status update

Bad news: my computer is still acting all funky, same as when I posted about it a few weeks ago, and it’s getting worse not better.  Shortly after I posted the last post, I had to restart my computer for the twentieth time today, and this time it would not restart – I got some error message and had some hour-long scan thing that resulted in a "we can’t fix it" message.  So that is liable to happen again at any moment – I beg you guys to please be patient with me on the communication end of things – my laptop is a sick little thing.  It will crash with no warning and no blue screen.

Good (funny) news: At my wit’s end and completely without any recourse to finish any of these reports or answer any emails tonight until I can haul this sick little thing to a repair shop tomorrow and pay money I don’t have to try to get it fixed, I got out my personal batch of "banishing anygoddamned thing" incense (which is so noxious as to alarm the upstairs neighbors when I use it, so I break it out only for the worst emergencies.  I pulled out some old-school prayers (by old school, I in this case mean medieval Latin) and censed the hell out of it. 

And I’ll be damned if it didn’t start, as you can see from my making this post.  It smells like herbal ass in here (one of the main ingredients in my incense is asafoetida), but I have a laptop! (For the moment…)

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