a hotfoot spell from hyatt

Well, nine persimmon seeds, yo’ get dem jes’ as de sun goin’ down – dis
is fo’ evil dis time. Well, yo’ get dat nine persimmon seeds an’ yo’ get
chew some red peppah, black peppah, sulphur – de middle of dat person’s track –
get dat wit dese two fingahs.

(With the thumb and index finger of the left hand.)
Dat’s right.

Well, yo’ pick it straight up – don’t scoop neither way, jes’ pick it
straight up – an’ yo’ put it in dere wit dose nine persimmon seeds an’ dat red
peppah, black peppah.
An’ yo’ get it stirred up an’ yo’ put it in a right real new cloth an’
some hog lard – grease around it.

An’ dig a ants’ bed, dese big large antses. Dig down in dere an’ get
’em stirred up – jes’ about nearly hand deep – an’ den yo’ drop dat ovah in
dere an’ cover it up lightly. Dat’s fo’ meanness.

(What will that do then?)
Oh, dat’ll jes’ run ’em away from yo’, cause ’em to get all flusterated
an’ can’t stay dere.

(Do you call any names on this or anything?)
Yes sir, yo’ call dere names all de time.

Vol.2, p.1472

[Waycross, GA; Informant # 1125 (Contact man Edwards’s landlady); Cylinder

1 = 1816-1831, and C384:1-C392:5 = 1965-1973]

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