status update

Ok, I"m back home to tend the Wednesday altar stuff and ship the next batch of orders. I appreciate your patience and bearing with me if you’ve been waiting on an email, consultation, or light setting report.  My 93 year old grandmother has been in the hospital – I didn’t say what my family issues were earlier because we weren’t sure how bad it was and anytime a 93 year old goes into the hospital, there’s a good chance they won’t come back out, and I wasn’t up for dredging that out in the public.  Anyway, it looks like she’s going to be fine and should be coming home soon (she was visiting her sister in another state when she was hospitalized), so we’re thankful.  I have to make another trip down Friday but then things should be back to normal around here next week.  I’ll be home again Sunday.  Sorry for making you wait and thanks for your patience.

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