holiday closure dates + consultation/reading queue status

We are closed from Dec 20 through Jan 3.  (Yes, Dani, this means you have time off if you want it!)  Both the Bonanza store/booth and the eBay store have a "vacation" sign posted. If you finalize an order after midnight EST on Dec 20, the handling time for that order will begin on Jan 3 when we reopen.  This is posted on every eBay item page and on the store header at eBay.  I understand that at bonanza, items are simply unavailable for viewing when the vacation mode is on. I am unsure if I will be able to get the website updated in time due to circumstances beyond my control (my web guy's new, demanding day job), so if you placed an order from after Dec 20, and would like a refund rather than waiting until January for your item, then please email me directly at karmazain at  Put "refund request" in the subject line for fastest reply (I can only check email via cellphone when I'm back at the "old homestead," so I only skim new messages' subject lines for emergencies when I'm back home; therefore, if you have an emergency, it behooves you to craft a descriptive yet short subject line, and frankly, the shorter/simpler/to the point your message is, the better, too, if you want a fast response.  I will be on vacation, remember!). We will reply to correspondence and begin processing orders, in the order they are received, as soon as possible upon our reopening.  If you placed or paid for a purchase during our store closure, your handling time will begin on Jan 3 when we reopen. If you placed an order and completed payment before midnight EST on Dec 20, your order will ship before I leave town unless we discussed otherwise via email or private message (as in the case of complex custom orders). If you have a consultation order in already, I am doing my darnedest to get done with all in queue before I leave. Don't forget that the FAQ at the website and at eBay answers 98% of questions about shipping and item status/tracking.  Have a safe and happy holiday! Karma Zain *** Current consultation queue (I haven't heard back from some of you and worry that the message may not have gotten through and you are still waiting, so I'm posting the initials of the last few I've finished typing and sent along as well, so you should know where you stand if you have a consultation order in in the last few weeks and haven't seen it. If your initials are here saying "sent" and you don't have it, let me know ASAP so I can resend!):

  • C.M. placed 10/29 – complete and sent
  • K.H. placed 10/30 – complete and sent
  • H.C. placed 11/10 – complete and sent
  • J.J. placed 11/11 – complete and sent
  • B.F. placed 11/12 – complete and sent
  • P.V. placed 11/14 – complete and sent
  • K.K. placed 11/16 – complete and sent
  • C.C. placed 11/20 – complete and sent
  • T.V. placed 11/21 – working on it now, you'll get it tomorrow when I have slept and can proofread it
  • L.N. placed 11/21 – working on it
  • J.S. placed 11/30 – you'll get it this week
  • T.J. placed 12/2 – you'll get it this week
  • K.Y. placed 12/15 – you'll get it this week
  • K.Y. placed 8/19 and moved to lower priority behind other issues as discussed
  • K.Y. placed 11/14 and moved to lower priority behind other issues as discussed

Current readings queue (I'm sorry, y'all! You know my offer of a refund ALWAYS stands if I have not begun the reading. I am just slow as molasses on full readings; I'm your absolute worst bet for any kind of emergency or deadline with full readings).

  • A.P. – refunded
  • B.C. – I really was almost done before I got hit with a bunch of other shit, and now i need to double check that things haven't shifted radically before I tie it up and send it, but that's the matter of a quarter hour rather than an entire year's season 🙂
  • K.Y.
  • J.R.
  • J.S.
  • D.S.
  • B.F.
  • A.T. (I owe you at least one from way back; your call when)
  • F.P. (ditto, and the "reading as lesson" offer still stands too)
  • +B in Cali – I think you prepaid for about four or five years ago, and I am pretty sure you only called for one since then)

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