpiling that, it’s just so charming and the smell is beautiful!