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Updates on items/shop stuff are usually posted to the Seraphin Station blog. So if you’re following this blog but not Seraphin Station, you could be missing news (and rambling) about spiritual supplies and tangibles. Big Lucky Hoodoo will continue to be rootwork-specific, and you can find my services here, but the *stuff* is at the Seraphin Station shop.

You can sign up for the shop mailing list to get a “welcome coupon,” plus I send out subscriber-only offers, advance access to cool stuff, and surveys that I weigh very seriously when I’m deciding what soap to make next or what kind of Rewards Program stuff to set up for y’all.  

I’m gradually updating/editing the existing resources and links here at Big Lucky Hoodoo and turning the old blog posts into actual articles.

14 Holy Helpers Oil + 15% off Blessing/Healing formulas, 2 days only

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The Fourteen Holy Helpers are saints or holy figures who were petitioned in medieval Europe during the terror of the Black Death. Also known as the “auxiliary saints,” they were called on as a group for protection from a variety of illnesses andtroubles that would strike both people and animals. Their popularity continues to this day.

While you will occasionally see variations in a few of the names depending on region, the “standard” 14 Holy Helpers and their particular areas of specialty are as follows:

  • Agathius – headache, agonizing pain
  • Barbara – fever, sudden death, fire
  • Blaise – illnesses of the throat and protection for domestic animals
  • Catherine of Alexandria – sudden death, diseases of tongue
  • Christopher – plague, sudden death, and temptations while traveling
  • Cyriacus – temptation on one’s death bed, eye disease, possession
  • Denis – headache, demonic possession
  • Erasmus (aka St. Elmo) – intestinal and stomach troubles
  • Eustace…

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Mercury Retrograde Service (Jan 13-Feb 3)

Seraphin Station

Work begins on Thursday, January 13th. Since this service will be ongoing for the entire time Mercury is retrograde, you can book at any time as long as you still see available slots (which, barring an unusual surge of interest in this service, will be through the 3rd of February).

If there’s one bit of astrology beyond sun sign that everybody knows about, it’s probably Mercury Retrograde. This infamous event happensthree times a year, and since Mercury rules things like communication, travel, negotiation, legal stuff, contracts and agreements, it can wreak havoc on all kinds of important areas in your life. So stay in bed, wear fuzzy slippers, don’t sign anything or buy/sell anything, don’t start any new relationships or go on any trips, and for the love of God, don’t touch a computer, or Mercury will nuke your life.

Or so the popular wisdom in some circles goes, anyway 🙂


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How to Attract Good Luck

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photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán via

In How to Attract Good Luck: Four Secrets Backed by Research, Eric Barker covers the findings of psychologist Richard Wiseman on bad luck, good luck, and whether we have any control over any of it. Some of the findings may surprise you, no matter where you are along the spectrum between the cold, hard, and empirical and the warm, fuzzy, and woo-woo.

A few takeaway bits:

Some people do tend to be luckier than others, but we *can* change our luck. And believing that is a critical component of “being lucky.” Other components include these:

  • Taking chances and trying new things.

  • Acting on our intuition (at least in areas where we have some experience).

  • Accepting that optimism does sometimes involve a bit of illusion and being ok with that.

What does that mean?

Well, among other things, it means there’s power in…

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Adam & Eve Root: Rant + a Crash Course in Corms

Cover image adapted from Corms by Gerrit Davidse, CC by NC SA.

Breaking with my usual practice, I am NOT going to cite this source, because the whole point of this post is how incredibly freakin’ stupid it is, and in any case, what we have here is one plant-ignorant person posing as an expert and printing bullshit who has copied this misinformation from some other plant-ignorant person posing as an expert, so it’s a whole serpent-eating-its-own-tail type of mess and there’s definitely not a single guilty party to point to as an originator. [1]

And my goal here is not mockery for its own sake – rather, it’s for you to not spend your hard-earned money on bullshit but to educate yourself so you don’t uncritically accept whatever you see on eBay and Pinterest. (Or in books on Amazon by self-proclaimed hoodoo experts.)

Here’s the recently published stack of malarkey in question.

If the author had just stuck with that ubiquitous photo of an acorn and a bud – the one that is *all over the internet* with the caption “Adam and Eve root” – that would be one thing. We could maybe just go, “Oh, yeah, that acorn-and-bud combo that some huckster decided to start passing off as the valuable hoodoo herb a couple of decades ago. That’s adorable. Bless their hearts.”

But they didn’t do that. Nope, they went for it – they gave the Latin binomial, which completely jettisons any claim they could have laid to a bare minimum of competence as writers, researchers, or rootworkers. In identifying that crap in the picture as Aplectrum hyemale, they aren’t just saying, “Here’s an herb that lots of people call Adam and Eve root.” That would be a true statement, even though I wouldn’t hit a hog in the behind with that acorn-and-bud combo for use in love work – has all the magical efficacy of a flattened tuna tin on the side of the highway.

