Tarot / Cartomancy Reading raffle

I have several readings I have to finish over the weekend, and then I will have a little tiny bit of time in the coming week. I also have some brand new card decks I’ve been wanting to read with. So I’ve decided to raffle off a reading. Raffle "tickets" are $1. The raffle opens immediately and ends at midnight EST on March 9th.  Tickets may be purchased via paypal using the button below.

I will draw the winner on March 10th and announce him or her here as well as in a personal email. The reading will be delivered to the winner’s email inbox when I’m done with it, and the paid readings I have in queue have to come first. I gave up on making any promises about when I would complete readings, as my schedule is so busy these days, so if you have a time sensitive issue, your best bet is to consult one of the readers on my userinfo page; they work much more quickly than I do 🙂 But if you’ve been waiting around for me to have time to do a reading, this is a chance. I will probably not accept any new reading orders until this summer, after this one.

I will choose the deck I read with based on its appropriateness to your question or issue.  The winner receives a one-question/issue reading; these average 1-2 pages single spaced.

ETA:  In addition to the usual sort of "relationship status," "upcoming job opportunities," "life path," and "next step" types of readings, this reading could also examine which saints or spirits you should or could be working with for your situation, what rootwork/hoodoo remedies are recommended for your case, what offering you might make to help you overcome a sticky situation or obstacle, etc.  

ETA: Offer is now closed.

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