website update

In theory, you can now buy one dram bottles of hoodoo condition oils directly from my website with a paypal shopping cart feature.  You can buy some of my Voodoo and specialty half-ounce oils the same way.

If you try this and find any glitches, let me know.  If all else fails, I can always just send you an itemized invoice for what you want via paypal.  If you are dying for something you don’t see, let me  know, and I"ll do my best to get it listed – but I’m slammed busy right now, so be patient with your poor little old overworked Karma.

Look, the site is ugly – don’t tell me, I already know.  But if I can get it kicking, then I can ultimately offer oils for less money, eventually.  Ebay gets something like $.56 for every bottle of oil sold from my store.  That doesn’t include paypal fees or my costs for herbs, oils, bottles, packing materials, etc.  I’d just as soon pass on the fifty cents to you guys in the form of savings as give it to ebay, you know?

ETA: I have new business cards.  You want one.

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