couple of things

Veritable metric assload of new saints’ cards and medals on ebay – finally got around to posting them.

A reader writes to ask what protection charms, baths, whatever I personally use.

Well, it depends.  In general, I am usually wearing a bracelet, which might be the one I made out of rattlesnake vertebra and African sand-cast glass beads with eye-spots painted on.  Or might be a patron saint bracelet, such as OL of Czestochowa or St. Benedict.  I often have a gau charm pendant on, containing various and sundry, depending on what’s up.  And in my day bag I carry two flannel bags everywhere i go — one contains a number of items, such as a black cat bone from my very first black cat in 1990 and other stuff that is none of your business.  The other contains some items associated with the loa Ayizan; these itesms were used in a particular ritual earlier this year involving three — count them, three – bishops, seven candles, some graveyard dirt, a few tears, and 48 hours of altered consciousness.  That’s all I’m saying.  I have a few chicken foot charms in my house and a huge turkey foot charm hanging from my car’s rearview mirror, along with a small black glass rosary and a set of Kali mala beads custom made for me which were used in a 40 day nyasa protection rite.  The yantra made during that rite hangs in my bedroom.

Obviously when things are wonky, I adjust my stuff, my baths, my cleansings, and my environment accordingly.  I have been known to sleep with a bowl of dissolved Fiery Wall salts under my bed, to clean and dress various parts of my home or the whole darned thing, and to perform various cleansings and rituals when necessary.  A few years ago, I had a Live Things in You scare, during which I made up a batch of incense designed to kill anything malignant aimed at me within a three state radius.  It worked, too, but even the neighbors were complaining about the smell.  

For more minor ickiness, I call on St. Michael a lot.  But Legba guards my door, and Dantor my bedroom, and that is usually quite enough.  I take regular cleansing baths, especially when I’m making a batch of Goofer Dust or hanging around with   people who are energy suckers and don’t know it.

Oh, the list goes on.

So what are YOUR favorite protection rites/rituals/items?

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