website glitch + huge discounts for store testers

We are experiencing technical difficulties and is down at the moment. I’m on the phone with my registrar’s customer service now and hope to have this solved soon. Meantime, many services can be booked at my userinfo page or services post, or at my AIRR page, and urgent product orders can be placed by requesting an itemized invoice – just send me a list of what you want.


If you are feeling brave, you can also shop Karma Zain Spiritual Supplies at my new storefront, but be aware that it’s still under construction and some feathers are still sticking out. (It will be available at as soon as I get this mess sorted out, but right now there is this alternate URL.) I do need testers, and to that end I have put some discounts up to encourage folks to try it out and let me know their thoughts so far and any huge weirdness they encounter that I don’t know about yet. If you do hit a snag in browsing, email me and I may very well be able to iron it out in real time for you, or close to it. These discounts are significant and they completely eat any profit — for many items, it will actually cost me money to offer these discounts — so these won’t be available for too long; I just want to get the kinks out before I start promoting.

If you want to take advantage of the discounts, here are the details:

get $3 off orders over $6 with code lentlaunch3 [good until March 13]
get $5 off orders over $30 with code lentlaunch5 [good until March 12]
get $12 off orders over $65 with code lentlaunch12 [good until March 11]
get $22 off orders over $100 with code lentlaunch22 [good until March 10]

Does shipping count towards the total? Good question. I still have no idea.
Can you use more than one code? I hope not, but I have no idea.
Does the system give you an option for creating an account, or will it force you to? I am not sure.

You can see why I need testers so badly! You will probably encounter glitches; that’s the whole reason I’m offering these deep discounts, so be sure you understand that there may be hiccups in the ordering process.

Discounts apply to *anything in the store that is showing up as in stock,* including Consultations and other services.
If you want an item that I usually carry but that isn’t showing up yet, feel free to write and ask; I am prioritizing some listings over others, but if you have a request, I can easily adjust some priorities.


SERVICES NOT SHOWING: As of Friday night, you can’t get to the services through the pages called Altar Work and Consultations – those are just info pages at the moment. Services like light settings and consultations will be listed as store inventory soon (though shipping should not be charged). I am working on this but i’ts a lower priority than getting inventory and checkout weirdness ironed out since those services can still be booked elsewhere (like at this blog and at AIRR).
ETA: Consultations are now available at the website but are not yet linked to the directory/info page.

SHIPPING WEIRDNESS: There is a chance that you will not be charged shipping for your purchase. I have to update this in a manner that will take a very long time; some listings are updated and some aren’t. If you get lucky, you get lucky – enjoy the additional discount! If you are overseas, though, I might have to cancel your order if you aren’t charged shipping and don’t want to pay a second invoice; I can only afford so much cost here in the name of testing.

MAILING LIST: It was working, and then it wasn’t, and I don’t understand what’s up yet, but I’m working on it. 
ETA: I believe the newsletter/mailing list signup is now working. You can enter your email address and then you will get a confirmation link to confirm.

CATALOG LINK: Working on it. Currently linking to Oils category only; to get to the entire list of store categories, go down to Quick Links at the bottom, or to the drop down on pages with that feature, and choose Collections. This is the same thing as Categories.

ITEMS WITHOUT THUMBNAILS: I know. I just have to upload each one manually, even if they all have the same photo. It’s a feature :/

NO ITEM INFO IN POWDER/INCENSE CATEGORY: This is not only a known issue, it’s been an issue for years now 🙂 Unfortunately, I just always had things higher up on the priority list, and many of these items have never had product descriptions. It’s on the to-do list though.

RELATED PRODUCTS: This is weird, but it’s probably going to stay weird until I get all the stuff put into its proper category, and that has to be done one item at a time.

COUPON CODES: Apparently, you need to enter the coupon code after paying. So if you don’t see a place to enter it beforehand, maybe don’t panic? This makes no sense to me but I will check it out when I get somebody to go through checkout while I’m sitting here over their shoulder so I can see what’s going on.

THANK YOU TO EVERYBODY WHO HAS TESTED THE SITE SO FAR!! If anybody hits an issue not already listed, feel free to holler at me. Or if you have any comments or suggestions, I would love to hear those too. This switch has been in the works for a while; I had hoped to make it prettier before I launched, but my hand was forced when my domain went down today despite my having renewed it [if you want to know who NOT to get your domain from, I can make a suggestion 😦  ]

If you want to browse, create an account, and/or add yourself to the new email list without shopping just yet, feel free to do that too. The newsletter will be the source through which I will publish future newsletters with updates, recipes, coupons, and offers. The subscribe feature is at the very bottom of any page (I hope).

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