But no – they just print some total horse shit. And it is easily verifiable as total and utter horseshit if you spend literally 30 seconds with Google. So the level of research here is just… honestly, they didn’t even try.

Alrighty then, let’s have a crash course in corms so you can avoid being swindled.

The thing we call Adam and Eve root that comes from Aplectrum hyemale or closely related members of the orchid family is technically not a root at all. It’s actually a corm, which looks like a bulb but is really a swollen stem base that stores nutrients. (A bulb is just a dense little bundle of immature leaves. Corms don’t have layers like bulbs do.) The roots proper grow out of the corm. [2]

But when we talk about Adam and Eve root in hoodoo, we’re talking about the corms. That’s what folks used to use. A young plant will only have one corm. An older plant will develop a second corm extending out of the first one, so then we have a “pair” of “roots” from the same plant, one Adam and one Eve.

As you might gather, they don’t look drastically different, both being corms. Neither of them looks like a Balm of Gilead bud or an acorn or a peanut or whatever, and as a pair, they certainly don’t look like what you get in a package when you order Adam and Eve roots commercially.

Now as far as I know, it’s still pretty much impossible to buy real Adam and Eve root dried and commercially packaged. And if you find some out hiking, you should generally leave it alone. To quote the New England Plant Conservation Program [3]:

This species is rare throughout much of its range from southern Canada (Quebec and Ontario), to Georgia, and west to Oklahoma and Minnesota, with only Virginia and North Carolina listing the species as secure. In New England, the species is known from five current occurrences (one in Vermont, four in Massachusetts) with populations generally consisting of only a few individuals. Aplectrum hyemale is presumed extirpated from at least one state, Connecticut, and is listed as critically imperiled (S1) in Vermont, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Mississippi, and Oklahoma. (i)

This plant is endangered in many states and is legally protected, so don’t screw with it if you find it in the wild.

But if you’re into growing your own, it’s totally doable. You’ll just need to be patient, buy your plant when it’s available and the nursery is shipping it (which will often NOT be year-round), and do your research on how to care for it.

(Note that because the second corm develops as an offshoot from the first corm after the first growing season, you cannot just buy a live plant and get your Adam and Eve root that way. If you buy a live plant, you’ll have just an Adam root, no Eve. You must be patient and learn how to grow an orchid 🙂 )

[1] At least not one that features in this blog post lol, because I haven’t tracked down where this bullshit started. But seeing as cat yronwode mentions her shock upon ordering Adam and Eve root several decades ago and being sold what she described as packaged pairs of Balm of Gilead buds and “somethings” that might have been peanuts, I imagine she might have a good idea where this started. I can’t say it any better than she does: “[O]nly God can make a root, and . . . He sure doesn’t make orchid roots grow on poplar trees” (HHRM 16).

Yronwode, Catherine. Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic: A Materia Magica of African-American Conjure. The Lucky Mojo Curio Company: Forestville, CA. 2002.

[2] Wood, Alphonso. Class-book of Botany: Being Outlines of the Structure, Physiology, and Classification of Plants: With a Flora of the United States and Canada. Rev. ed. New York: A.S. Barnes, 1875.

[3] Richburg, Julie A. Aplectrum hyemale (Muhl. ex Willd.) Nutt. (Puttyroot) Conservation and Research Plan for New England. New England Wild Flower Society, Framingham, Massachusetts. 2004.

Part of A Bayou Hoodoo Herbal.

Cover image adapted from Corms by Gerrit Davidse, CC by NC SA.

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Current and Upcoming Community Altar Services

Lots of radio silence lately due to dealing with some chicken issues; getting hit with a round of bot signups I have been learning how to deal with and clean up; the learning curves on the latest apps and integrations to figure out how to make communication channels and order processing as bulletproof as possible; and trying to get caught up on the backlog resulting from communication channels and order processing NOT being bulletproof as of yet.

But monthly community altar services for relationships, prosperity, and protection/reversing are still ongoing, and there are still Pay What You Can options for some of them.

St. Lucy‘s feast day is coming up with a novena and chaplet service, and later on this month the Lucky Stars Sweet Jar for Jupiter’s return to Pisces will make a comeback!

Learn more or book your spot now at Seraphin Station.

Vendredi Fou Sale

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Our Vendredi Fou sale is now live (our version of Black Friday/Cyber Monday), now through November 29th, at both and Etsy. You don’t need a coupon code – the 10% discount on most tangible items is automatic.

You won’t see items show up as on sale at the main shop, but you’ll see the discount during checkout.

