Current Services Queue

last update: 2/23/23. See bottom of page for archive of updates. Some updates got caught between the cracks/browsers/drafts and I’m working on going through those one by one to see what’s happened and get it all correct and in the right list.


I update this page regularly, though not daily. Still, it can give you a general idea for where you are in line for responses or services.

Private Altar Service Bookings In-House

This tracks individually-booked private work only; group/community work is tracked and updated in client Discord server only.

  • ES [S1103-031321] report with reading, on Discord
  • ES [P7128-032821]
  • ES [P5400-032921]
  • ES [P1233-050621]
  • RB [S1180-051421] report in progress
  • BB [S1181-051421]
  • ES [S1197-060821] report in progress
  • KD [S1201-061021] report in progress on Discord server
  • ES [S1229-070921]
  • LR [S1245-073121] report in progress
  • ES [S1261-081421] report in progress
  • AS [S1279-090421] report in progress
  • AS [S1280-090421] report in progress
  • BG [S1295-090721] report in progress
  • DK [S1298-091021]
  • ES [S1326-100721] report in progress
  • ES [S1329-101321]
  • AS [S1332-101721]
  • ES [S1340-103021]
  • ES [S1358-111621]
  • NS [S1359-111921]
  • ES [S1360-111921]
  • CW [S1364-120421]
  • ES [S1408-020122]
  • CW [S1454 – 031822]
  • NS [S1502-040822]
  • JR [S1507-041222]
  • NS [S1512]
  • KCW [S1521]
  • ES [S1536-050422]
  • SE [PB051922]
  • TA [S1552-051922]
  • EB [PB052522A]
  • SA [S1559]
  • CW [S1581]
  • DB [S1585]
  • SA [S1600-061622]
  • ES [S1643-072322]
  • NC [S1708-080922]
  • JS [S1720-081622]
  • ES [S1727-082522]
  • TO [S1728-A]
  • TO [S1728-B]
  • ES [S1753]
  • ES [S1757]
  • SA [S1762]
  • EG [S1780]
  • TM [1783] – run
  • ES [1786]
  • ES [S1370-120821]
  • KCW [S1853]
  • KCW [S1865]
  • KCW [S1874]
  • BNM [S1845] – photos sent, followup in progress
  • SA [S1752] – run via email
  • SA [S1754] – run via email
  • KH [S1713-081322] delivered as attachment to paypal message; blocked and reported for TOS violations and theft
  • EB [PB052522A] sent via chat
  • RWRT [S1517] sent via email
  • NS [S1394-011122] sent via Discord
  • ES [S1292-090621] sent via Discord
  • ES [S1229-070921]
  • ES [S1262-082921]
  • BB [S1127]
  • JDZ [P7599]
  • JDZ [P98A9-030221]
  • KNC [P11A5-032821]
  • BB [S1125-033121]
  • AC [S1100-031321] refunded

Readings and Consultations Queue

Please note that per site TOS, readings and consultations are first-come, first-served, for the most part. You are reserving a spot in line when you book. Services are done in the order that booking was received with the exception of those associated with specific calendar events or scheduled services, which would be specified in the service description or client contract.

Be aware that consultations and readings actually have their own distinct queues, so a reading booked before a consultation will not necessarily be completed before the consultation will be. Since full readings require me to carve out considerably more dedicated time in one sitting than consultations do, I can do consultations at a much quicker pace than I can do readings. I can conceivably do multiple consultations in a day and can generally fit one in even in an otherwise quite busy day. This is not true of readings. Readings will pretty much always take longer. 


  • ES [S1084-021621]
  • HL [P9494-042621]
  • HS [S1124-032921] – Canceled and refunded (minus payment processor fees) despite work having begun because client’s communication preferences suggest lack of comprehension of the TOS and do not bode well for a mutually satisfactory working relationship. Uncanceled.
  • JHF [S1153-050121]
  • SP [S1161-050521] 
  • JF [P734M]
  • BC [S1395-011322]
  • KH [S1396A, S1396B-011322]
  • JC [S1402-011922] 
  • RM [S1402-013022]
  • RBM [S1407-013022]
  • JG [S1451-031322]
  • KCW [S1543]
  • ELF [S1449B-030822]pending/waiting on your submission of intake form
  • JN [S1029-100120] – pending/waiting on your submission of intake form
  • BL [KZ1167 090314] – pending unless/until you decide you want to switch this out for something else
  • SA [S1362-113021] canceled, refunded.
  • KD [S1330-101421] – canceled/refunded
  • AE [S1090-022721] – canceled and refunded.
  • AC [S1100-031321] 
  • BM [S1109-031421] – canceled and refunded.
  • JL [S1425-021822] – canceled, refunded, and blocked due to violation of site TOS/Client Agreement.

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