Sending Personal Concerns

If you are ordering a mojo bag, paket, pendant, or other type of “container spell” or item and you want me to include your physical personal concerns, these are the rules. Packages that do not follow these rules will be discarded. Per TOS, personal concerns become my property upon receipt and will not be returned except for what is contained inside a mojo, paket, jar, etc. that I’m shipping to you.

DO send:

  • small locks or a few strands of hair (from above the neck ONLY. It’s fine if small concerns are secured with clear adhesive tape), or
  • fingernail clippings, or
  • dirt from your target’s foot track, or
  • dirt from a relevant site like a place of business, etc., or
  • small pieces from a napkin or straw that the target used, or
  • scraps of clothing that have been pre-trimmed into small, usable sizes (I can’t imagine needing anything larger than a post-it note for most work), or
  • a sample of your target’s handwriting, AND
  • put all concerns in small plastic bags, and
  • put concerns from different people in separate bags, and
  • include the name of the concern’s owner on or in every bag, and
  • include a copy of your receipt in the package, or at least a note that clearly gives me your name, your email address, and your order or transaction number, and
  • send this stuff in a padded envelope, a cardboard mailer, or a small box via regular USPS First Class or Priority mail

Do NOT send:

  • loose, unlabeled personal concerns, or
  • sexual fluids, mucous, or human or animal waste, or
  • a big snarl of tangled hair ripped out of a hairbrush, or
  • hair from anywhere below the neck (if you or your target are bald, I’m sorry – you can use their body hair yourself in your own workings, but don’t send it to me), or
  • an entire shirt, sock, soda can, etc. unless I’ve told you to, or
  • the plastic bag full of used pantiliners you’ve been keeping in your freezer or wad of tissues you’ve been collecting in your nightstand drawer next to the lube, or
  • anything that would go in a biohazard and/or sharps bin or is toxic or caustic, or
  • anything you would be embarrassed to leave behind you in a public bathroom for someone else to clean up, or
  • anything you want returned to you in the same condition you sent it, or
  • anything with sentimental or monetary value, or
  • two or more types of concern for the same person unless I’ve told you to, AND
  • don’t send mail requiring a signature unless you don’t care how long it takes me to do your work, and
  • don’t send via UPS, because they suck about delivering things out here and communicating clearly about package status

Basically, just stop and think, and extend the same courtesy to me that you would extend to the person who cleans the gas station bathroom, or yourself for that matter.

Your worker might get dozens of envelopes from clients every month.  I might have fifteen honey jars on my altars right now and six or ten client files in my “pending” area waiting on personal concerns to come in the mail. You don’t want me to guess about which concerns belong to whom or to accidentally hot foot the wrong person. Label your concerns, please 🙂

If you send me an envelope stuffed with anything that resembles a big wad of dirty cloth or crusty tissue, I am not going to just cheerfully reach in and touch GOD-KNOWS-WHAT with my bare hands, and I’m not going to put on HAZMAT equipment just to open my mail every day. So if I open a package full of random nastiness, I am going to throw it in the trash and I’m going to be very irritated.

The instructions are not there to make your life harder or as a means for me to be a bitch. They are there to help you get the best, most accurate, and most efficient service (and to keep me from getting overwhelmed, grossed out, or stricken with disease). 

If your mojo bag absolutely must include a type of personal concern in the “do not send” list above, have me tie the bag temporarily instead of permanently so you can add it yourself. If you want a paket or something else that can’t be opened when you receive it, then I am happy to talk to you about alternatives or custom work (or even coaching so you can do the work yourself, though you would need to book a consultation for this).

Photo credit: Edgar Chaparro | Unsplash