If you see something that you think should be in the sale and isn’t, feel free to inquire – I had to fight with both platforms to get this thing going given how incredibly slow my internet connection is right now. (It rained yesterday, and Century Link’s DSL cables can’t handle that. Because they’re *aboveground.* Getting trampled by passing cattle and shit.)

2X Bonus rewards points at for the duration of the sale. Shipping is free at Etsy for orders over $35, and shipping at is $5 flat rate…

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New ebook for sale: The Oracle of the Dominoes (also updated prices for my other ebooks!)

One of the most generous, consistent, readable, and reliable scholar/practitioners working in Western Hermeticism today, imo. Go buy a PDF or two.

The Digital Ambler

This is a project I’ve sat on long enough, I think, and it’s high time I get it out to people’s hands in at least one form I can manage.

While it’s been a long time since I’ve bothered—I fell out of it after it started feeling like a slog and a drain—I recall how my now-defunct CuriousCat account got quite a lot of attention, and was a great way to come up with post topics or other points for discussion and research.  Starting around May 2019, I think, people really started asking me about dominoes in quick succession, as if it were some sort of joke picking up speed on the way to be a running one or something.  It all started, I think, when someone asked about a connection between geomancy and dominoes.  After all, the geomantic figures are combinations of dots, and so are the pips on…

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Ultimate Crown of Success, Money Drawing etc. back in stock

Seraphin Station

Or rather, the ingredients to make them are back in stock. I had a bit more trouble than I’d expected finding a good, reliable supplier for the right kind of diamond powder who was in the U.S. and whose ethics I could be sure of (’cause none of my formulas call for conflict diamonds and child mining labor). The supplier I used to use isn’t around anymore.

I’ve finally found another good one in the U.S., but shipping isn’t as fast as it used to be, and prices certainly aren’t going down, heh, so I only ever have a limited quantity of raw materials on hand to make Ultimate oils.

If you see all of them out of stock, that means I’m out of diamonds and/or gold and/or some spendy essential oil or absolute and we’re just waiting on my shipment. If you see one or more of them in…

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Saint of the Month: St. Martin of Tours / San Martin Caballero

Louis Galloche. “A Scene From the Life of St. Martin.” 1737. Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) Image Library. Public domain.

November’s saint for the Saint of the Month Box is St. Martin of Tours, aka San Martin Caballero, whose feast day in the Roman Catholic calendar is November 11th.

He was a 4th century bishop in Tours but had once been a soldier, and this is how he’s almost always pictured in the art of Western Christendom – a soldier on horseback cutting his cloak in half to clothe a beggar. He had a reputation for miracles even while he was still living, and he was one of the first non-martyred saints to be venerated so widely.

Officially, he’s the patron saint of beggars, the cavalry (and equestrians generally), innkeepers, soldiers, and geese, and he is invoked against poverty and alcoholism.

In popular practice, however, especially in the Latin American tradition, you’ll find his image in restaurants, hotels, bars, shops, and anywhere else where the proprietors rely at least in part on strangers/passing travelers for their income. You’ll also find his image — and especially his horse’s horseshoe — serving as a fairly broad-based good luck token in all kinds of contexts. Folks call on him when they need a job, pray for his intercession to protect them from evil and change their bad luck, carry his package amulet or bundle when they’re gambling, hang his image in their homes for general luck and prosperity, even build a shrine with his horseshoe when they need a better place to live (and they are sure to give the shrine pride of place when they move into the new digs!)

(c) Karma Zain 2014.

You can get your very own cool box of San Martin Caballero stuff in the Saint of the Month box for November at Seraphin Station. They usually contain something you don’t already have because I’ve collected a ton of cool stuff over the course of my lifetime working with saints and spirits, and they will usually contain some item or product that you can’t get elsewhere or otherwise.

Learn more or order your Saint of the Month box now at Seraphin Station.

All Souls Vigil Service with Novena and Chaplet for the Dead – Free Options

Seraphin Station

Nine-day vigil, novena, and Chaplet for the Dead service.

Have lights set and worked on my altar in a nine-day community altar servicebeginning the night ofNovember 2nd, All Souls Day.There is some wiggle room andyou can join up after the work startsas long as you see that there are still spots left and it doesn’t say “sold out.”

Along with setting and working lights in the name of your loved one, I will perform a nine-day novena and daily recitation of the Chaplet of the Dead, with appropriate offerings, incense, and other materials and including a photo of your loved one if you have one to send.

The Chaplet of the Dead is a four-decade rosary that includes prayers such as the De Profundis (Psalm 130) and prayers for the repose of the departed soul and the comfort of the bereaved.

In Catholic tradition, the prayers of the living faithful…

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