new email address

Ok, this bellsouth thing is BAD.  More missing emails, and now this has contributed to some ebay bullshit which has me really pissed off (granted, if there weren’t an impatient ebay customer in the mix who thinks it’s ok to go to straight to a paypal dispute instead of waiting a measly 12 hours for me to answer the ebay message she sent on a Friday night, it wouldn’t be so bad, sigh)…

Anyway, here are email addresses which work for me right now. Bellsouth addy still exists and is not going away, and I will still check it, but I am gradually going to try to shift everything over to these others, which are linked, because bellsouth has proven that it is not a reliable solution for my business.

karmazain at
karmazain at

Also, guys?  If your ebay seller has good feedback on communication, and you decide that her not answering you right away must be a personal vendetta because you’re too new/young/old/American/not American/short/tall/pagan/not pagan/whatever, consider getting over yourself.  Consider it especially hard if you are brand new to ebay and your seller is not; it *just might be* you don’t know your way around real well yet and you’re being freakin’ unreasonable.

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