*free bottle of hoodoo oil* offer at Bonanza.com

Karma Zain Spiritual Supplies is now on Bonanza.com as well as eBay and the still-in-progress (sigh) web store.

From now through Saturday, December 11, anyone who makes a qualifying purchase at my store at Bonanza will receive a free bottle of hoodoo condition or dressing oil, a free bottle of voodoo oil, or a free bottle of esoteric oil of their choice.  Qualifying purchases are those that total $10 or more. 

Just tell me what bottle of oil to include with your order, either through the Bonanza messaging system, or else in the "note to seller"/"instructions to merchant" box on the paypal payment page.  The only oils that are excluded from this offer are Ultimate oils (the ones with diamond dust and gold in them), Plagues of Egypt oil, and Black Cat Bone oil.[*]

This serves a few purposes – one is to help me get familiar with how things work on Bonanza from the seller end (I’ve made some purchases on there already, but haven’t sold anything yet).  Another is to get y’all to help me check for any glitches or weirdness, and to make sure I have my settings set up properly for combined shipping (which I *always* offer – the settings on Bonanza booth are supposed to default to full shipping cost for first item and $1 per item after that, but you can as usual request an invoice before paying and, if you choose priority mail or one of your items is only available via priority mail, the other items that will fit in the box will ship for free).  Yet another is to solicit feedback on the booth’s appearance and operation (they’re called "booths" instead of "stores" on Bonanza), and to simply spread awareness of both Bonanza and my stuff on Bonanza.[**] 

The prices are lower, because their fees are lower, and that is a win-win situation for everybody!


[*] If you aren’t sure what types of oils I do or don’t carry, you can get a fairly full list of them at my website here.

[**] I know the items aren’t sorted into categories yet, and most of the listed categories are empty with all the products jumbled together in the "other" category right now. this is because I have to do the sorting manually after import, and I haven’t quite gotten the knack of what is a not-entirely-intuitive searching and filtering system in the business end of the listings.  Sorry – I know this makes it harder to find what you want.  But there is a search box. And I’m going to get this fixed as soon as I get caught up with the readings and consultation I owe (she says, faintly aware of a collective sigh from over there where the people who have been waiting are sitting, twiddling their thumbs, and wondering if they will have another birthday before I finish typing their damned reports).

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