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Updates on items/shop stuff are usually posted to the Seraphin Station blog. So if you’re following this blog but not Seraphin Station, you could be missing news (and rambling) about spiritual supplies and tangibles. Big Lucky Hoodoo will continue to be rootwork-specific, and you can find my services here, but the *stuff* is at the Seraphin Station shop.

You can sign up for the shop mailing list to get a “welcome coupon,” plus I send out subscriber-only offers, advance access to cool stuff, and surveys that I weigh very seriously when I’m deciding what soap to make next or what kind of Rewards Program stuff to set up for y’all.  

I’m gradually updating/editing the existing resources and links here at Big Lucky Hoodoo and turning the old blog posts into actual articles.

Time For Another “No Jackasses” Sale!

Seraphin Station

Well, folks, it’s that time again – time for me to deny jackasses any more of my mental real estate. And my strategy for this these days is to instead celebrate and thank the customers and clients I have who aren’t jackasses and who understand that I’m a human being and not a spiritual vending machine. (Also, shout out to y’all who are smart enough to not piss off your rootworker ffs…)

So I was nearly caught up with the shipping backlog from the epic trainwreck that my business relationship with the USPS has become, when right on cue somebody decided to take a page out of Glenn the Frizzled Bantam’s handbook and get their tetchy asses disinvited from the party… but only after making me drop everything else when they basically decided to force-jump the queue and make me jump through hoops they created due to their inability to…

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Review of my new St. Expedite booklet

Seraphin Station

Well, I am super happy to be getting feedback from both experienced practitioners and folks who are new to working with the saints, saying that they found useful and/or interesting stuff in my new St. Expedite booklet.

Thanks, creepmouse!

I know I didn’t do a perfect job of explaining things to an audience new to working with saints, and I’m already aware of a couple of gaps I could fill in a second printing (or just a second booklet, possibly, since this one is pushing the envelope on “pamphlet” at 24 pages long).

But I set out to contribute some stuff that wasn’t just the same old copy/paste job you see all over the internet, and I set myself the challenge of doing it in booklet form (versus just the eternally-in-progress rambly, long-ass blog posts that always promise…

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Public Service Announcement: Unsubscribing vs. Reporting Spam

Seraphin Station

Just for anybody who doesn’t know:

If you sign up to receive emails from a company or person, reporting that email as spam is one of the shittiest things you can do. You wouldn’t believe the messes it causes. It prevents that company or person from communicating with you, but it also jeopardizes their ability to communicate with the people who do want the emails.

If you no longer want to hear from the person or company, please just unsubscribe instead of labeling that email spam. If there’s a chance in hell you might have opted in to email and just forgotten, just use the unsubscribe link instead of hitting the spam button. Every reputable sender of such emails will have an unsubscribe link in their emails.

Reputable, ethical companies and people are horrified by the idea of sending email to people who don’t want it. Plus, their subscription for…

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Memorial Day Sale

Seraphin Station

Memorial Day is a somber celebration, and as a veteran — with many veterans among my ancestors and other beloved dead — I encourage you to take a minute over the holiday to set a light, say a prayer, and/or make an offering for those who have given their lives in service to their country.

You can use the coupon code for tangible items at The sale is set up shop-wide at Etsy, so no coupon code is necessary.

Bonus rewards points at Seraphin Station until midnight on June 1st.

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New: St. Expedite Altar Kits

Seraphin Station

St. Expedite altar in a box – contains almost everything you need to get set up to work with this popular saint, patron of procrastinators, techies, hackers, couriers, travelers, those burdened by red tape and obstacles, and those needing fast luck or money.

Standard and deluxe versions available. Both come with a 24-page booklet of instructions and prayers.

Read more or order now at Seraphin Station.

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New Beginnings: Sun Conjunct Mercury in Gemini Service – begins May 21

Seraphin Station

Have a glass-encased vigil light fixed, dressed, blessed, set on my altars, and worked continuously for you in a community altar work service for the upcoming Sun-Mercury conjunction in Gemini.

Lights will be set the night of May 21.There is some wiggle room and you can join up after the work starts as long as you see that there are still spots left and it doesn’t say “sold out.”

Sun-Mercury cycles are four months long, framed by the Mercury retrograde period. This Sun-Mercury conjunction initiates a new cycle, taking place just after the Sun enters Gemini, so it occurs at 0* Gemini. The degree of 0 in a sign initiates huge, strong, and often rather raw new energy.

Mercury is exalted in Gemini. Add the Sun conjunction and you’ve got a rare and fabulous opportunity to kickstart or breathe new life into projects or intentions involving communication, mental or manual…

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Short Fuse 22nd Lunar Mansion Talismans: escape, healing, allies, personal power, stop gossip, breakup, discord

Seraphin Station

22nd lunar mansion talismans will be created shortly before midnight on 18 May 2022. Quantities limited – to ensure you get the one you want, get your orders in by 11 p.m. Central.

Current clients can get a coupon code in the Discord server.

The 22nd lunar mansion is good for healing, escape, leaving things behind/getting free, and binding tongues/stopping gossip. It can be used to create goodwill between people and help you form alliances, or to separate partners and cause discord, depending on intent.

Escape and freedom can be figurative, like escape from a toxic situation or a crappy job or getting freedom from stress. It’s also good for the safety of fugitives and the release of prisoners.

Its essence has to do with personal power and speed, though it’s not good for situations related to loans or weddings. To a certain extent, it can be said to help…

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Saint of the Month: Joan of Arc

Seraphin Station

Saint of the month for May 2022 is St. Joan a.k.a Joan of Arc. “The Maid of New Orleans” is invoked for courage, personal empowerment, spiritual power, resilience, overcoming obstacles, and defeating one’s enemies. She’s the patron saint of military servicemembers (especially female ones), prisoners, and people ridiculed for their faith. Her feast day is May 30th.

Looking to spruce up your altars, add to your chaplet or holy card collection, or just learn more about saints and spirits in folk Catholicism? TheSaint of the Month boxgets you a hand-picked and handmade bundle of saints’ goodies selected for you and shipped to you.

Whether you’re just starting to learn about saints and spirits in the hoodoo rootwork tradition or you’ve been working with them for years, I strive to delight you with something new and covetable to add to your collection with every box. (I have some pretty neat stuff squirreled…

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Contact and intake form update

Seraphin Station

I’ve fixed the problem with the contact and intake forms.

The contact form issue was resolved by going back to the old form and the old form host. Important: This means that the host we were using to exchange messages after your initial form submission *no longer works.* I still have the record of the convo, and I will contact you without going through that platform if I need to reply. If *you* need to reply and hitting “reply” doesn’t work, just send the email to support @ instead.

The intake form issue was resolved by getting rid of intake forms entirely. Now, when you want to book a service or need to provide customization info, you should see a form right there on the product or service page that you will fill out *before* checkout. This means fewer boxes to fill out, as well, since the whole thing…

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